oxyhydrogen explosion

Article  Chem., 10, 193 (1930). V. V. Azatyan, “Chain nature of the third selfignition limit of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures and flame propagation at atmospheric pressure,” Zh. N. M. Kuznetsov. 10, 656 (1960). A water torch is an oxyhydrogen torch which is fed by oxygen and hydrogen generated on demand by water electrolysis, avoiding the need for supplied oxygen and hydrogen. Khim., No. Another application is in forming preform blanks via chemical vapor deposition in making fiber optics. 4, 828–833 (1976). Degenerate explosion of oxyhydrogen gas at the third limit initiated by the products of a weakly catalyzed, heterogeneous reaction.

The current through a capacitor is proportional to the change in voltage with respect to time, multiplied by the specific capacitance value. 12, 1596–1707 (1987). Article  Article  Fiz. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10573-010-0070-0.

The explosion is the result of accumulation and decay of the intermediate product in the gas, which is hydrogen peroxide produced mainly in the wall of the reactor. [1]. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. A Brown's Gas electrolyzer comprises "the cells as a single unit in which a number of electrodes, effectively in series, are arranged adjacent each other in a common electrolytic chamber, the chamber being provided with a gas collection space and an outlet for connection to, for example, gas burner means. This means that in these cases, the reaction occurs mainly on the wall of the reactor. Abstract. The current passing through the entire cell arrangement can be limited with the properties of a capacitor.

V. N. Kondrat’ev, Rate Constants of Gas-Phase Reactions [in Russian], Nauka, Moscow (1970). A. N. Ivanova, Z. S. Andrianova, and V. V. Azatyan, “Use of a Common Approach to Obtaining Ignition Limits in the Oxidation of Hydrogen,” Khim. N. N. Semenov, Chain Reactions [in Russian], Goskhimtekhizdat, Moscow (1934). Akad. Avoiding oxyhydrogen explosions from gas formation in the battery.

Chem. It is established that in the induction period and below the limit, the reaction rate changes by a factor of about 10 with a change in the order of consecutive supply of hydrogen and oxygen to the reactor. A. G. Merzhanov and F. I. Dubovitskii, “Quasistationary theory of thermal explosion of selfaccelerating reactions,” Zh. A, 139, 521 (1933). Kozlov, D.S. By eliminating the need for a transformer, the gas generating equipment as a whole can be made surprisingly compact, to be well suited for small domestic requirements as well as heavy industrial requirements". Read what you need to know about our industry portal chemeurope.com. 7, 1194–1199 (2006). Original Russian Text © E.N. Oxyhydrogen is usually made from water electrolysis, which also ensures a stoichiometric proportion. 3, 282–291 (2006). PubMed Google Scholar. The flame is hottest in the burning of a stoichiometric mixture. Fiz. 2, 284–292 (2004). O. Deutschmann, L. Maier, U. Riedel, A. H. Stroemann, and R. W. Dibble, “Hydrogen assisted catalytic combustion of methane on platinum,” Catalysis Today, 59, 141–150 (2000). of Chem. V. A. Radtsig, I. V. Berestetskaya, L. S. Gulyaeva, E. A. Markevitch, and E. P. Permenova, “Reactivity of Silica-Centered Peroxide Radicals,” in Modern Chemical Physics: XVII Symp., Tuapse, 2005. Chem. Katal. 5, 1114–1117 (1975).

Learn more about Institutional subscriptions. 55(2), 303–312 (1995). Fiz., 17, No. This produces oxyhydrogen, which is highly explosive even in small amounts. ), Combustion Chemistry, Springer-Verlag, New York(1984). This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Too few cells and the voltage across each individual cell will be too high, and the water can reach boiling temperature. Khim., 34, No. 20(2), 456–464 (1979). - https://doi.org/10.1134/S0010508213010012, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1134/S0010508213010012, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in Akad. Aleksandrov, E.N., Markevich, E.A., Kuznetsov, N.M. et al. Roy. 36(1), 154–159 (1995). Katal. volume 46, pages533–540(2010)Cite this article. A. Shavard, “Thermal explosion in the branchedchain mechanism of chemical processes,” Khim. Degenerate explosion of oxyhydrogen gas at the third ignition limit initiated by the products of a heterogeneous reaction on an inactive catalyst (Quartz) | SpringerLink

Fiz. Fiz., 3, No.

V. N. Kondrat’ev, Rate Constants of Gas-Phase Reactions (Nauka, Moscow, 1970) [in Russian]. N. N. Semenov, Selected Papers [in Russian], Vols. 48–56, September–October, 2010, Aleksandrov, E.N., Kuznetsov, N.M. & Kozlov, S.N. Many of the claims about the gas[3] are well-understood properties of oxyhydrogen, including Atomic welding: "An electric arc is passed through the mixture of gas before burning, so that the gas molecules break into atomic oxygen and hydrogen, using the electrical energy to produce a hotter flame when the atoms recombine". N. N. Semenov, Chain Reactions (Goskhimtekhizdat, Moscow, 1934) [in Russian]. When ignited, this mixture combusts to water, making 142.35 kJ (34,116 gram calories) of heat for each gram of hydrogen burned: that is 286.97 kJ/mol of enthalpy. Categories: Chemical processes | Hydrogen | Fuels. 1-4, Nauka, Moscow (2005). Katal. At normal temperature and pressure, oxyhydrogen can burn when it is between about 4% and 94% hydrogen by volume. 17). A. N. Ivanova, Z. S. Andrianova, and V. V. Azatyan, “General approach to obtaining ignition limits in hydrogen oxidation,” Khim. E. N. Aleksandrov 1, S. N. Kozlov 1, N. M. Kuznetsov 2 & D. S. Chastukhin 3 Doklady Physics volume 56, Article number: 459 (2011) Cite this article. E. N. Aleksandrov, N. M. Kuznetsov, and S. N. Kozlov, “Quantitative kinetics of an oxyhydrogen gas flame interacting with the reactor surface,” in: Nauka Tekhnol.

V. A. Radtsig, “Paramagnetic Centers on the Splitting Surface of Quartz,” Kinet.

V. V. Azatyan, “Features of Isothermal Branched-Chain Reactions and New Aspects of the Theory,” Kinet.

6. H. N. Alyea and F. Haber, “Ignition of Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture by Quartz Rod,” J. Phys. Nauk 440(2), 1–4 (2011). Fiz. An oxyhydrogen torch is an oxy-gas torch which burns hydrogen (the fuel) with oxygen (the oxidiser). ), Physical Quantities: Handbook [in Russian], Energoatomizdat, Moscow (1991). Electrolytic cells arranged in series experience voltage division. Soc. An oxyhydrogen flame is used in the glass industry for "fire polishing", i.e. 4, 70 (2008).


Markevich, N.M. Kuznetsov, S.N. 4 Citations. Goreniya Vzryva 46(2), 50–58 (2010) [Combust., Expl., ShockWaves 46 (2), 162–169 (2010)].

B. Nalbandyan, and N. N. Semenov, “Kinetics of hydrogen combustion above the lower ignition limit,” Zh.

Oxyhydrogen gas produced this way is sometimes called Brown's gas (see below).

Goreniya Vzryva 43(5), 44–51 (2007) [Combust., Expl., Shock Waves 43 (5), 530–537 (2007)]. Goreniya Vzryva 44(6), 135–140 (2008) [Combust., Expl., Shock Waves 44 (6), 737–742 (2008)]. Oxyhydrogen gas produced in an independently ducted electrolyzer is not considered Brown's Gas. B. Nauk SSSR, 221, No. 3–14, January–February, 2013. To use all the functions on Chemie.DE please activate JavaScript. 10, 193 (1930). N. M. Chirkov, “Autocatalytic reaction of hydrogen oxidation,” Acta Physicochimica URSS, No. Akad. Khim., 24, No. Relatively low pressures can be achieved, allowing the … Brown's gas, as presented by Yull Brown and subsequent investigators is a mixture of science and pseudoscience. A Brown's gas electrolyzer is designed with ", Yull Brown claimed that Brown's Gas eliminates ", Varying flame temperature: this effect is explained by inaccurate, Dennis Klein claims his patented electrolyzer ", Ruggero Santilli holds a trademark for the term ", Unverified claims [2] have been made about the properties of "HHO gas", claiming as basis an unproven new state of matter called. V. V. Azatian and N. N. Semenov, “On the role of negative interaction of chains,” in: Combustion and Explosion [in Russian], Moscow (1972), pp. Khim., 80, No. volume 49, pages1–10(2013)Cite this article. E. N. Aleksandrov, “Kinetic resonance-fluorescence spectroscopy of rarefied flames,” Doct. © 1997-2020 LUMITOS AG, All rights reserved, https://www.chemeurope.com/en/encyclopedia/Oxyhydrogen.html, Your browser is not current. of Chem. E. N. Aleksandrov, “Some features of combustion of hydrogen and carbon monoxide near the first ignition limit,” Candidate’s Dissertation in Chem. It is used for cutting and welding metals, glass, and some plastics.[2]. Kinet. slightly melting the surface of glass to remove scratches and dullness. Degenerate explosion of oxyhydrogen gas at the third ignition limit initiated by the products of a heterogeneous reaction on an inactive catalyst (Quartz). Nauk, Ser. Oxyhydrogen cannot safely be stored at useful pressures because of its explosive nature. C. N. Hinshelwood, J. K. Moevin-Hyghes, and H. Rolf, “The combination of hydrogen and oxygen in a silver vessel,” Proc. Additionally the need for a transformer for most applications can be eliminated by such an arrangement so that the apparatus can be designed to be electrically connected directly to a main electrical supply, through a bridge rectifier if desired. Explosion Characteristics of Hydrogen-Air and Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixtures at Elevated Pressures Schroeder, V.1 and Holtappels, K.1 1Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und –pruefung (BAM), Unter den Eichen 87, 12205 Berlin, Germany ABSTRACT An essential problem for the operation of high pressure water electrolyzers and fuel cells is the permissible contamination of hydrogen and oxygen. Overall "as a good rule of thumb.

Khim. Emanuel’ Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119991, Russia, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 119991, Russia, You can also search for this author in 8, 1951–1958 (1996). O. V. Krylov, Heterogeneous Catalysis [in Russian], Akademkniga, Moscow (2004). Nauk, 424, No. Khim., 32, 1193 (1958). I. S. Grigor’eva and E. H. Meilikhova (eds. Thermal Explosion of Oxyhydrogen Gas Initiated by the Wall of a Quartz Reactor. 1915 (1937). It is used in small-scale applications such as making jewelry and electronics, and other oxyhydrogen torch applications. It is shown that these intermediate products are formed in an autocatalytic heterogeneous reaction. Surface heating resulting in the formation of a chain-thermal avalanche and a hot flame front is calculated in accordance with Semenov’s postulate of low-temperature gas ignition on a surface. V. Kondrat’ev, Spectroscopic Study of Chemical Reactions of Gases (Izd. Relatively low pressures can be achieved, allowing the application to pressurized torches. Aleksandrov, E.A. 1, Butterworths, London (1972). N. A. Kachurovskaya, “Ab initio Calculations of Chain Branching upon Silane Oxidation with Oxigen,” Reakt. Greatly improve safety in and around the charging stations with the latest battery charging technology from Fronius. [6] Since Brown's Gas is produced by minimizing the voltage across each individual cell, it production is more efficient than other oxyhydrogen electrolyzer designs. Google Scholar. Nauk SSSR, Moscow-Leningrad, 1944) [in Russian]. Criterion for the Participation of Branching Chains in a Thermal Explosion,” Fiz. E. N. Aleksandrov, N. M. Kuznetsov, and S. N. Kozlov, “On the Possibility of a Thermal Explosion Initiated by a Heterogeneous Reaction between H2 and O2,” Fiz. Avoiding oxyhydrogen explosions from gas formation in the battery. H. Okabe, Photochemistry of Small Molecules (Wiley, 1978). Goreniya Vzryva 46(5), 48–56 (2010) [Combust., Expl., Shock Waves 46 (5), 533–540 (2010)]. Oxyhydrogen cannot safely be stored at useful pressures because of its explosive nature. 2, 299 (1950). 6, 737–742 (2008). V. A. Radtsig, E. G. Baskir, and V. A. Korolev, “Geminal Silanol Groups on the Surface of Silica,” Kinet.

Akad. Google Scholar. Too many cells and the voltage across each cell will not be enough to sustain reasonable current flow. 46, No.

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