picture of heaven in space

This corresponds with the information in http://www.hubblesite.org which says that the repairs were complete by December 9.

Stars are born in this chaotic place and their newly-found energy sculpts fantasy-like landscapes in the gas. This stellar activity is an example of how stars like our Sun are intimately connected with powerful siblings.

We see stars because they emit their own light and so does the city of New Jerusalem. 2) A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases: Omega/Swan Nebula- A small region in the Swan Nebula, 5,500 light years away, is described as ‘a bubbly ocean of hydrogen and small amounts of oxygen, sulphur and other elements. New Jerusalem emits its own light. They remind us our real education has only just begun. The Hubble telescope- how powerful is it? According to the bible, the city does not have a sun or moon. The conclusion is yours to make of whether the photo is of the New Jerusalem, the celestial city of God, or not. That’s the word from author and researcher Marcia Masson, who quoted highly placed NASA insiders as having said that the telescope beamed hundreds of photos back to the command center at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., on December 26. Does Your Nutrition Company Feed Hungry Kids at the Same Time? They performed a host of other tasks, replacing solar panels, fuse plugs, and other hardware.

They also theorized that the city couldn’t possibly be inhabited by life as we know it. You will soon find that my words are true that heaven is not far away. As I would look abroad from the chariot window, the stars could be seen everywhere just as I had always seen them from the earth; I knew then we had not gone beyond the regions of the solar system, so I asked the angel: “Where is heaven?”. Why a space telescope? Its hourglass shape have been created from stellar winds that are weaker in the core or possibly from an unseen companion star and accompanying gravitational effects. Space telescopes had racked up a dazzling array of accomplishments, but they still lagged far behind their terrestrial counterparts in size and sophistication. Its hallmark is a brilliant white, bulbous core encircled by thick dust lanes revealing the spiral structure of the galaxy. Can the New Jerusalem, the celestial city of God, be seen as a star from earth? Your Father’s love and care have provided both these worlds for you. The Trifid Nebula is a stellar nursery, being torn apart by radiation from a nearby, massive star. To get an idea of what this means, if an object is one billion light years away, then it would take light one billion years to reach earth from that object! I’m not particularly religious, but I don’t doubt that somebody or something influenced the decision to aim the telescope at that particular area of space. 10) The Hourglass Nebula surrounds a dying star 8,000 light years away. Another truth is that when we die we are destined to go to either hell or heaven depending on whether we received Jesus as our Saviour or not when alive on earth (New Jerusalem is currently located in heaven).

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