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A choice that was not selfish for me,” he told BMFTV. L’Express notes that Trogneux’s family is well-known in the north of France for their chocolates. Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron kiss after he earned the most votes during the first round of voting of the French Presidential election. At that time, she was married and had three children with her first husband. Still, Macron has reportedly "abandoned" his plans. Since then, she’s been a major part of the campaign. Emmanuel Macron, who was just elected the next President of France, is married to his former teacher, Brigitte Macron. According to the Quebec Telegram, it was Tiphaine who came forward to apologize on April 21 when posters of Macron’s rivals were defaced in Berck, a city on France’s north coast. "If I am elected — no, sorry, when we are elected — she will be there, with a role and a place," Macron told supporters before the election. You’ve had your life. (Getty). Now we also have the Macron d’Amiens!”, Tamia, Grant Hill’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Emmanuel Macron is the President of France and leader of the En Marche! This was in 2017 and the feat made him one of the youngest world leaders ever. Macron’s wife is 24 years older than him, and their age difference raised a few eyebrows. “If I’m elected — no, sorry, when we are elected — she will be there, with a role, and a place,” Macron said on March 8, reports Bloomberg. The 39-year-old French president was born a little over 24 years after his wife, Brigitte. “Raise your voice so we know what you are talking about.”, Alisha Kramer, Jon Ossoff’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Trogneux, 64, is 24 years older than her husband — he is 39 and the youngest French president in history. According to the book Emmanuel Macron: A Perfect Young Man by Anne Fulda, Macron’s parents told Trogneux to stay away from their son, at least until he was 18. They had six children, with Trogneux as the youngest, according to At the tender age of 17, Emmanuel told Brigitte that the pair would marry one day. It's unclear what official capacity he'd like Trogneux to take on within his cabinet, but a petition with more than 200,000 signatures is circulating to prevent any legal appointment from happening.

You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. During the campaign, Macron said any role his wife took on would not be publicly funded. Although Fulda did interview Macron and Trogneux, Macron’s spokesman said he was disappointed that she didn’t ask about his parents’ approval of the relationship. I did not need my biological children and grandchildren to give them as much love as I gave them.”. Tess Koman covers breaking (food) news, opinion pieces, and features on larger happenings in the food world. Here’s what you need to know about the next first lady of France. He defeated National Front leader Marine Le Pen in May 2017 to become, at age 39, the youngest president in French history. Their age difference is not remarkable unless you also think Donald and Melania Trump’s exact same one is. Her youngest child is 30-year-old Tiphaine Auziere, who works on Macron’s campaign and is a lawyer. “Love took everything in its path and led me to divorce.

She also has seven grandchildren, so Macron is a 39-year-old step-grandfather. It was an age difference that was clear from the very beginning of their relationship. They were stunned to hear that this wasn’t the case. She was still married to her first husband, with whom she had three children. In fact, Trogneux's presence was "essential" for Macron throughout the campaign — he "wouldn’t have been able to embark on this adventure without her," his campaign adviser Marc Ferracci said. “We have chosen not to have children. But he won’t have children with you.”. He’s already the step-grandfather of seven children.

“I cannot promise you anything,” Trogneux told his parents, Fulda writes, notes Reuters. While Macron is 32 years younger than Trump, the French president has almost as many grandchildren: He has seven, thanks to Brigitte's three children, compared to Trump's eight. (Getty). Brigitte!" There will be almost perfect symmetry on display when the Trumps and the Macrons sit down for dinner at one of Paris's most exclusive restaurants on Thursday night. They met when he was just 15 in high school. She's 24 years older than him. "If I was 20 years older than my wife, no one would have questioned it being a legitimate relationship,” Macron said in April. Her middle child, daughter Laurence, is the same age as Macron and was in the class her mother taught when they met. Macron’s parents actually sent him away from the Amiens, France, high school to a Parisian one after learning of their affections for each other in an attempt to prevent anything further from happening, but Trogneux joined him in Paris after her 2006 divorce.

In 2014, a local jokingly told Le Parisien that, “We already had the macaroon from Amiens. However, she finally began appearing at events in November 2016 when she organized a meeting for En Marche!. That is our secret,” Trogneux is quoted as saying in the book. Before beating Trump's favored candidate, Marine Le Pen, in the second round, Macron indicated that Brigitte's prominent role would continue in the Elysée Palace. Macron and Trogneux met when Macron was just 15 years old and she was his French teacher at a Jesuit middle school in Amiens. Trogneux’s eldest child, son Sebastien, was born in 1975, making him two years older than her current husband. The Winter Makeup Trends You'll *Def* Want to Try, A Real-Life Witch Reviews HBO Max's 'The Witches', Real Ways to Manage Your Election-Related Stress, 7 Lesbian-Friendly Dating Apps to Download RN, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. France's First Lady and President Have Reverse Age Gap of Donald, Melania Trump | World. A clip of a boy dancing with a young woman is being shared with the false claim that it is a 23 year old video showing French President Emmanuel Macron with his wife Brigitte Macron.

“It’s only because my wife is 20 years older than me that people say it’s not tenable.” Trogneux told the same author of the aforementioned book on her husband's career ahead of the election: "He needs to go for it in 2017 because by 2022, his problem will be my face.".

"Nobody will ever know at what moment our story became a love story. “I owe her a lot, she helped make me who I am.”, A French documentary by France3 showed how Trogneux helped prepare him for a major speech. Angela Akins, Sergio Garcia’s Fiancee: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Brigitte Macron, Emmanuel’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Her nephew, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, leads the family business, which made four million euros in 2013 alone. According to Closer, Tiphaine had been staying out of the public eye for much of Macron’s public career. On election night, when the brand new president-elect took the stage to address the gathered crowd, they chanted, "Brigitte! She will be at my side, as she has always been, but she will also have a public role.". She is quoted as telling Trogneux, “Don’t you see. They sent the future president away to study in Paris, in the hope that he would forget about his crush. "Brigitte Macron currently has a team of two or three aides, as well as two secretaries and two security agents. Louis Aliot, Marine Le Pen’s Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. Most of the conversation around Brigitte Trogneux, who has been married to France’s President Emmanuel Macron since 2007, has been sexist commentary on her age. At the young age of 39, the former Rothschild & Cie employee will go down in history as the youngest ever President of France. generally don't take on positions or causes, 13 Things You Need to Know About Melania Trump, First Lady Michelle Obama Meets Melania Trump, Melania Trump Is Apparently ‘Miserable’ Already, Melania Trump Honored with Branded Wines, Salami. Trogneux is 24 years her husband's senior — they met when she was his high-school drama teacher. Critics called out the comment, saying it was inappropriate and creepy.

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