proton x70 interior

The focus here is more on maximising efficiency rather than performance. Dude hafriz.. Who was the fella claimed “wait for a suprise”.. While I have not personally tested the new 1.5 litre engine just yet, its three-cylinder design is a bit of a worry for me – there’s no telling just how smooth or refined it will be. The suspension hard points, the springs, even the steering characteristics, remain as before. Beyond that, the other changes like the reclinable rear seat, power boot, ventilated front seats, slightly improved handling and the move to make the sunroof optional really makes it clear that Proton is listening to its customers to make constant incremental improvements to give them what they want. Well, that’s why we’ve put together this video, discussing at length about the car’s design, overall build quality and technology, as well as its safety, performance and connectivity aspects. Tax Holiday RM 6,700.00; 5 years Warranty; 5 times Free Service; 5 years Free Internet Package (1GB / month) Loan. It’s finished in bright chrome, standing in stark contrast against the predominantly black and satin silver cabin. If it is the pro, the price is a bargain! What’s the 7DCT like? Infotainment System . Beyond that, the 2020 Executive variant also gains a power tailgate, with the Premium versions adding a foot sensor. As for build quality, the cars we drove were pre-production units with a few minor flaws (untidy paint finishes, uneven panel gaps), but I’ve been assured that all of them have been fixed for the production units. Most of the big ticket items eg. You can say ‘Hi Proton’ and control various functions like AC, navigation, etc.

Home » Car Reviews » Official Proton X70 accessories for exterior and cabin. Never own a car with sunroof before. Have a good one folks…. Previously, Geely had also mentioned that its own proprietary DCT transmission fluid, marketed by Shell as the Spirax S5 DCT10 (RM353.45), would be cheaper to buy than the recommended ATF for the outgoing 6AT (RM500.96). As usual when I buy something.. first thing I check is the warranty terms and conditions. Copyright © Zigwheels 2014-2020. Refinement much gooder then Honda CR-V by a mile, and superior even then Mazda CX-5 by a pinch. Somehow he is still there making design mistakes. PROTON X70. Time will tell. The X70’s Volvo connection is no longer through association alone; the 2020 version now uses the exact same transmission as the Swedish premium brand, which is a Volvo/Geely-developed seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission (7DCT). The instrument panel is a feature that one look at more than often while driving a car. Interior I agree, boyue pro should have been the choice. The X70 is also available in an AWD or Intelligent All-Wheel Drive mode. If you have an account, please login before commenting. Compared to the a’la carte price of RM4,171 and RM4,371, the package savings are RM421 and RM471, respectively. Let’s see what all great features does it have, shall we? Those who are always skeptical of locally-assembled cars, well, head on over to Proton showrooms to make your own conclusions. The CRV can do 8.8 seconds even with a smaller engine capacity. In many ways, the 7DCT here doesn’t feel like a dual-clutch unit at all. With the new 7DCT rated at up to 330 Nm, the engine can now be tuned back up to its natural state of 181 hp and 300 Nm of torque. They also have integrated LED daytime running lights which help the car to be identified in the crowd. They spend billion on research and development and they know everything about dual clutch. Stay up to date with by following us at: Maximum of 5 cars can be compared at the same time. This is no bread + butter model made for the mass. Yes, visually it’s a bit underwhelming, because apart than the new logos it’s exactly the same as before, but the improvements underneath are much more impressive. A lot of people associate DCTs with performance cars such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI, Mercedes-AMG A 45 or even the Nissan GT-R, but this very one is a whole different breed. Driving X70 after several hours under hot burning sun in open car park Rm400k Volvo car gearbox is not going to be given to a Proton. Tesla Model Y Performance: How Does It Fare In 11 Inches Of Snow? Please tell us about your car below and we'll connect you with our partner dealers. kudos. More than that, the Chinese manufacturer even goes on to say that its design achieves a higher efficiency rate (max 97%, overall 94.6%) than Volkswagen’s DSGs (overall 91% for wet, 92% for dry units). That’s obviously not true, of course, with the engine being all Geely and the transmission coming from Geely-owned DSI. And it sure has worked. It should also be slightly cheaper to maintain, with the Proton service handbook stating 7DCT fluid changes are required at every 90,000 km or 54 months, compared to every 60,000 km/36 months for the previous 6AT. Proton is not a Volvo. a). All Rights Reserved. Moving inside, the expected digital video recorder a.k.a.

Another reason why you hid your name because you are shallow and ignorant. It’s also in the finer details within the cabin, ready to pamper you on any journey. Interior . Anyway, whether it is the Geely Boyue or Proton X70, the bottom line is, it is a fantastic-looking SUV with great features. Obtain an up-to-date valuation for your vehicle using Car Market Value Guide. Would make existing CBU owners feel better too with the minimal differences. There’s no other way to say it. – so perhaps it is planning to roll out yearly updates for all its models, constantly keeping its products fresh. It’s shaping up to be a truly impressive vehicle, and segment-wise it goes head-to-head against the current leader Honda CR-V. To recap, there will be four variants on offer, each sharing the same 1.8 litre TGDi four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 181 hp and 285 Nm, which is enough for a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 10.5 seconds (2WD model). is a one-stop car buyer's guide run by the Automotive Network, with an extensive database of new cars on sale in Malaysia.

Find out if you can afford your dream car using our user friendly car loan calculator. And the bad reputation of dry clutch has frighten everyone while hearing DUAL CLUTCH (even though wet clutch has high reliability). Yes, we finally get the keys to test drive the Proton X70 (the premium 2WD model). Another change that comes along with the new transmission is the electronic shift-by-wire gear lever. Even VW DSG wet clutch so mature it has HUGE problem while they come out with DQ200 dry clutch where problem happened in the whole world till they withdraw the dry clutch in new models. Nothing against the new ventilated seats, which I love, but more the lack of dedicated controls for them, which I don’t. What is covered for “5 years and unlimited mileage” As per the brochure. It is developed by volvo for geely. I, for one, certainly was, and I did the deed – there’s a Cinnamon Brown X70 Premium parked at home now. These optional items can be bought a’la carte; alternatively, they are grouped into Utility and Urban packages. In Cars, Proton, PT Talks, Videos / By Matthew H Tong / 11 October 2018 11:20 pm / 105 comments. Chassis . The price should have gone down further! Otherwise, nobody will buy a Volvo. It’s a very likeable gearbox in my books – again, much like a normal automatic. - YouTube Surprisingly enough, Proton also claims that it has fine-tuned the 7DCT’s power delivery characteristics to be slightly more aggressive to suit typical Malaysian driving behaviour (stand by a busy traffic light for five minutes and you’ll understand how they came to this conclusion). To those who scare of DCT, please note the wet type of DCT reliability is as good as AT. Time will tell as to how they can sustain this premium market segment placed above the reach of an average Msian. I do not believe Geely DCT will be better than DSG as DSG has much longer history and reputation. The Urban package meanwhile consists of the coil mats, dash cam, rear bumper scuff plate, door protective film and Llumar security film.

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