pumpkin cubesat frame

Centauri 1, with panels deployed and UHF antenna still in stowed position.
In addition, the use of a load carrying frame and detachable shear panels allows for access to all parts of the spacecraft avionics, even after final integration by removing one or more of the shear panels.

The structures have also been specifically engineered to introduce the minimum number of design/interface constraints in order to allow the spacecraft designer to focus on the functional objectives. We're currently completing a build of 3U-size custom solar panels for a large US Gov't prime.

They support modular satellite construction based on a PC104 PCB stack, with solar panels on the edges.

The inidivual products are: CubeSat plate assemblies - the base plate assembly forms one end of a CubeSat Kit™ structure - typically, the end with the Motherboard Module (MBM) C&DH sub-system - while the cover plate assembly forms the other end, which is typically the payload location.

It is made from high-grade aluminum 7075-T7351 to which assures strength, lightweight construction and durability.

FLEET's Pumpkin-built Rapid-response CubeSats are Now on Orbit ... Another Pumpkin-built CubeSat is Cleared for Launch! October 2019 These are an update to panels we have made in the past. The design created by ISIS allows for multiple mounting configurations, giving CubeSat developers maximum flexibility in their design process. It is designed to offer developers a high level of freedom with an open structure that is easy and straightforward to use.

ISARA is equipped with a deployable 24-cell Pumpkin PMDSAS solar array that also has a Ka-band reflectarray antenna on its backside. But for a battery-only mission, that's only about one month of operating, powered up, at quiescent currents. Pumpkin worked with Dr. Richard Hodges and his group at JPL to develop a process whereby the JPL-designed reflectarray could be incorporated into Pumpkin's PMDSAS deployable solar panel technology and manufacturing, to yield flat and extremely stiff dual-purpose panels. This could include redundant or kill switches, specific launch system interoperability (such as separation springs) and other more complex functionality depending on your needs. Satellite structures give spacecraft their shape, secure all sub-systems and other components, and provide vital protection from mechanical stresses during launch, radiation while in-orbit and vibration at all stages. All external panels are individually removable, allowing easy access for integration, assembly and testing. You'll be able to learn more about these puppies in more detail once they are on orbit. In this series I will cover various important aspects of WDTs as applied to embedded systems in general, and to nanosatellites in particular. January 2020

Solutions are available for a variety of cases including; deployable systems, interfaces for structural tests and IOD/IOV platforms. November 2018

A big thank-you to all of the Pumpkin employees who went above and beyond their normal duties to complete this project! This layout meant that the canopic jar was heavily cantilevered at one end, which led to a few iterations when a lower-than-acceptable fundamental frequency was discovered during environmental tests. We not only typically have nanosatellite-class equipment in stock, but we also have a proven track record of working quickly on projects that require outside-of-the-box thinking. You can see a video of the deployment of Centauri 1 from the PSLV upper stage. In this post we provide an overview of satellite structures; frames and chassis products for various sized spacecraft that provide stability and support to all of the sub-systems and components housed within. I find that a lot of engineers do not understand the role of a Watchdog Timer (WDT) and how to use it properly.

DST Group has been in contact with Buccaneer, successfully  updated some critical configuration parameters, and will now "settle into a normal tempo of spacecraft operations.". March 2018 April 2019

We share details of various products on the global market along with service providers offering custom designs and configurations - if you’re familiar with this technology and would like to skip straight to the product listings please click here. The design created by ISIS allows for multiple mounting configurations, giving CubeSat developers maximum flexibility in their design process. The conductive pattern on the reflectarray side is analogous to a Fresnel lens for Ka-band wavelengths, implemented as discrete patches arranged in a particular pattern.

Avionics or payload modules are built up as single 1-unit form factor building blocks mounted to the primary load carrying elements. The products are designed to be light and strong, manufactured from space-grade materials and tested in a variety of settings.

CubeSat structure manufacturer and satsearch member NPC Spacemind has previously explained in this article that two vital aspects to consider when assessing structures are their handling and performance. Solar power (from the solar cells on the opposite sides of these panels, not visible in these images) is routed from the central panel into the 3U bus at the hinge interface located at the base of the center panel. The design created by ISIS allows for multiple mounting configurations, giving CubeSat developers maximum flexibility in their design process. They are designed for large CubeSat platforms up to 36U.

We developed a test script that reduced test & verification time for each panel by roughly one hour, making technicians everywhere rejoice! The smaller 4x4 array of patches on the opposite side of these fisheye-view images captured on orbit is the feed antenna for the reflectarray. Sep 25, 2020. The base below the canopic jar  also incorporates (hidden from view) the requisite hardware to vent the interior volume of the jar, as well as permanent magnets and hysteresis material to help ENOCH establish a stabilized attitude while on orbit. Two CubeSats in Two Weeks? NPC Spacemind’s SM structures are designed to be high-reliability CubeSat structures that suit a range of unit sizes. The lack of joints or bolted parts can also result in a reduction in vibrational effects during launch for a more secure structure. Sputnix’s CubeSat frames are designed in accordance with CubeSat Design Specification rev.13. The external panels also include shielding capabilities that can be tailored to optimize component lifetime in the flight regime of choice. https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/cubesat/missions/isara.php, Pumpkin CubeSat Kit Pro chassis structure, Pumpkin PMDSAS deployable and fixed solar panels, Pumpkin SUPERNOVA bus stack (PIM, MBM 2 + BBB, GPSRM 1, RHM, SIM), Pumpkin BM 2 Intelligent Battery Module (86Wh), Third-party EPS, ADACS, simplex Globalstar beacon, UHF transceiver, UHF antenna. For smaller satellites with fixed form factors, such as PocketQubes and CubeSats, the term structures usually refers to the primary frames that give a satellite its shape, set the limits of the physical footprint and provide a functional chassis within which all the other sub-systems are housed and connected. Click on any of the links or images below to find out more about each product. Hywel Curtis on September 2017 also offers support for design and FEM analysis for both standard and customized structures according to the client’s needs.

The metallic-color pieces between the panels are the Pumpkin hinges that enable the reflectarray to wrap around the ISARA structure when stowed.

Pumpkin's BM 2 intelligent battery module is ideally suited to "battery only" missions, with an energy of up to 100Wh, SoC reporting, independent heaters, and various protections. From the joint JPL-Pumpkin ISARA project that began in 2012, today the 3U ISARA spacecraft is on-orbit and undergoing initial trials. Alongside the standard 12U model, SAT platforms are also available in sizes of 6U, 24U and 36U, as well as customer-specific sizes. Looking for downloadable 3D printing models, designs, and CAD files? The BM 2's typical operating current is 20mA; when an EPS and solar panels are present, the cost of those 20mA is quite minimal. They can be provided with kill switches and two separation springs already integrated. CubeSat Structures The ISIS CubeSat structures are developed as generic, modular satellite structures based upon the CubeSat standard. The structures offer standard PC104 interfaces and can also be custom-designed for non-CubeSat equipment, such as larger payloads with high stiffness requirements. The individual products are: The Pocketqube 1P Structure is a 50 x 50 x 50 mm structure with a skeletonized wall structure. It just fits.

We have also put together overviews of launch separation systems, launch providers and many other components and sub-systems for smallsats, CubeSats and PocketQubes if you require additional help for your mission. In the images above, you can see the backside of the deployed Pumpkin 3-panel solar array + reflectarray. Two categories of frame component are available: CubeSat chassis walls - Pumpkin offers a range of chassis walls in both solid and skeletonized formats. NPC Spacemind’s portfolio consists of the following products, with the number referring to the CubeSat unit size (U) of the satellite that the structure is suitable for: EnduroSat’s satellite structures are designed to be easy to assemble and use.

As part of a crash effort to build two customer nanosatellites in two weeks, the reality of typical COTS lead times and a limited budget forced us to adopt a radically simplified approach to the satellite's power system. The products comply with the CubeSat standard and are designed to be compatible with a wide range of CubeSat sub-system products. November 2017 PUMPKIN ROCKS! The reference design is Pumpkin CubeSat Kit Bus-compatible, as the signals on the PC/104 connector conform to the published Pumpkin CubeSat interface specification. Both solid-wall and skeletonized versions are available. The SSTR6U 6U Structure is a rigid chassis for a 6U satellite. With this new direction for ENOCH, we created a "sled" that is compatible with Planetary System Corporations Canisterized Satellite Dispenser (CSD). System software from FLEET Space, Pumpkin, Bright Ascension and Kubos. Primary structures are typically whole frames that are capable of housing an entire CubeSat for example.

In July 2015, Pumpkin was approached by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to work with Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan to create a 3U CubeSat-size work of art to be launched into space. A chassis that is too fragile or difficult to rotate and affix, so that sub-systems can be easily integrated, can slow down production. They are lightweight, feature a number of redundant switches, with respect to CDS guidelines, and are built using a flexible design and assembly concept. They are built to offer a physically safe environment for the payloads and sub-systems during all phases of the mission to ensure stable operation of the CubeSat. Some structure components are used mainly for load-bearing purposes whereas others perform more specific tasks, such as housings that provide protection for electrical sub-systems or optical payloads. Two categories of frame component are available: CubeSat chassis walls - Pumpkin offers a range of chassis walls in both solid and skeletonized formats. The portfolio includes the following products: The SAT series of CubeSat platforms were developed as the result of a collaboration between Hyperion Technologies and GTM Advanced Structures. After a three year design, leading to today and after finally (for the first time) snapping the top panel on our 1.5U CubeSat and having everything fit perfectly, I just had to stop in celebration and come over and send this Email.

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