qubo smart indoor camera price

With person detection in Qubo Smart Indoor Camera, you get instant notifications whenever a person is detected in your absence.

● Go to my profile option

Being an Alexa Built-In device, it is capable of voice interaction (Alexa is voice controlled virtual assistant), music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and providing weather, traffic, sports, and other real-time information, such as news. ● Buy Now. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Yes (Trigger Alarm). Maximum of 5 zones can be created by the user.

3,000. You can even program it through routines provided in settings. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. Create a virtual fence around the areas where you store your valuables and get notified if anyone breaches the fence.
While Using Camera:

What are all my personal details does QUBO Camera Account will access? Try below remedies to get better illumination with your Qubo Smart Indoor Camera Check QUBO camera is directly facing at the source of light, such as the sun or a spot light. Can a single user connect/commission more than one QUBO Indoor Camera?

● Click on MyQubo You will be redirected to Payment Gateway to complete your payment for the selected plan. Below are the steps for the same ● Scroll down to “WiFI”

We recommend keeping the security camera within 30 feet (10 meters max.) ● Press and hold Reset Pin Also, QR Code sticker is present on the bottom of the Qubo Smart Indoor Camera. ● Login using your email id and password Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is a perfect baby monitor as it has advanced baby cry detection* feature. Device shall not be commissioned if you are using the same mobile through which you had given the hotspot. Does QUBO Camera provide environmental monitoring in addition to video monitoring? ● Click on the menu in the mobile app

Your membership/subscription will be auto renewed each billing cycle after successful charging to your credit card. Is there any limit on the number of members I can add? How can I change Wi-Fi details in already commissioned/paired camera? ● Go to the hamburger menu ● Follow the same commissioning steps to commission the device. Qubo Smart Indoor Camera comes with Alexa Built-In. Follow the below steps Below are some of them: ● Follow the instruction on the camera display screen. In case the camera displays offline, check the internet connectivity on both camera and mobile. In case of Amazon Shopping app is installed and logged in, Alexa will be authorized automatically. ●Go to Camera Settings Qubo by Hero Group 1080p Full HD 3.2MP WiFi Indoor Smart Security Camera (Black) with Face Recognition, Alexa Built In Speaker and Smart Home Hub 3.8 out of 5 stars 99 10 790,00 ₹ e) Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy your favorite songs from your mobile play list Process 1:

How do I Reset/Factory reset my QUBO Camera? What is the maximum size of SD Card supported? How close must the Indoor Camera be to my internet router? ● Away You can purchase subscriptions either through your Mobile app or by visiting Qubo web site. Smart Home Skill will be enabled automatically during alexa authorization. ● Power On camera Here, the frequency of notifications can be controlled as below For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. • Away: In case you are on Vacation or business trip, then you might have some routines. Do not use harsh cleaners or aerosol cleaners that may harm the lens. ● Release Reset pin after 5 seconds If the Smart camera is commissioned, it needs to be decommissioned first. What to do if I forgot my password for my QUBO Camera account? Qubo Smart Indoor Camera detects any motion caused in its field of view. No, you can not connect Hard drive to QUBO Camera.

All you have to do is ask. You will be directed to Payment Gateway to complete your payment for the selected plan. The Qubo Smart AI Camera device works only on 2.4 GHz WIFI. What if there is no audio saying instruction on how to pair/commission after boot-up camera? * Face Recognition works best when you are facing the lens directly at a close distance and in ambient lighting. The range of distance of the Wi-Fi signal is determined by your router.

c) Inbuilt Alexa to use your device by giving voice commands There are three modes available on the app: You would need to reset the password. By selecting Delete Account from Profile screen, users can delete their Qubo account. *Works best with Kids upto the age of 2 years. ● Home ● Locate option of device info a) You can monitor your house, family & pets via 24*7 live feeds to your connected device ● Click on the Indoor Camera camera to start recording whenever there is a motion/person detection. Can I activate my Qubo connected smart device with another Camera Account? How can I share access for my Smart Indoor Cameras to other members? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

● High – 1080P You can program it to send commands to associated device i.e. (You can also reset the password of Google plus). How do I download QUBO Camera App from Play store/Appstore?

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera is designed to help you look after your family and valuables while you’re away.

There are 3 modes: It will be in greyscale in night mode & coloured in normal mode. ● Didn’t set predefined parameters ● Muted notification from mobile setting ● You’ll be redirected to the “add device” page. Is memory card provided with QUBO Smart Indoor Camera. ● iOS: iOS 11 and Above. d) You can use zone fencing for safety & security of your valuables & kids by creating virtual fence

The Qubo smart AI camera stores your recordings in cloud storage & memory card.

A pop up will appear whenever the limit of login is exceeded. ●Tap on Amazon Alexa With face recognition in Qubo Smart Indoor Camera you can save known faces, define and set different routines and create custom alerts. Follow the below steps: Remove the device from the previous account and reset and recommission the device.

● Install the application. As per Qubo subscription plan you can share your credential for simultaneous logins. "Qubo Smart Indoor Camera has a smart speaker along with Zigbee integration to control other Qubo smart devices.!" What are the mobile settings or data that QUBO Camera Account will get access or control? This is applicable for registered users. ● Manage Subscriptions What are the advantages of Person detection?

Can more than one user connect to a single QUBO Camera device through the app?

The user needs to click on the profile pic and then manage. ● You’ll get the MAC address of the device. It can even ring a siren with smart routines. How can I avoid Motion detection caused by devices like TV, Fan and Tube Light etc? For Home Security Camera
You can do so by sharing login credentials of QUBO app.

Does QUBO Smart Indoor Camera support Wi-Fi Dual Band networks? Move your security camera to a different location. ● Subscription Details 13,490. It can be activated manually or through Alexa. Further with its advanced AI capabilities it can smartly detect and notify whenever a person is detected, so that your home is always safe from unwanted intruders.

In other way, user can login to Amazon Alexa app and Search for Skill “QUBO” and enable account link by providing Qubo account details. In case the issue persists, please connect with Customer Service on 1800 572 5757. ● Motion Detection (object/person), There could be multiple issues that your Qubo Indoor Camera device must be facing. Also, you would get the relevant notifications.

Qubo Smart Indoor Camera allows you to store known faces and create custom alerts for those faces on your phone. For Live Streaming It allows you to watch remarkably crisp, 1080p HD videos with a 140 degree ultra-wide angle Lens. Qubo Smart Indoor Camera has night vision which automatically turns on and evenly illuminates the whole room giving you a clear view even when it is pitch dark.

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