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Jay Fuller | Gerda, Lickspittle (formerly), Percival (formerly) Boogeymen | Arthur | Sleeping Beauty (1959): Maleficent | Diablo | Maleficent's Goons Queen Ingrith is the main antagonist of the 2019 epic fantasy movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Buldeo | Kingdom Hearts Villains | Charles Hendrickson | It'll be a treat for fans to see two powerhouse actors battle it out onscreen, and it sounds like Ingrith and Maleficent are as well-matched as Pfeiffer and Jolie. Queen Ingrith's father Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear | Witch | Queen Ingrith • Festival of Fantasy Parade • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation! Emerging victorious, Ingrith tells a heartbroken and enraged Aurora that she will pay for being a traitor to her kind and triumphantly informs her people that Maleficent is dead and they will no longer have to live in fear. Diablo the Raven | Princess Aurora (daughter-in-law). "The perfect executor of my evil plan for all dominance.". Angelica Teach | Professor Siles | Nigel |
Duke of Weselton | Aurora discovers that it was Ingrith who "cursed" the king by pricking him with the spindle that still contains the sleeping curse that was inflicted upon Aurora.

Milady de Winter | Villains. Mad Hatter | Winnie the Pooh Villains | Lana Thomas | Ingrith secretly had fairies captured by Gerda and Lickspitte and brought into glass tanks which could use their powers for cursing others. Injun Joe | William Boone | She does this all behind her husband's and son's backs, only allowing her most trusted advisor and henchmen in on the plot. Star vs. the Forces of Evil Villains | Janice Avery | PAT | Lilo & Stitch Villains | Alice in Wonderland Villains | Sylvester Shyster | Maleficent: Mistress of Evil: Queen Ingrith • Conall • Borra • Gerda • Dark Fey • Lickspittle

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Bandar Log (1994) (King Louie (1994) & Kaa (1994)) | Woolter | Sarah Sanderson | Treasure Planet Villains | However, Maleficent dives down and saves Aurora from her death. Rico | Queen Ingrith intends to use it as a weapon to obliterate all fairies.

The Jungle Book Villains | Tad White | Princess Irmaplotz | Once her son announces his engagement, Ingrith hosts a banquet, which is attended by her future daughter-in-law, Aurora, Diaval and Maleficent. A.J.

Ursula | ―Ingrith to Aurora. Te Kā | Cy-Bugs | Enemies Captain Katt | Maleficent returns to her human form and Ingrith falls to her supposed death, but she survives and Maleficent transforms her into a goat, much to her dismay. Once Upon a Dream: Maleficent, Movies Jean-Pierre Le Pelt |
The Princess and the Frog Villains | Spectrus | Fates | "You have done an admirable job going against your nature to raise this child," Ingrith says. Bruton | She is the former queen of Ulstead and the mother of Prince Philip, whom sought to destroy all fairies in order to become the world's greatest idol. DuckTales Villains | King John (husband)Prince Phillip (son)Aurora (daughter-in law)The King (father)The Prince † (brother) She commited crimes which could be compared to Scar's actions (pushing Aurora off the roof for power and glory, manipulating others for their own use, trying to achieve limitless power and control over others in homicidal, wicked ways) and therefore she is also considered as a Totally Dark villain.

Aurora (formerly) Rat (2019) | Mr. Whiskers | Mitch Wilkinson | Cutler Beckett | King John (husband)Prince Phillip (son)Aurora (daughter-in law)The King (father)The Prince † (brother) Wynnchel & Duncan | Slender, middle-aged, pink lips, long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes Andrei Strasser | Skeleton Pirates | Descendants Villains | Mr. Winkie | Cruella De Vil | Story appearances Makoos | Hans Reinhardt | Skeletons | Master Gracey | John Ratcliffe |

Pink Elephants (2019) | Blackbeard | Elliot T. Jindraike | Butch the Bulldog | Ranch Wilder |

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