regiojet bus review

Firstly, I reserved a ticket and it didn't pair with my payment, so I had no ticket.

Behind me is a group of 4 other people also running and asking where should they find Regiojet as they have been looking for the bus since one hour!!! Even 1 star is a lot. I used to like RegioJet, pendling between Ostrava and Prague quite a lot. This company hides behind cryptic icons to rip off their passengers. gefühlt war allerdings etwas weniger Platz als bei der Konkurrenz und was leider negativ aufgefallen ist, ist das die Kilmaanlage nicht richtig funktioniert hat, da es sehr heiß und stickig im Bus war, wodurch das reisen nicht mehr ganz so angenehmen war.Bis auf diese Kleinigkeit werde ich auch wieder mit Regiojet reisen.
!So traumhaft wie die Hinreise war genau so horrormässig war die Rückfahrt im Relax!! Another time I travelled, my seat number wasn't in the coach.

Räume runter. i think thats its something like emirates in buses. Mir war total schlecht und von fast umgekippt weil noch dazu kam das der Wagon im Low Cost Bereich nicht Klimatisiert wird. Ich habe noch während der Zugfahrt mein Rückfahrtticket storniert und ein Öbb Ticket gekauft.

We checked 2 bags but the driver forced us to check another small bag for a fee. Wollte man was zu essen bestellen hiess es wartens bis zum nächsten Bahnhof!!
Last week I took overnight bus to Budapest (departure 11 p.m.).

Vielleicht tik teuerer wie Konkurenz, ust aber jeder Cent wert. They are user “unfriendly” at …

First driver had the radio on, the next one was chatting with his colleague all the way. Die schlimmste Zugfahrt die ich je hatte.

Years of good experience.

They were sending us at the end of the train so I told them again can we seat here it's empty and we go soon down... so another smart idio.... said NO u cant u are low cost!!!!

4 Stunden Zugfahrt ohne der Möglichkeit etwas zum trinken zu kaufen obwohl offensichtlich Getränke im andere Wagon serviert wurden. They rely on the internet for board service, you should see to it that it works.

Lieber 12 Euro mehr zahlen als nochmal so eine Fahrt miterleben zu müssen. We have been using RegioJet frequently because there was not much to choose for our trip before, but it was mostly terrible experience with the personal - hotline as well (of course there are some exceptions whom I would like to thanks).

Simply lying, not flexible at covid situation, old fashioned company. Mostly it was pleasant experience. crew is super unfriendly. Decent buses and low-cost (& old) trains.

I was late to job and lost my job because regio jet staff. My other option was a slow deutsche Bahn train over 2 hrs costing around 100 euro return or flixbus around fEuro 40 return.Why I think this is one of the most underestimated coach providers in the world-my ticket was Euro 15 return (2hr.10mins each way)-I had option to select a seat online in advance for free-I had option for free cancellation and refund upto 15 mins in advance-I was offered a free hot drink -coffee/team/hot chocolate twice on my journey by friendly host-I was offered headphones to watch a movie on the screen-If I wanted to buy water was only 50 cents-I had option to pay in so many different cards, payment methods Only complaint was seat leg space was slightly narrower hence 4*I see some people complain on here about some issues but seriously if you paying not more then 10 Euro for ticket think you cannot expect 5* experience however as listed above if these complainers go on Dbhan for a 90 Euro return journey and in addition you still got pay 3 Euro for coffee and 2 euro for water and frequent delays on thisKeep up the great service RegioJet. There are also a screen for movie and tv show. hotline are usefull and respond quickly.

Best Bus serviced I've ever used. I was using RegioJet next to the LeoExpress for 5 years in Czechia, especially for connections to Prague. Unable to fall asleep in second row. In buses it is similar to FlixBus, yet I personally find RegioJet to be slightly better. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. (wär zu viel Arbeit wohl gewesen!!!!!!!!)

Es gibt sogar Getränke an Bord. ich bin mit dem Busunternehmen von Prag nach Berlin gefahren und bin begeistert vom guten Service von RegioJet.Ein Angestellter kam regelmäßig durch den Bus und hat neben kostenlosen Heißgetränken auch Zeitschriften und Kopfhörer verteilt, damit die Fahrgäste das Boardprogramm nutzen konnten.

The bus was on time. When you book your ticket from RegioJet, you will receive some random information as where your bus will be located, which seat number do you have etc. !Er war bemüht jeden Wunsch auf irgend einer möglichen Weise zu erfüllen!!

4 girls had to stay alone at night and had to buy another ticket for the next bus without knowing if the next bus had available seats for them.

There were all 10 wagons almost EMPTY so I ask those 2 guys if we cant seat there coz there is no one and they said no even they saw us with two small children... what is a problem when everywhere almost the same seats and almost empty train!!! Vom Preis bis Buss bis Personal. Manchmal findet man Kleinigkeiten, aber man kann auch direkt online die Arbeit der Crew bewerten. Either they see to it, that their internet works or they allow other options. Gute Musik, sehr bequem.

Unable to fall asleep in second row.

I was always happy with the service. Vielleicht hat es ja dieses Mal oder demnächst Konsequenzen. Fahrkartennummer.

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