road trip scavenger hunt

It seems like everyone, no matter the age, has a device or tablet and the ability to play non-stop games and watch movies.

Words on signs or vehicles.
If you think you’ve found the real deal, take a photo and give yourself 10 points. I created versions of tween and up road trip scavenger hunts. Pull over to play on a playground or in a park; snap a pic on the slide. Take a picture of letters you see along the road. There are a ton of great apps you can download onto your phone or tablet to keep track of the plate you find. Like, inside vs outside the car. It will keep the kids busy, happy, and not complaining during a long car ride! If you’re hitting the road with a bunch of people in separate cars, then keep track of everyone’s scavenger hunt details online by creating a hashtag like #TheRoadTripScavengerHunt. Don’t forget to keep tabs of your points and take photos so you can prove who’s won. There’s a lot to see when you are on a road trip; things you might miss if you’re staring at a screen. Hi! Stop at a servo for a pit stop; snap a pic by the sign. I have a solution. This game usually goes fairly quick- though letters like X tend to take awhile to find. I hope you have so much fun on your road trip and find these scavenger hunt printables and ideas helpful for making the time pass. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. With a total of 26 objects to find, it fits right in the middle between the simpler picture version for younger kids and the long list below for tweens and teens.

There’s a lot to see when you are on a road trip; things you might miss if you’re staring at a screen. But if you are like me and don’t want your kids staring at a screen for 8-12 hours while you take a road trip, here are some alternative road trip games to help you all pass the time!

For this trip, I plan to stick the scavenger hunts on a clipboard with a pencil. Required fields are marked *. We play pretty loosely, so if you see a bird, you could say “animal”. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Printable. Then everyone looks outside the car to see who can spot something that starts with the letter A. Depending on our moods, we have various rules as to how you win, but a few things always hold constant.

Now that the kids are getting older, I’ll admit the road trips are easier. The stories you care about, delivered daily. But I still love playing some games every now and then with them, just for fun. We take a lot of trips and we play this travel game on every single one. There are three printable scavenger hunt and a road trip I-spy to print out, so whether you have a little one or big kids, there’s a game here that’s just for them!

20 Fun Summer Activities for Kids- and Families! Each person has to find the letters to spell their name. Lots of sleeping.

Just think of all the new words your little one will learn on this adventure to someplace new! Basically whoever spots the item on the list first gets the credit for that one, but at least one other person has to also see it to confirm the item was actually there! You can also DIY your own road trip scavenger hunt by creating a list of things you might see on your particular trip. Your email address will not be published. To play, you say “I spy with my little eye something that begins with A”. There are road signs everywhere when you are taking a trip. How to Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt for Kids (of All Ages! This means if you purchase an item I have linked to, I may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.). There are three different road trip scavenger hunts: license plates, road signs, and transportation. You can incorporate their phones into this game by turning it into a road trip photo scavenger hunt. The colorful pictures make it easy for little ones to play, and it’s a fun and simple language learning activity you can add to your arsenal of road trip boredom busters.
And it was a loooong trip: from Missouri to Florida. 17 Fun Family Activities to Do With Teens, Your email address will not be published. This visual road trip scavenger hunt is perfect for younger kids who aren’t reading yet. Updated June 10, 2020 By Chrissy (This post contains affiliate links. Just click on the image below to download the sheet.

You can read more about me here. Think of a fun prize related to your destination.

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