rodion amirov stats

There is certainly room to fill out that frame. Amirov has a very good first few steps, allowing him to get to his top speed quickly. It will be interesting to see what this case looks like in retrospect as Amirov is the first player I’ve tracked that has played consistently in the KHL.” I would expect Amirov’s tracking data to look better in 2020-21 now that he has a KHL season with extremely tough competition under his belt and will have ample time to prepare for the upcoming season. Not only was Amirov the top all-around forward on a strong Tolpar squad, but he also was one of the best scorers in the entire MHL. Amirov was drafted 15th overall by the Maple Leafs at the 2020 NHL Entry Draft on Tuesday. Jan 13, 2020: Rodion Amirov first VHL goal vs Neftyanik, Incredibly Smart, Reliable Player, doesn’t make mistakes, Rodion Amirov's first shift of the game. Brings more skill to Toronto . Amirov has a very good shot that is lethal from all areas of the offensive zone. Scans the ice and reads the game very well. Check out the latest news below for more on his current fantasy value. Amirov in the KHL was utilized in the most modest of roles, which is common for pre-draft teenagers. In conclusion, I have been a huge fan of Rodion Amirov since he lit up the 2019 IIHF World U18 Championships. While Amirov’s acceleration is very good, and he does get to the top speed quickly, his actual top speed itself has room for improvement. Crafty scorer—has the ability to score goals himself in a variety of ways while also setting his teammates up with some very nice chances. He had 22 points (10 goals, 12 assists) in 17 games while playing for the Ufa junior program, and had 3 points (1 goal, 2 assists) while playing for Ufa’s VHL team. As you’ll see in Finlay Sherratt’s tracking data, Amirov struggled in transition while playing in the KHL. Could Brandt Clarke be a #1 defenceman in the NHL? Another encouraging stat—20 of his 22 points were primary points (meaning they were either a goal, or he had the main assist). He reads and thinks the game so well for a young player—which I think NHL teams will love. On the other hand, his transitional could definitely use some work. #2020nhldraft There was no outlook written for Rodion Amirov in 2019. He only had 2 assists in 21 games with Ufa this season in the KHL. However, when playing with his peers in the MHL, Amirov was a gear above everyone else. rodion amirov stats. So much to like. Amirov was drafted 15th overall by the Maple Leafs at the 2020 NHL Entry Draft on Tuesday. Amirov is a refined two-way player whose hockey IQ is off the charts. © Copyright 2020 - Roto Sports, Inc. All Rights Reserved. He was born in Salavat, Russia.

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