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Kazanlak rose oil has won gold medals at expositions in Paris, London, Philadelphia, Antwerp, Laet, and Milan. Bulgaria still supplies 90 percent of the world's rose attar, and roses are raised for food and medicinal purposes as well. Consisting of a vaulted brickwork "beehive" (tholos) tomb, it contains, among other things, painted murals representing a Thracian couple at a ritual funeral feast. Rose Festival May-June According to legend, a Persian trader brought rose bush cuttings to the Balkans hundreds of years ago to provide attar for his lady's perfume. Bulgaria still supplies 90 percent of the world's rose attar, and roses are raised for food and medicinal purposes as well. Morphologically, the Kazanlak Valley is divided into three areas. The Bulgarian Rose Festival is celebrated with folk songs and dances at Kazanlak and Karlovo on the first Sunday in June, at the start of the rose harvest in the Rose Valley. Today the roses’ edible, highly fragrant flowers are idolized as Bulgaria’s national symbol of pride, but economic pressures and changing climate make their future unclear. All over the Rose Valley, you will feel the scent of the roses, spread along kilometers. The Iskra Town History Museum is one of the first provincial town museums in Bulgaria. [2][3] Also known as Golden Rose National Film Festival[4] or simply Golden Rose Film Festival,[5] the event was first held in August 1961[6] under the name "Bulgarian Film Festival"; it ran annually until 1974 (other than 1965) and after that it was usually held every two years. The average annual water quantity increases southwards. The beautiful celebrations for the blossom of the roses there take place in the first week of June. Tomisko. The summer temperatures are moderate and the average summer rainfall is rather high, especially at the beginning of summer. Here is the list, read on to know the popular festivals in Bulgaria 2020 that enhance the charm and glory of the place. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the Kazanlak Municipality canceled the Rose Festival 2020. [6] It is also referred to as the Grand Prix. The traditional Rose Picking near Rozovo village. The icons were presented by Russian monks from the monastery of St. Pantaleimon on Mount Athos, Greece. This region is characterised mainly by cinnamon-forest soil. In 1969 the exposition grew into an independent museum. This region is not rich in mineral resources of industrial importance but there are several non-metalliferous minerals of local importance. [6], As of 2016, the festival has ten awards determined by its jury, and five other awards:[10], Фестивалът на българския игрален филм „Златна роза“, Last edited on 21 February 2020, at 11:06, "Фестивалът на българския игрален филм "Златна роза" минава на по-високо европейско ниво", "Golden Rose film festival kicks off in Varna", "Bulgarian Feature Film Festival Golden Rose 2016", "FNE at the Golden Rose National Film Festival: Labyrinths of Love", "Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival", "FNE at Golden Rose FF 2016: Prize Winners", Golden Rose Bulgarian Feature Film Festival,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 February 2020, at 11:06. The rivers Tazha, Leshnitsa, Eninska and Maglizhka and their deeply cut in the Balkan slopes valleys are of remarkable beauty. Until the middle of November, the average autumn temperature is above 5 °C (41 °F), and above 10 °C (50 °F) until the end of October. In the 17th century, a Turkish merchant brought the flower to Bulgaria, where it’s now unofficially called Rosa kazanlika, in honor of its breeding ground. Additional activities or observances are planned during the year for the End of the Trail Museum in Oregon City, Hoyt Arboretum, Chinese Classical Garden, Berry Botanic Garden, Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden and the, COTTAGE GROVE - Bohemia Mining Days organizers are planning a "Bloomer Parade" as part of this year's summer event, but don't expect anything resembling Portland's, The award honors the enthusiastic former director of the Oregon Zoo and Portland, Portland already has a highly popular annual, But even one injury is too much for big commercial shows like those put on annually by Western Display Fireworks in 22 states for everything from weddings to the, The woman was videotaped Wednesday by a staff member for the project in Portland where, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Rose Garden Neighborhood Preservation Association. The museum complex, remodeled and reopened in 1979, now includes the artist's house and an art exhibition and related documents housed in three halls, covering an area of 300 square meters. The average altitude is 350 m (1,150 ft). The national Shipka-Buzludza park-museum includes Shipka Memorial Church (or Church of the Nativity) near the town of Shipka, Shipka National Park, Freedom Monument near the village of Sheinovo, and Buzludza National Park. And of course, a combustion of color is seen throughout proud gardens in bold proliferation. Meanwhile, the flower prices have fallen to barely cover production and labor costs. The Rose Festival is one of the most remarkable events in Bulgaria, dedicated to beauty and flowers, to spring and the fragrance of the priceless Kazanlak rose. The underground waters of the considerable in range and flow rate alluvial cones play an important role in the drain regulation during summer season when the rainfall is minimum. The traditional buildings there constitute the Koulata Ethnographic Complex, restored and open to visitors since 1976. Visit the eerie, spaceship-like monument in the Balkan Mountains. Both rose farmers and rose-pickers are concerned about the sustainability of their product, but it’s difficult to picture the Rose Valley–or Bulgaria as a whole–without these roses that symbolize its national identity. [8], The first time the festival was held, in 1961, the prize-winning film was We Were Young. [2][3] Also known as Golden Rose National Film Festival[4] or simply Golden Rose Film Festival,[5] the event was first held in August 1961[6] under the name "Bulgarian Film Festival"; it ran annually until 1974 (other than 1965) and after that it was usually held every two years. The tomb was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Many rose producers, like Tihomir Tachev and Aleksandrina Aleksandrova, joined together from across Bulgaria's Rose Valley to dump out entire bags of flowers on the highways in protest of low purchase prices by the distilleries processing rose oil. The central area is narrower and lower, and the relief of the eastern area is much more complex. The Rose Festival and the fame of the Bulgarian oil-yielding rose attract numerous visitors from all parts of the world, the most numerous are visitors from Japan, Taiwan and France. More than 50 handcrafts developed such as tanning, coppersmithing, goldsmithing, frieze weaving, shoemaking, cooperage and, of course, rose cultivation. [9] The top award was originally called the Special Award of the Festival, but in 1963 the name was changed to "Golden Rose". Bulgarian Festival #1: Rose Festival. The charming cobbled Mirska Street is in the oldest part of the city – Koulata District, near the world-famous Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak. Visitors see traditional rose-picking, the distillation process, folk dances, and roses ensconced in cakes, soaps, jewelry, wine, and rakia (a strong regional fruit brandy). The alluvial soils are high-productive – they are represented by arable lands of I, II and III category. Rosarium Park with many spots for recreation. Shipka National Park is founded on the same area where the bloody battles of the Russian-Turkish Liberation War occurred during the 1870s. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- Read our guide to the Bulgarian Rose Valley to the make the most of your trip to this beautiful area. They tell the stories of the typical local coppersmiths’ craft. After 1370 Kazanlak was under Ottoman dominion. In the 4th century BCE, near the ancient Thracian capital of Seuthopolis and close to the city, a magnificent Thracian tomb was built. This is the season when the gentle oleaginous Kazanlak rose comes to bloom, filling the air with its scent. Restorations of a rose warehouse and the first laboratory for examination of rose oil created in 1912 are made in the museum. It has the characteristic of the Balkan valley houses from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century. “Agriculture is a laboratory under the sky, right? The rituals with singing and dancing that usually take place around 9 am are usually stages. For many well-known Bulgarian artists and performers, this was the place where their physical and creative lives began. Distilleries describe an oversaturated market, with more rose gardens popping up each year, but farmers remain suspicious that the distilleries have colluded to lower the purchase price of roses.

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