safer sephiroth strategy

If your character is female, use the Minerva Bangle. If this is greater than your HP, time X 30 will set your HP to 1. Avoid this at all cost.

Mega Shield - Guards from any magic and and also makes attacks halved. You will be required to do the Battle Square once without it (on Disk One) to get the Keystone; use anything you want that time. However, if you die, you get nothing. How can I beat Safer Sephiroth. I'm sorta low-level (Level 45-ish) and I don't know if you can leave the crater or not to get more shit like Phoenix Downs. If your item command is broken, you're screwed. Immediately use a Turbo Ether! Avoid getting the status-changing slots since you aren't protected from them anymore. Warning--each cure slot will decrease your BP earnings. On my last episode of the live stream my best weapon was Ultima Weapon and Summon was Neo Bahamut as i used no cheats in this stream run. Giganova - Summons various meteors and stars to explode each other and create a colossal explosion. Posted by 1 month ago. ! This slot causes major problems, but won't kill you except under bad circumstances. Warning--each lucky 7 slot will decrease your BP earnings.

After each fight, your character receives a handicap chosen by a "slot machine" system. share. The Battle Arena is a game of responding quickly to changes in your situation. Painful, but not too serious unless you got a lot of 1/2 HPs.

Here's the details on Safer Seph. If your max HP gets low, use Big Guard to protect yourself. The Battle Square in Gold Saucer is an arena in which a single character battles against a series of up to eight battles. -JustSomeKid . That's why you have Transform equipped: Toad is the only thing you can cast while you are one. He is a pain but I beat him without knights, use wall, regen, double cast ultima and that skill that you can attack 2 (or 4?)

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FinalFantasy community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. You may need to have them available in a hurry! Except for the slot effects, conduct your fight within the Battle Square like any other battle. Battle Square materia strategy is different from what you would normally expect. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Safer-Sephiroth is the final form of Sephiroth. Items were just a last resort anyway. Your strategy for dealing with it is the same as with the two separate 1/2 HP and 1/2 MP slots. Nothing you can do. Good Luck! These challenges are generated by the "Slot Machine" between foes. MP 0: Immediately use a Turbo Ether! Gabgee Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Before you start fighting, go to the item menu and arrange your items so that ones useable in combat are on top. Stigma - Makes the opponent effected with Geostigma, Big Bang - The opposite of Supernova, makes a huge explosion come from nowhere. Sorry, this post has been removed by the moderators of r/FinalFantasy. Avoid Lucky 7 and Cure (unless you really need it) because they will lower your BP. Gabgee and Opigee (with Armageddongee) Wiki, Anyone reading more into Sephiorth's appearance (other than he looks strong) is practicing unevidenced speculation, that when touted as fact, is delusion.

I can beat the Bizarro verison of Sephiroth, but the fight against Safer Sephiroth is given me some trouble. I recommend the following materia and materia combinations: Enemy Skill (critical skills: White Wind, Trine, and Big Guard), Added Effect + Contain (in the weapon with Contain at least level 2), Transform (at least level 2; if you have enough, put with Added Effect in armor slots), Restore (at least level 3), Comet (level 2 or better) + Steal as Well, Odin, and enough HP Plus to reach 9999 HP (or close to it). Play without it. After the last fight, or if you quit at the end of a battle, you will be given Battle Points (BP).

Bizarro∙Sephiroth is Sephiroth's first form in the final battle of Final Fantasy VII. Use a character with his ultimate weapon. Angelic wings suggest divinity, but his inferior defeated him. The table below lists the best course of action for each possible slot outcome. Shadow Flare - Makes a huge Dark Flame attack the player. Most people use Cloud. In general try to get frog, mini, and level down slots early in the sequence, and try for a materia break, weapon break or other crippling slot on the last or next-to-last foe. You're alright as long as you have your weapon, items, and command materia unbroken. If you're lucky, you'll live. Remove the status soon if it applies. Therefore DO NOT use the following materia: Final Attack, Mime, Knights of the Round, or any Master materia. The amount of BP you get depends on what you fight, how you kill the enemies, and what handicaps you got. Wall - Protects from all attacks for a couple seconds. Ignore all of my advice about increasing BP here; your only goal is to survive for eight battles against specially chosen "boss" enemies.If you manage to defeat the last guy (Proud Clod), you will be given the Final Attack materia.
Watch Queue Queue. Keep your HP up, and maintain a Big Guard. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I can beat Bizarro Sephiroth and other bosses, but I'm having lots of trouble beating Safer Sephiroth. It is a grotesque form of Sephiroth with multiple body parts acting independently of one another. times. Slightly decreases your fighter's statistics until you complete the battle series.
If you quit before the last enemy of the series, your BP will be drastically reduced. If your character is male, equip the "Escort Guard" armor. Use magic, enemy skills, or summons to do damage instead. The strategy for this is the same, but you can use any materia you want in the Special Battle. There goes your HP! If you go to the Battle Square on Disk 3 after acquiring the W-Summon materia and the Omnislash Limit Break Manual, you will be invited to participate in the Special Battle. This form appears when Sephiroth is REALLY mad. Lucky 7 has no effect--what do you need to do? Keep a Big Guard up whenever possible--this should protect you. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Your strategy for dealing with it is the same as with the two separate 1/2 HP and 1/2 MP slots. Supernova - Summons a huge meteor to blow up on a star.

This slot causes major problems, but won't kill you except under bad circumstances. I'm having a hard time trying to beat Safer Sephiroth. So what SHOULD you equip? The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. After 4 years I finally beat Sephiroth.

If he gets mad enough he can fuse with Ragegee to make Ultimate Ragegee. Giga Punch - Makes Paragon attack opponent.

241. I just got to the fights against Bizarro Sephiroth & Safer Sephiroth a while back. The CRITICAL accessory in the Battle Square is the Ribbon.

His basic stats include 80K HP and relatively high Def and MDef. He almost won in this form against Ultimate Greegee (Greegee survived because he used the Ultimate Greegee Dansen, blowing up an entire Universe), Sephiroth however still lived, yet Lord Deegee defeated him at the last second. Therefore, quit ONLY if you are sure that you can't survive for another battle.

Curaza - Heals all major wounds, can't use this ability more than once. Won't affect you unless you lose your accessory.

A double whammy! Odin can get you out of a difficult fight, but it isn't necessary. Heartless Angel - Like the other Heartless Angel. Safer Sephiroth's halos suggest purity as well as power, and he isn't pure.

on the bottom. If you don't think you can last through another fight, quit. You just gotta use protection spells, high healing items and high effective magic Attack/Restore and yh i was about Lvl 47-53 overall This was the 2nd time i done it this way because yes i did not do endgame to get knights of round on stream because it would take too long but its classed as endgame. After 4 years I finally beat Sephiroth. Use commands and items to replace magic effects. If your item command is broken, you're screwed. Either way, use a curative effect IMMEDIATELY! Thank you! However, poison is not an urgent problem like frog and mini are. This form appears when Sephiroth is REALLY mad. If you use Knights of the Round on Jenova Absolute, his max HP goes up another 80K.

You can continue as long as you still have your weapon, armor, and item command usable, As long as you still have Magic or Items you should still be okay. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Weemalwarwawopigabarrtranlonalleeosamakronoadoenogee. Just avoid getting another 1/2 HP; they are cumulative. If your materia are all broken, obviously don't bother with the Turbo Ether. He almost won in this form against Ultimate Greegee (Greegee survived because he used the Ultimate Greegee Dansen, blowing up an entire Universe), Sephiroth however still lived, yet Lord Deegee defeated him at the last second.

I have Cloud at level 63 and the rest of the characters (including Vincent and Yuffie) at around levels 56-58.

Ouch! Any tips? Avoid any materia broken slots at all cost. 47 comments. However, you should NEVER attempt to fight in the Battle Square for BP without the Ribbon equipped. Also avoid materia breaking slots. Some BP is better than no BP. Just avoid getting another weapon broken; strangely, they are cumulative. He can summon Voids and Black Holes and make a Giga Nova (a gigantic Supernova). Fully cures your character--what do you need to do?

There are no experience or AP gains in Battle Square, so use mastered materia if availabe, otherwise your highest-level copy of that materia.

Manually rearrange them so that curative items are on top, followed by status removal items, with attack items below that, and useless stuff (greens, phoenix downs, etc.) Won't affect you unless you lose your accessory.

Pale Horse - Makes the opponent very sick. I cleared the entire Northern Cave to the End without saving twice in my lifetime with no Knights of Round or Gold Chocobo. You can use any character in the battle square. If you haven't done so earlier in the battle sequence, cast Big Guard. Deals damage equal to the number of seconds that you took to defeat the last foe group multiplied by 30.

If your max MP gets too low, you won't be able to use your good spells.

Close. This video is unavailable. He has one more form called Super Safer Sephiroth. For some strange reason, armor broken is cumulative; don't get another.

Watch Queue Queue Another strange thing about the armor broken is that it doesn't affect the armor's elemental protections. If you equip any over-powered combinations, you will lose BP. That's why you have Magic Hammer and Ethers.

Just avoid getting another 1/2 Speed; they are cumulative. Remove the status IMMEDIATELY if it applies. Safer-Sephiroth is the final form of Sephiroth. Otherwise, better luck next time. I will refer to the character used as "he" even though a female character could be used just as easily. If your materia are all broken, obviously don't bother with the Turbo Ether. Moderators remove posts from feeds for a variety of reasons, including keeping communities safe, civil, and true to their purpose.

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