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ALT is of S-193 heritage flown on Skylab and of ALT flown in the GEOS-3 mission. These products contain the complete 100-km wide swath of data.

Data from SeaSat would support a number of Canadian experiments to assess the usefulness of its synthetic aperture radar and other sensors for oceanographic research and coastal management. Visual and infrared images produced by the Seasat visible and infrared radiometer (VIRR) are adequate for the identification of cloud, land, and water features. A capability was provided for component isolation (removal from circuit), cross-strapping, charge control (automatic and manual); in addition, system protection was implemented via bypass functions by commandable relays (Ref.

Finally, the setup section provides details about data ordering and processing. The structure within the metadata group was modeled after the TerraSAR-X metadata (Astrium, 2013). While the metadata and attribute information is readily available to the user, the analysis and visualization of Seasat HDF5 data have a few shortcomings. Preliminary examination of the calibration pulse shows that it can be removed – it is ASF’s intention to do so in future releases of the Seasat products. Figure 1: Overview of the functional SeaSat-A organization (image credit: NASA). The ALT instrument of SeaSat produced the first global view of variability of the surface geostrophic currents. The satellite orbited the Earth 14 times daily and covered 95 percent of the world’s oceans every 36 hours. 352-358, 10), 11) “NASA Press Kit of SeaSat-A,” Release No 78-77, May 26, 1978, URL: 600-610, URL:, 31) B. C. Douglas, R. W. Agreen, D. T. Sandwell, “Observing Global Ocean Circulation with SeaSat Altimeter Data,” Marine Geodesy, Vol 8, No 1-4, 1984, URL:, 32) R. Kolenkiewicz, C. F. Martin, “Seasat altimeter height calibration,” Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. Therefore, the received SAR echoes were downlinked in real-time to five ground receiving stations: Goldstone, California; Fairbanks, Alaska; Merritt Island, Florida; Shoe Cove, Newfoundland; and Oakhanger, United Kingdom. 18-36, 36) Frank Monaldo, “SeaSat Sees the Winds with SAR,” Proceedings of IGARSS (IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium), Toulouse, France, July 21-25, 2003, 37) P. McClain, R. Marks, G. Cunningham, A, McCulloch, “Visible and Infrared Radiometer on Seasat-1,” IEEE Journal on Oceanic Engineering, Vol. Decoded satellite time values were fraught with various errors – some systematic, some due to degradation or transcriptions. The SeaSat archive is located at ASF (Alaska Satellite Facility), a NASA SAR/DACC (Synthetic Aperture Radar/Distributed Active Archive Center) at UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks). Small-scale patches of high and low intensities (the mottled texture) surround the ring and wave-like pattems (J2 to J5) occur near the ring center. In addition, the rotation direction and rate could be controlled by commands. The ALT instrument was a Ku-band compressed pulse radar altimeter (first use of the full-deramp technique). • SeaSat laid the foundation for many further programs both domestic and foreign. (JPL’s Seasat digital processor operated from 1978 to 1982, converting approximately 10 percent of the total Seasat data set to precision data. A dual-frequency beacon transmits ultrastable carriers to a ground tracking network, TRANET. Hot gas jets provide thrust for adjusting the orbit and for attitude control during Agena burn and orbit adjustment periods. Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR) and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR): Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Seasat-A Scatterometer System (SASS): Langley Research Center, Visible and Infrared Radiometer (VIRR): Goddard Space Flight Center. Horizontal transmit, horizontal receive (HH), 1024-element passive microstrip based arrays antenna, linearly polarized, Table 3: Performance characteristics of SAR instrument, Figure 10: Illustration of the SeaSat SAR viewing geometry (image credit: NASA/JPL). Its advances were also subsequently applied to missions to other planets. Each wing contained 11 panels.

The sensor module's primary structure is a 25.4 cm diameter aluminum alloy tubular mast to which equipment mounts are attached.

During full sun, the SA supplied power to all the loads as well as for charging the 2 type 40 NiCd batteries. It is noted that whenever this signal is present in the data, the calibration pulse is not. The estimate of significant wave height was accurate to 0.5 m or 10%, whichever was greater, the ocean backscatter coefficient had an accuracy of 1 dB. To remove this frequency interference, the notch filter functionality of ROI was modified to remove up to twenty unwanted caltones.

$ gdalinfo -nomd SS_00788_STD_F3003.h5Driver: HDF5/Hierarchical Data Format Release 5Files: SS_00788_STD_F3003.h5Size is 512, 512Coordinate System is `’Subdatasets:  SUBDATASET_1_NAME=HDF5:”SS_00788_STD_F3003.h5″://data/HH  SUBDATASET_1_DESC=[8000×8000] //data/HH (32-bit floating-point)  SUBDATASET_2_NAME=HDF5:”SS_00788_STD_F3003.h5″://data/latitude  SUBDATASET_2_DESC=[8000×8000] //data/latitude (32-bit floating-point)  SUBDATASET_3_NAME=HDF5:”SS_00788_STD_F3003.h5″://data/longitude  SUBDATASET_3_DESC=[8000×8000] //data/longitude (32-bit floating-point)Corner Coordinates:Upper Left    ( 0.0, 0.0)Lower Left    ( 0.0, 512.0)Upper Right  ( 512.0, 0.0)Lower Right  ( 512.0, 512.0)Center           ( 256.0, 256.0). The SAR data were transmitted from the satellite to the ground stations in a 20 MHz analog data stream. - Wind speed was measured 4 ways, wave height 3 ways, temperature 2 ways, ice type 3 ways. HomeBlogData SetsSAR Data SetsSeasatSeasat – About.

No high-rate onboard recording capability of SAR data was available at the time. A sensor package containing the mission's five experiments was attached to the Agena, as were the experiments' antenna systems. Seasat was three-axis stabilized using momentum wheels and horizon sensors. Laser tracking signals originate from ground sites and are reflected from an array of retroreflectors on the spacecraft.

87, No. • The initial orbit of SeaSat was an exact three day repeat ground track, renewing every 43 orbit revolutions. Although ASF has not undertaken a thorough analysis of geolocation accuracies, it was noted that Seasat geolocations usually show an across-track error. In addition to the along-track streaks, across-track streaks also occur. General Electric and Lockheed respond with proposals. 25 years later there is a rich legacy based on this pioneering project. —This is the official NASA document on the results of the SeaSat mission, signed by the top officials responsible for the mission at NASA HQ. ASF’s mission is to make remote-sensing data accessible. The ring of the corner cube quartz reflectors for the laser tracking system surrounds the altimeter antenna and RF electronics module. 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39). Figure 44: Arctic ice observed by the SAR instrument (image credit: NASA/JPL). Users are advised that geolocation offsets of up to several kilometers have been observed in some products. 23) 24), The SAR instrument features: HH polarization, look angle = 20º; pixel size = 25 x 25 m (spatial resolution on the surface at 4 looks); radiometric resolution = 5 bit raw data. The ASF Seasat HDF5 products have the file extension .h5.

• Marine Geodesy, Vol. 1405-1424, June 29, 1979, • Journal of Oceanic Engineering, Vol. • A power supply module which contains the dc-to-dc converters and regulators for the rest of the instrument. The antenna beamwidth measures 6.2º in elevation and 1º in azimuth. The tracking measurements are used to supplement the STDN S-band tracking for orbit determination.

Thus, the time values had to be filtered in many successive stages to create linear time values that were accurate for the data collection period. • On July 31, 1978, NASA announced that its scientists had been studying radar images of the North American coast from SeaSat-1 data. In any case, this effect probably can never be removed from the imagery, only noted as a data quality issue. 138-144, 1980, 42) W. L. Jones, L. C. Schroeder, D. H. Boggs, E. M. Bracalente, R. A. An unexpected spacecraft power failure stills SeaSat's Voice. 88, No. Internal waves observed by SAR (image credit: NASA/JPL), Figure 40: A warm-core ring off Delaware Bay (image credit: NASA/JPL). A typical digital SAR scene of size 100 km x 100 km required 6 magnetic tapes of 1600 BPI. ACS (Attitude Control Subsystem): The spacecraft is 3-axis stabilized using a momentum wheel/horizon sensing system to accurately point the sensors at Earth's surface. NASA, USAF, SAO (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) and foreign laser tracking stations tracked this satellite. - After the early failure of the satellite, funds programmed for satellite operations were reprogrammed by W. Stanley Wilson to fund a SeaSat Data Utilization Project. 138-144, 1980, 34) W. L. Jones, L. C. Schroeder, D. H. Boggs, E. M. Bracalente, R. A. Seasat was in a near-circular, polar orbit at an altitude of 805 kilometers and at an inclination of 108 degrees. Note: The S-193 scatterometer on Skylab was also known by the name of RADSCAT. • NOAA Environmental Data Service will archive and distribute geophysical data processed by NASA for non-real-time studies. VIRR is a supporting instrument on Seasat (of SR heritage on NOAA-1) with the objective to provide images of visual reflection and thermal infrared emission from oceanic, coastal, and atmospheric features that might aid in interpreting the data from the other Seasat sensors (also some quantitative measurements of SST and cloud top height). Until 1978, SAR images were formed using analog techniques, incorporating optical lenses and photographic film (initially, over 95% of the SeaSat data was processed in a survey mode using optical laser techniques). All product components are included in the productComponents section. - SEASAT-A Satellite Scatterometer (SASS) - Visible and Infrared Radiometer (VIRR) - Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR) Type: Orbiter. • Obtain radar imagery of sea and fresh water ice and snow cover. Figure 4: Block diagram of the EPS (image credit: NASA/JPL, Ref. only qualitative estimates of accuracy are available, Table 10: SeaSat SMMR measurement parameters, Figure 35: SeaSat-A SMMR theater of observation (image credit: NASA), Figure 36: Various SMMR parameter illustrations (image credit: NASA), Figure 37: Sea level humidity is related to integrated water vapor (image credit: NASA/JPL, W. T. Liu), Figure 38: SeaSat SMMR observations of temperature, water vapor, wind speed, and latent heat flux (image credit: NASA/JPL,W. 100-115, 31) P. N. Swanson, A. L. Riley, "The SeaSAT Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer (SMMR): Radiometric calibration algorithm development and performance," IEEE Journal of Ocean Engineering, Vol 5 No.2, 1980, pp. Through NASA sponsorship, JPL managed and operated Seasat, which was launched on 28 June 1978. The yaw attitude is maintained by gyrocompassing.

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