sentinel 3 temporal resolution

Maybe those who talk of moon landings, but other stuff? The goal was to perform a geological survey of the site and to determine, from the ground, which areas might be best to visit during future moonwalks. For example, three astronauts — including Ron Evans, pictured here during Apollo 17 in December 1972 — did "trans-Earth" spacewalks, or spacewalks during the phase when the mission was leaving the moon and going back to Earth. Idiots! You are closer to the sun. Actually the ISS is 1/12,000 the distance to the moon! The nominal altitude range of the thermosphere is from 55 miles to 435 miles. Do not ignore that the Allies in WWII were committing vast war crimes in order to starve the German population. LOL . This stage burned for about 6 minutes, beginning immediately after the first stage completed its work. The Saturn V rocket was the 363-foot-tall (111 meters) booster that hefted three crewmembers and all their equipment into Earth orbit in preparation for flying to the moon. Sooooooo? All the evidence you need to convince yourself that Apollo was one big fake. The latter was done so we could look superior to the Soviets, apparently with Nixon’s approval and Stanley Kubrick doing the filming (but forgetting to put stars in there LOL). As the command module pilot, Michael Collins did not make it to the lunar surface. Once through the atmosphere, the command module would pop out parachutes to slow itself down. This collaboration between the United States and the Soviet Union was the first part of a long journey that resulted in the International Space Station, which is led by the U.S. and Russia, with many other participating nations. Hope you sleep well at night. Maybe you should have them see the following video. Ryan, what you’ve done is amazing and I don’t mean any disrespect to scientists who have worked or who still for NASA. When an oxygen tank exploded and damaged the command module, the crew swung around the moon and returned home using the lunar module as a lifeboat.

Astronauts' tasks on the surface, included collecting rocks, setting up experiments, driving the lunar rover and even testing the limits of mobility in their spacesuits.

Great video. Selected as part of the third group of fourteen astronauts in 1963, Michael Collins flew into space twice. Water weighs 7.8 pounds per gallon I think, and one kilogram per liter, so that would be a LOT of dead weight even IF there was a way to use it to form a shield around a space craft. I didn’t see the light in 1992. Very Revealing. Here’s a toast to the astronauts for making us dream about the endless possibilities in the world today. I hope it will be useful.. Coupled that with the Dead Sea scrolls and readings of Bagavadhita and Mahabharata, my experiences with sighting of Un identified flying objects, my mind and my eyes are wide open and awake to what is real and what is deception. Yes, I am suspicious about Einstein and other science masons, especially Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. "It's not a very good photo as photos go, but it's a special one. Why is it so hard believe? when its engine is running. However a lot of the official Moon Landing images and video are hoaxes in order to remove any alien presence such as alien bases and spacecraft. That is why all space flights since 1972 are ALL in low orbit.. Once when the space shuttle tried to go further, In 1998 CNN reported: “The radiation belts surrounding Earth may be more dangerous for astronauts than previously believed. Look, we cannot base whether or not we actually went to the moon on the video.

??? the cover up explanation is so dumb too, ‘we destroyed the technology’ then there’s a moon lander in a museum for everyone to look at! Ppl would be very pissed off if they understood the depth of the lying on these subjects.

It doesn’t really matter whether you witnessed the Apollo program live and in action, or were born after the events happened. As a rejoinder, we’d like to notify you that to mark the Apollo 11 50th anniversary, we have an exclusive set of 50 LUNAR Max (200mm LUNAR models) that are about to drop next week. Have you you been there yourself to see it, or are you saying that because NASA told you that Armstrong & Co placed a mirror on the Moon. Photograph: Nasa/Time & Life Pictures. RIGHT. That said, your other points make sense. HA HA! Since he had to be an all-rounder, there was little chance that his ego would get involved at any point in the mission. I’ve been researching the subject for three months now and the results prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that “it never happened,” period! LIFE magazine selected it as one of 100 photographs that changed the world; more recently it featured in an Oscar-winning film about climate change, An Inconvenient Truth. Periods are your friend… you know was a run on sentence is? The astronauts entered the lunar module (known as the eagle) on July 20, 1969, where they separated from the Command/Service Module and proceeded to the moon. I hope so. Allied troops found dead disease ridden bodies stacked up in the camps. Not very educated are we Doctor Moeebius? RSPCA, then they are masonic and be collusive.). The Apollo 11 Lunar Module, which landed on the Moon, was named Eagle, and it carried two astronauts, one of whom left a gold olive-branch pin on the surface. I wish I could show my father how he was deceived/manipulated by television, but for now I accept our difference in opinion.

GTFO? Looking back from more than 200,000 miles away, the crew of Apollo 8 saw Earth floating "like a Christmas tree ornament lit up in space, fragile-looking". Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Include any testimony or video posted here or Youtube or anywhere else with these “eyewitnesses” of extraordinary events if those testimonies come from anyone associated or formerly associated with NASA or such agencies if they continue to promote the moon landing story as fact. “The [computer] in the capsule w/ four astronauts would have had to be larger than a house. I think of all the poor dogs and monkeys (-all masonic symbols) NASA sent up that must have been cooked alive. I doubt the moon landings were possible with 60’s tech, but they may have used secret advanced tech, such as is supposedly now being used in the SSP ( Secret Space Programme). This is how rumors and conspiracies start.

There you have the answer. We didn’t go to the moon because they don’t even know where it is! It generated about 7.6 million lbs. There’s an old saying…..look hard enough and you will find whatever your looking for even if it doesn’t exist. Always relax before intelligent conversation and remove “ wifi” from the area. I don’t see the simply expense of healthcare getting funded easily. Excited? Incredibly, this powerful stage, which included five F-1 engines, burned its fuel for only about 2.5 minutes, bringing the spacecraft and its crew to roughly 38 miles (61 kilometers) in altitude. While on the moon, Aldrin and Armstrong did some experiments and collected rocks and soil samples to take back to earth. Just like Mars, which is extreme dust shaped into very fine particles. On the way, astronauts would do routine spacecraft maintenance, review checklists and power up the lunar module to make sure that it was ready for landing. I think I believed [the Lunar Landings] until the ship returned to Long Beach Naval Base and all my Kodak Instamatic film was confiscated and I was told that I had never had any film to be processed. huge growing number of humans with demons blinding them because they buy into and participate in the conspiracy aka this modern world. It’s not just the Van Allen Belts where the radiation is intense. Russian politicians, scientists, media, etc are masons, too. In particular, Armstrong was the Mission Commander, overseeing everything. there can be no doubt that there was a real struggle between the USA and the soviet Union to out-do one another, and that the USA would spare no expense or effort to delude all of us into believing that they had made this giant leap ahead of the dreaded soviets. You are aware that when gamma radiation hits metal it produces xrays.

It seems almost incredible now, but nobody thought to take a photo of Earth until they saw it, because nobody had seen it before. Conclusion, fake landing. This is why the end of the world is coming and the ufo conspiracy which will begin after the rapture is the begining of the tribulation that will last 7 years before the 2nd coming of christ.

No wonder Armstrong never wanted to do interviews & Sibrel caught ’em all out also. pretty much all the history we’ve been told is a bunch of lies….

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