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A brilliant London-based detective, Holmes is famous for his prowess at using logic and astute observation to solve cases. It is possible, however, that he charges based on the client's ability to pay in "The Adventure of the Final Problem", Holmes states that his services to the government of France and the royal house of Scandinavia had left him with enough money to retire comfortably, while in "The Adventure of Black Peter" Watson notes that Holmes would refuse to help the wealthy and powerful if their cases did not interest him, while he could devote weeks at a time to the cases of the most humble clients. Knowledge of Sensationalism – Immense.

[2] At home, Holmes wears a mouse-coloured dressing gown. Author of. From a whole body of background information as well as evidence gathered at and around the scene of the crime, Holmes is able to infer that the murderer is not one of the various people that Scotland Yard has in custody (each of them being an alternative explanation), but rather another person entirely. Mycroft spent much of his life in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce film series, Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (radio series), Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (game series), The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter, The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, List of Sherlock Holmes Short Stories and Novels, If a 19th-century London doctor's shoes are scraped to remove crusted mud, the person who so scraped them is the doctor's servant girl. More actors have portrayed Sherlock Holmes than any other character, and by 1964, according to a report in The Times, the worldwide sales of the stories were running second only to the Bible.[1]. A recent novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Plague of Dracula, speculates that Holmes fell victim to the disease of vampirism and spent the Hiatus seeking a cure. Affiliation:

Sherlock Holmes, fictional character created by the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle.

Holmes has shown himself a master of disguise, appearing as: So great a master of disguise is Holmes, in fact, that in "A Scandal in Bohemia", Watson is compelled to remark of him, "The stage lost a fine actor, even as science lost an acute reasoner, when he became a specialist in crime.".

Holmes' techniques could be looked upon, then, as the forerunner of modern forensic sciences: In "The Adventure of the Second Stain", Dr Watson says that after his long career, Holmes moved to the Sussex Downs and took up beekeeping. Holmes cannot be said to be misogynistic, given the number of women he helps in his work, but it may be that his own detached and analytical personality is annoyed by their excessively emotional (from his perspective) natures. Conan Doyle wrote the stories over the course of a decade. His return in "The Adventure of the Empty House" had Conan Doyle explaining that only Moriarty fell over the cliff, but Holmes had allowed the world to believe that he too had perished while he dodged the retribution of Moriarty's underlings.

It has been suggested that this was a way for Conan Doyle to pay some respect to characters by writers who had influenced him, while insisting that his is an improvement over them. Besides a pistol, Holmes uses a riding crop/ cane as a weapon: As noted above Watson reports Holmes skilled in the martial arts of singlestick and sword fencing-although the only use a sword by Holmes is the Jeremy Brett adaptation of "The Adventure of the Naval Treaty" in which Holmes uses a sword-cane to force Joseph Harrison to give up the stolen treaty papers! Although he initially needed Watson to share the rent of his comfortable residence at 221B Baker Street we are told in "The Adventure of the Dying Detective" (when he was living alone) "I have no doubt that the house might have been purchased at the price which Holmes paid for his rooms" suggesting he had developed a good income from his practice, although it is never revealed exactly how much he charges for his services. In 1914, at the age of 60, he was instrumental in the capture and arrest of a Prussian spy known as Von Bork. Regarding non-sensational literature, his speech is replete with references to the Bible, Shakespeare, and even Goethe. Professor Moriarty also has a presence in The Valley of Fear. Historically, Holmes lived from the year 1881 at 221B Baker Street, London (in early notes it was described as being situated at Upper Baker Street), a flat up seventeen steps, where he shared many of his professional years with his good friend Dr Watson for some time before Watson's marriage in 1887 or 1888 and after Mrs Watson's death. (Victoria Regina) done in bullet marks. Consulting Detective Holmes sometimes criticizes Watson for his writings, usually because he relates them as exciting stories rather than as objective and detailed reports focusing on what Holmes regards as the pure "science" of his craft. Holmes usually baffles the police with his far more efficient and effective methods, showing himself to be a vastly superior detective.

Those who appeared as Holmes on-screen include Basil Rathbone, Peter Cushing, Jeremy Brett, Robert Downey, Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jonny Lee Miller. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote four novels and fifty-six short-stories featuring his creation. Throughout the four novels and 56 short stories featuring Holmes, a number of characters recur, including the bumbling Scotland Yard inspector Lestrade; the group of “street Arabs” known as the Baker Street Irregulars, who are routinely employed by Holmes as informers; his even wiser but less ambitious brother, Mycroft; and, most notably, his formidable opponent, Professor James Moriarty, whom Holmes considers the “Napoleon of crime.”.

Occupation: Holmes' straightforward practical principles are generally of the form, "If 'p', then 'q'," where 'p' is observed evidence and 'q' is what the evidence indicates. Mycroft Holmes (older brother) It has been suggested that he also wrote his magnum opus concerning his deductive method: "The Whole Art of Detection," during his retirement.

Sherlock Holmes’s greatest nemesis is Professor James Moriarty whom Holmes considers the “Napoleon of Crime.” The character of Professor Moriarty recurs in several detective stories and novels by Arthur Conan Doyle. Most of Holmes' stories are told as narratives, by Watson, of the detective's solutions to crimes brought to his attention by clients. Scotland Yard

However, it is important to note that Watson explicitly states, "It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler." Holmes offered some insight into his method, claiming that “When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” His detecting abilities become clear, though no less amazing, when explained by his companion, Dr. John H. Watson, who recounts the criminal cases they jointly pursue. Holmes has a strong sense of honour and "doing the right thing".

His dislike may have stemmed from the fact he found "the motives of women... so inscrutable... How can you build on such quicksand? He has a flair for showmanship, and often, he prepares dramatic traps to capture the culprit of a crime which are staged to impress Watson or one of the Scotland Yard inspectors (as at the end of "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder"). An estimate of Holmes's age in "His Last Bow" places his year of birth at 1854; the story, set in August 1914, describes him as 60 years of age. In early 1881 he is presented as an independent student of chemistry with a variety of very curious side-interests, almost all of which turn out to be single-mindedly bent towards making him superior at solving crimes. Knowledge of Anatomy – Accurate, but unsystematic. The latter, which publishes The Sherlock Holmes Journal, traces its origins to the Sherlock Holmes Society that was formed in London in 1934 and counted among its members the scholar and writer Dorothy L. Sayers; it had ceased its activities by the 1940s. 1854 In "The Sign of Four", Watson quotes Holmes as being "an automaton, a calculating machine." The differences in the pre- and post-Hiatus Holmes have in fact created speculation among those who play "The Game" (making believe Sherlock Holmes was a historical person). Appearances:

(Parerga and Paralipomena, Vol. As Holmes says in the story, "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

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