shopska salad origin

Namely, the Shopska salad won the most votes in the “Tastes of Europe” competition and thus won.

De naam van deze salade komt van de regio “Sjopluk” (Šopluk), het bergachtige grensgebied tussen Bulgarije, Servië en Macedonië, waarvan de inwoners “Sjopi” (Šopi) genoemd worden. [2][3][4] This is Bulgaria's most famous dish and national salad. New American Family Cookbooks, Kate DeVivo, Capital Books, 2002. Snijd de lente uitjes in ringen. 100 g of hard cheese It’s really versatile. Finally, diced cubes of white cheese are added. I already ate two bowls of Shopska salad today and I think I will go for a third one. Voor de juiste ingrediënten en verhoudingen heb ik even op Internet gekeken en daar kwam ik dit recept tegen. 4, (pp. Not only is it the most popular Bulgarian salad but is also named after a big group of very frugal people called shopi who live in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 04:51. During the 70s and 80s, this food became the national culinary symbol of Bulgaria. Shopska salad – one of the most popular salads in the Balkan area and Eastern Europe. - zout Куриозната история на кухнята в НРБ, София, изд. The name comes from the name of the Bulgarian tribe of Shopi who live near Sofia, from which came the adjective of Shopska. Meer weten over privacy. Though the salad's name comes from the region called Shopluk, in fact, it was invented around 1955 in a Black Sea resort near Varna, called Druzhba. I have been eating a version of this shopska salad all my life without even knowing it was called like that. In 2014, Shopska salad became the most recognizable Bulgarian dish in Europe. But it turned out that the offer was the so-called "Thracian salad". This salad is often consumed as an appetizer with rakia. It was needed some other variation. Chili peppers, feta cheese, young sheep cheese or something else – just as long as cucumbers are in it, just follow your taste. ArualB 14-06-2016Neem ik mee hoor! Shopska salad (Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian Cyrillic: Шопска салата; Bosnian and Croatian: Šopska salata; Romanian: Salata bulgărească; Czech: Šopský salát; Polish: Sałatka szopska; Albanian: Sallatë Shope; Hungarian: Sopszka saláta), is a Bulgarian cold salad popular throughout the Balkans and Southeastern Europe. - peterselie, Met mijn zus praat ik ook regelmatig over eten (hoe kan het ook anders) Zij heeft een Bulgaarse schoondochter en dus een beetje bekend met de Bulgaarse keuken. Because the area of Shopluk is divided among Bulgaria, Serbia and North Macedonia, chefs in North Macedonia and Serbia began later to contest the Bulgarian origin of the salad.

Ontvang wekelijks de leukste en lekkerste recepten in je mail. In this system, only five to six traditional Bulgarian dishes were survived. Shopska salad (Shopska salata) is the salad that defines Bulgaria.

Roland kookt met een Servische tv-kok en Teun eet een hapje mee met het oude Bulgaarse Shopi-volkje. Although the name of the salad comes from the Shopska region, the salad was in 1960. got a real tourist promotion. The addition of vinegar contributes, however, to the sour flavour that the tomatoes impart. Season to taste, add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and stir all well. Lastly, the vegetables are covered in a thick layer of grated or diced sirene cheese.

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