skyward sword ancient cistern boss

Anyhow, jump into the water below and swim through the fish head, going west. Hit the crystals in the order you saw on the first stele (back, rear, right hand, left hand), which is: top, bottom, left and right quickly or else the mechanism will reset. Jump down below and then head to the north end of this room, cutting through the Skulltula webs and other enemies along the way. Go on inside and it is time for a nice little Dungeon Crawl. Head over to the southeast section of the room where the Walltula is perched up on the vines and kill it, and then climb up.

... Boss: Koloktos - Ancient Automaton. Jump onto the vines and then jump to the platform on the other side when the timing is right. Turn another tap on, climb one level, then get close to the lock on the left and put the statue in its place (the statue-side must be hidden). Continue along the path to the Bomb Flower.

Jump into the water and then swim, Once you’re inside the structure, drop down to the bottom floor.

Green flames burst out and enter your sword. You’ll see, that there’s a symbol on the top part of the statue that’s darkened. When you’ve entered the dungeon, go straight ahead and make your way across the lily-pads by jumping on them, and then go to the stone tablet on the right and read it. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce it, in its form or content, without a preliminary written agreement from "Zelda's Palace". For The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Ancient Cistern.

Climb to the ledge above and go ahead to a switch. When you’ve arrived at the final spot, prepare yourself for the next battle by saving at the Bird Statue and collecting any, Once you’ve done so, climb up the stairs to reach the area where you will fight, When Koloktos tries to hit you with one of his arms, move out of the way to avoid, it and then quickly pull out your Whip.

There will be a brief cut scene in which Link receives the first Sacred Flame, causing the Goddess Sword to become stronger and longer in size – this will allow it to have further range and to do much more damage to enemies. Jump at the switch on the wall nearby to unlock the door. Hey, I think we know this room! The tablet will depict the ‘secret’ of the dungeon, which is, Jump into the water and then swim around to the backside of the statue. Climb up another set of vines and you’ll be back at the lever we just pulled. Don’t move around much - just jump off when you’re over the platform with a Bokoblin Archer. Hang onto this one as you pass the ledges. Use it to grab the arm and then pull on it –, this will cause the arm to separate from the main body of Koloktos. They did this in search of the ultimate power, a power capable of granting any wishes of its holder. Jump to the lower floor: A Stal-Master with four arms! Jump on it, then grab the vines and climb. You’ll soon have to repeat this process until the boss is defeated. (Kinda makes you think of that old nursery rhyme, “The Itsy-Bitsy Spider”, doesn’t it?) Swim into the pipe to return to the first level of the northern chamber. After Fi showed you a big chest probably withholding this temple's key, get rid of the Bokoblin to the right, then go ahead north and jump into the water to be drawn to the... ... and in the north room. As soon as you get this item, a large amount of Cursed Bokoblin will appear and, the platform will begin to fall, so just run back up the ramp without paying any mind, to the Bokoblin. Hold B to stop swinging, then turn around and face the wall switch. The gate will open. Inside you will find a treasure chest, so open it to get a small key. Once you reach the end of the tunnel, surface and go upstairs.

Throw the Whip at the tap to create a current of water under the lily, then jump into the water and get back where the Quadro Baba was. Latch onto the spiny part of the lilypad with the Whip and flip it over.

Throw your Whip at the lily's roots to turn it upside down, then jump on it, then to the other side.

Once you’ve made it to the other side, you’ll see that there is a Green Archer Bokoblin on the other side of the fence. The boss then enters its second phase. Proceed through the newly-opened doorway. Use your Beetle to pick up the Bomb Flower and take it over to the boulder located off in the distance, towards the right. Once you’ve done that, equip your Beetle and bring down the Skulltulas.

Climb down the vines that are located to the left of the door to the platform that’s just below the door we arrived in. Eventually, you’ll find a locked door.

Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 26 – The Ancient Cistern Dive into the water once Faron has stopped the Waterfall and use the Spin Attack to launch yourself toward the entrance of the Ancient Cistern. Next, look down from the ledge, looking at the lilypads, to find a lilypad with larger-than-usual spikes underneath.

After a new chitchat with Ghirahim, you face a pile of golden parts that assemble to form a giant robot with six arms! You will see that there is also a locked gate here, but we can’t open it yet, so let’s just jump down below into the water.

Then look at the door and notice its four crystals, and remember the four symbols you saw earlier.

Hit it, then jump down further, grab the lever with your Whip and pull: The bars at the top disappear. Whip the lilypad’s spikes to turn it over. Turn around and then head down the rope we just climbed up.

After you’ve spoken with Faron for a brief moment, head across the pond and use the Bird Statue to return to the Sky. Go uphill to a high ledge overlooking an empty room. You’ll soon encounter the Furnix, which is a large bird that flies around and will eventually target you. Then a bunch of Cursed Bokoblin will appear and the above statue will start sinking.

Here you will encounter the Cursed Bokoblin, which will move slowly towards you and try to latch onto you.

Go ahead, jump and grab the vines on the wall, then walk to the edge. Once you’ve struck it a few good times, Koloktos will reattach his arms again. Throw your Whip at the lever behind the bars and pull! until you’ve pulled off four of his arms. Open it to find the boss key for this dungeon, the Blessed Island. Doing so will cause this structure to move up. Needless to say, I hope Link doesn’t have acrophobia.

When you’re in the next room, defeat the Bokoblin.

You can send the Hook Beetle through one of the skull’s eyes to find a tunnel; hit the crystal at the end to stop the flow of cursed water.

Jump down to the moving column again and hold on until it turns you to the other side.

Jump down to it; landing on it will cause it to flip over.

Head along this ramp and then use your Whip on the bigger lever to change the structure in the center of the room again.

At the other side, open the chest nearby for a Dungeon Map. Use the Whip at the root of the lily in front of you to turn it upside down, jump on it, then throw the Whip at the lever and pull to lower it: The water on the left ceases to flow. You can go down and fight them (I very much recommend doing this for a while with some Treasure Medals – you can farm large numbers of Evil Crystals this way), and/or continue climbing to the next area. Further ahead, you’ll find a grouping of Blessed Butterflies. the Cursed Bokoblin, which will move slowly towards you and try to latch onto you. Jump onto this lilypad and then grab onto the nearby lever with your Whip. You are Link, a resident of Skyloft, who, after a strange dream, sets out on a journey to save his beloved home. The tablet tells you to strike the gemstones wisely, with the help of the temple’s ‘secret order’. Then throw the Whip at the hook, swing, grab the vines and climb. Go back around and re-cross the lilypads. Then take a look at the back of the statue's hands and notice a blue symbol on the left of the right hand and a blue symbol on the right of the left hand. You’ll probably also notice that there is something shiny attached to him. Some of his attacks – if he can land a hit on you – can involve two strikes in a row, so be careful and try your best not to get hit. When you enter, you’ll take a nice, long look at the ominous room down below (you don’t get much worse than skeleton imprints). Attack or avoid the Deku Baba, jump right and open the door to get back to the entrance room.

Open the door and look at the two Skulltulas on the ceiling. Go inside. Keep doing this. Do the same process of pulling off Koloktos’ arms and getting one of the swords and then striking the weak spot until you’ve killed Koloktos. The Stalmaster is also quick to chase you, so if you have to run off for whatever reason, it won’t take long before he catches up to you. When you’ve entered the dungeon, go straight ahead and make your way across the lily-pads by jumping on them, and then go to the stone tablet on the right and read it. Ride the geysers all the way to the top floor and you will then be at the boss door. Dash and jump on the pillar, then get off in front of you.

Backtrack a little, jump on the lily and on the next one, then look right at the blue eyes of the monster. Play the Goddess Harp to make a Goddess Wall appear! Back in the central room, head back south, towards the entrance, then cross the lilypads to the north. appear, but you can take care of these easily – if you don’t choose to kill them, it’s easy to avoid them as well. From the southeast corner (where you were), jump on the lily to make it turn upside-down, then swim towards the now accessible passage. Refill your hearts with the flowers, save your game with the Bird Statue and climb the stairs.

You can lock-on to and Whip them to make a swing of sorts. Climb the stairs, then turn the four taps on so the statue will get even higher! Jump into the water and then swim to the door on the structure. They only come down to slam at you when you are in the pillar circle. Even after inflicting more hits on him, the Stalmaster won’t be down yet – he’ll start to change his defense, making him even faster. Take a look at the Bokoblin a little further, it's carrying a key. He can change his guarding direction quickly so you’ll have to be quick in attacking. Look to the roof of the room for some Skulltulas; use your Beetle to cut them down. Follow this passage, pick up the red rupee, beware the Floaks, then climb the stairs.

Swim back around to the front of the structure and you’ll see that the statue has two hands as well.

it as many times as you can with your sword. Unfasten the valves on one arm with the Whip, then pick up the dropped sword.

Afterwards, use your Whip on the valve nearby to cause a whirlpool down below. Then throw your Whip at its tail when it's unfolded, pull to make it fall and hit it with your sword a couple of times.

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