smash bros melee characters

Sadly, these strengths are held back by overall poor range (including the worst grab range) and his poor neutral game. He also has Peach and Yoshi's DJC (double jump cancel), which gives him unique and varied combos. Overall, the Cap is a tank with gifted speed, having high damage output and being able to take the same punishment, with the fastest speed in the game to compliment, and capability to outperform anyone. It is considered overall the single best move in the game for it's sheer high versatility, as it activates on frame 1 (meaning it activates in 1/60th of a second and is the fastest move in the game), semi-spikes the opponent with low set knockback, making it invaluable for scoring cheap, easy, near guaranteed gimps on characters at any percent (like Roy, Captain Falcon, Falco, and even himself), and can be cancelled with a jump as early as frame 4. His yo-yo glitch is also his best asset, as it can allow him to attack with near-limitless range on all his attacks. A pink Pokémon, Jigglypuff is able to inflate itself like a balloon and thus float very high. Samus Aran is the galaxy's most famed and ferocious bounty hunter who, ever since the death of her parents, has sought for revenge. You control the one of them while the other, AI-controlled, attempts to follow. Her strengths are few and far between, and her weaknesses are simply much more prominent. Link's Hookshot grants him the second longest grab range in Melee (though his actual throws are only 50/50) and in midair, can be used as an alternative to a third jump, by doing a hookshot on a wall. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The secret characters are listed in order of how many VS. Mode matches it takes to unlock them. Where Link really shines is in aerial combat; not only does he move pretty fast in the air, but he has great aerial attacks with a wide variety of applications. Therefore, theoretically, it is possible to battle three other people in a five-hour battle and still unlock Mewtwo. The following are a list of characters that were present in the best selling GameCube video game Super Smash Bros. Melee. Helpful comments and tips relating to the character. All the move lists to the move list pages.

Known as Koopa in Japan, Bowser resembles a mixture between a dragon and a turtle. Mario has one of the most impressive wave dashes, can easily rack up the enemies' damage, can wall jump, and has a cape that reflects objects and turns players around. Up throw requires specific placement at the edge of a stage, and Kirby loses always in last-stock scenarios. He is the winner of the F-Zero X Grand Prix and if successful again during the F-Zero Grand Prix in F-Zero GX, according to an interview, he will use the prize money towards building another machine, the Neo Blue Falcon. Many of the absolute best characters in the game have moves that can separate them easily (like Fox's highly versatile shine, and Peach's forward aerial). B: Thunder Jolt - Pichu's main projectile. Marth relies on hitting the enemy with the tip of his blade to maximize damage.
It keeps the opponent stunned so that they cannot escape Popo's grasp, racking up damage for as long as you please, before ending with an attack of your choice to knock 'em out of the park. Side B: Peach Bomber - Peach lunges forward.

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