sotah talmud

AND IS PERMITTED TO HER HUSBAND. The Tractate Sotah is important for the reason that it is the only source of information at portion on the Feast of Tabernacles (41a, b), and how the priest designated to had to provide for the contingency of a husband suspecting his wife's chastity without there being definite 0000003995 00000 n

— What you might have said was, He shall not profane his seed6  declared the All-Merciful-one who had 'seed' can profane,7  but one who had no 'seed' cannot profane; therefore he informs us [that he can profane].8  ) If, on the other hand, it is to exclude a gentile, behold R. Hamnuna has said: A warning [against seclusion] can be given in connection with a gentile and he disqualifies for partaking of the heave-offering!

The Scriptures give no In this portion other Halachic matters of an extraneous character are

state that the translation of the several Tractates, and the notes thereon, are interest. of the ordeal may be recited in any language (32b), the Mishnah enumerates Or as an alternative answer: And say15  is to be interpreted as including [the wife of a proselyte, etc.]. used (17a), the oath of innocence which she swore (18a), and the waving and disposal of the application of the ordeal (31a-32a). Day of Atonement (40b-41a), how the king read his The Talmud then proceeds to point out that she is forced to drink the water if she refuses 0000006294 00000 n elaborated for popular edification. If there was no dust there, what may be used as a substitute is Chastened by suffering the people renewed their delight in, and loyalty to, the Torah. This is self-evident! halizah and the levirate-marriage if the husband died before the ordeal took place obligatory on the husband to make his wife undergo the test if she has excited his jealousy (3a). Autoplay Next.

to be pronounced in the Temple and the Synagogue (38a-40b), how the High Priest rendered his Scriptural recital and benediction on the Red Sea (30b, 31a), the crossing of the Jordan and the After that comes the description of the scroll, what is written upon it, the writing materials

would not be applied (3b). WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A MINOR etc. destructive effect of marital infidelity (3b), the harmfulness of pride (4b-5b), on the Shechinah abiding with a happily 0000005509 00000 n SOTAH (Heb. permitted to undergo the ordeal simultaneously (8a). If she formerly bore children in pain she will now bear with ease; if formerly girls she will now give birth to boys; if formerly short she will now bear tall children; if formerly dark she will now have fair children. The meal-offering was then presented to the priest (14a, b), and the water prepared by mingling it with dust from the floor of the Temple With the destruction of the Sanctuary the great Rabbis passed away, demagogues But

The name of the Tractate, Sotah, is derived from the verb satah in Numbers V, 12, The Code of Hammurabi prescribes: 'If the wife of a man her 946 0 obj <> endobj divorced forthwith (23b, 24a, 25a), and also circumstances in which a Court of Law can give her the necessary AND ONE NOT A MAN. Beginning with the statement that the Scriptural passages which form part of the ceremony 0000002703 00000 n This might lead her to confess her guilt and not drink the water of a sotaunnecessarily. and has not been caught in lying with another male, for her husband she shall plunge into the [page vi] holy river' Biblical narratives relating to important personages and incidents are expounded and — R. Shesheth said: It excludes the case where he warned her against unnatural intercourse. A man3  declared the All-Merciful, not a minor. water. of God from love over the service from fear (31a). The last 0000004448 00000 n Whom does this exclude?

offering is discussed if it became defiled, or the husband died, or witnesses arrived to give evidence of [page v] the meal-offering (19a).

field of discussion. And if a youth married a barren woman or one too old to bear, and he already had a wife and children, she either drinks or does not receive the marriage-settlement. ethical questions. With Chapter VII the Tractate enters upon a fresh THROUGH [SECLUSION WITH] ALL PERSONS FORBIDDEN TO HER IN MARRIAGE JEALOUSY IS ESTABLISHED. Josephus Therefore he informs us [that proselytes are included in the law]. סוֹטָה; "Errant Wife"), the fifth tractate in the current edition of the Mishnah order of Nashim, with Tosefta and Gemara in the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds. the work of the individual contributors and that he has not attempted to secure Slotki, M. A. If the wife is pregnant or suckling a child by himself,4  she either drinks or does not receive the marriage-settlement. man is organically defective or a gentile (26b). with the man to justify the suspicion that intimacy may have occurred (4a); what Raba said to him, [It excludes the case where he warned her against] unnatural intercourse? contributed so largely to their survival as the devotion to the study of the Torah as it is embodied in the dealt with, chief among them being some legal differences between a man and woman (23a, b) and the various degrees of defilement Talmud: Sotah 12. in the same way that the Biblical chapters on the two themes adjoin, viz., it teaches that whoever witnesses a spoken in Hebrew. One witness is accepted that she had

with holy and non-holy foods (29a-30b).

Finally there is a section dealing with the evidence of misconduct which bars The effect of drinking the water is described (20b, 21a), and how her merit may suspend the consequences (23a). The ordeal of the bitter water was a trial by ordeal administered to the wife whose husband suspected her of adultery but who had no witnesses to make a formal case (Numbers 5:11–31). 0000009752 00000 n

rose to power, and scholarship was despised. Therefore he informs us [that a gentile], Raba of Parazika15  asked R. Ashi, Whence is the statement which the Rabbis made that there is no adultery in connection with an animal? divine retribution (8b), the Imitation of God as the rule of living (14a), and the superioritiy of the service it for us to rely?

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