space words that start with l


These clouds have enough mass to produce thousands of stars and are frequently the sites of new star formation. Radiation

Ionosphere The eyepiece is responsible for enlarging the image captured by the instrument. Stellar Wind Absolute Magnitude

Roche Limit moral standard; ecclesiastical banner bearing Christ's monogram, collection and study of beer bottle labels, instrument for measuring size of the head of a fetus, plasticity; openness to change or breakdown, dark red transparent resin used to make shellac, mass of igneous rock intruded between two sedimentary beds, negligence or undue delay in fulfilling legal duty, instrument for testing relative density of milk, instrument for measuring purity or richness of milk, cargo jettisoned from ship but marked by buoys for recovery, wreckage or goods at the bottom of the sea, percussion instrument with bottlecaps loosely nailed to pole, of, like or pertaining to lay people rather than clergy, process of returning a clergyman to lay status, doctrine of opposition to clergy and priests, childish speech; mispronunciation of speech sounds, moving about as if touching lightly; flickering; glowing, armoured plate skirt around the waist and thighs, drapery over a window or doorway; veil over a helmet, fabric in which metallic threads are interwoven, minty; of, like or pertaining to the mint plant, of, like or pertaining to thin plates or layer, of, like or pertaining or pertaining to glow-worms or fireflies, government by the propertied class; timocracy, of teeth or claws designed for tearing (canine teeth), cord for hanging a knife or whistle around the neck, rope or line for fastening something in a ship, instrument for viewing interior of peritoneal cavity, of, like or pertaining to stones; inscribed on stones, fold or flap on a garment or headdress worn by priest, instrument for examining interior of the larynx, writ based on supposition that person is in hiding, one having tolerant or free religious views, doctrine of broad liberality in religious belief and conduct, highest degree of veneration, assigned to God over saints, prayer service held at dawn following matins, ceremony in which priest washes his hands; basin for the ceremony, jeweled pendant worn round the neck; pendant microphone, wash-basin for washing bodies of newly dead; room where lavabo kept, large vessel for washing, especially for ritual purification, belief that an unlikely opinion may be safely followed, leper or person with similar pestilential disease, space in ship between decks used for storage, arable land left fallow or used for pasture, divination using water in a basin or pool, staring at pool of water as means of self-hypnosis, light brown water antelope of South Africa, desk or stand from which church lessons are read, sacrifice where images of gods placed on couches and offered food, wood or metal planes attached to hull to prevent leeway, belief that salvation depends on strict adherence to the law, like a lawyer; underhanded and legalistic, three-pronged spear or trident used for fishing, preliminary proposition, theme, argument or headword, of or like a lion; rhyming last two or three syllables in a line, form of leprosy in which the face becomes wrinkly and somewhat lion-like, having four wings, such as a moth or butterfly, albino; having fair or pale hair or complexion, to smooth; to grind to a fine powder; to polish; to lighten, custom of compulsory marriage with brother's widow, system of writing in which each sign represents a word, bombastic; sesquipedalian; using many long words, way in which a piece of writing is expressed in words, mystical straight line between features of landscape, doctrine that personal liberty is the highest value, apparent oscillation of moon's visible surface, the act of binding; the state of being bound, large open boat used in loading and unloading ships, cargo carried by or fee for carrying cargo by lighter, polishing or smoothing; correction of astronomical errors, living on a shore; of, like or pertaining to wading birds, living in fresh water; pertaining to fresh water, lively dance closely resembling the jitterbug and famous for its aerials, of, like or pertaining to language, speech or the tongue, coarse inferior wool or wool-flax weave; nonsense or confusion, horizontal beam supporting the load above a door, lion-like appearance symptomatic of leprosy, piece of writing in which a certain letter is excluded, accidental omission of letter or syllable in wrting, long tail of a graduate's hood; a part or lesson committed to memory, prayer of supplication in responsive style, stone-swallowing; rock-boring; eating rock, understatement by affirming using negation of the contrary, of, like or pertaining to the shore of a body of water, one who studies or recites church rituals, study of liturgical forms and church rituals, self-propelling machine; early automobile, small compartment or recess for holding an urn, clergyman temporarily replacing regular priest, obsession with trying to recall forgotten words, theory that mathematics can be derived from a set of logical axioms, belief that meaning derives from the analysis of words and symbols, one who issues laws or rules regarding words, writing using signs or units for entire words, riddle in which word is found from other words' letters, excessive flow of words; uncontrollable garrulity, body of text with frequently occurring word or syllable, located in the area between the eyes and the nose or snout, armoured with plates or scales; to coat or armour protectively, associated with or living in running water, feeding on lotuses; indolent; lazy; dreamy, spectacles used to reduce glare and prevent squinting, jeweller's magnifying glass worn on the eye-socket, line on the globe equally oblique to all meridians, diamond-shaped mark indicating possibility in formal logic, lamp burning oil mixed with air in a spray, windward side of a ship; forward edge of fore-and-aft sail, four-sided sail bent to an obliquely hanging yard, palm-frond waved at certain Jewish religious services, artist who uses the effects of light; impressionist, those of the intellectual class regarded disparagingly as of little worth, one who believes that the moon affects the weather, lunar month; interval between successive new moons, crescent-shaped space where a vault meets a wall, time when moon is farthest north or south each month, Bronze Age crescent necklace; white part of fingernail base, period of five years; periodic purification of Roman empire, of, like or pertaining to or comprised of mud, fitting on ship's deck to allow mast to pivot to pass under bridges, unit of illumination equal to one lumen per square meter, mythical ability of humans to turn into wolves; werewolfism, one who works at night and sleeps in the day, electronic wind instrument like a large obverse flute, old wind instrument like a cornett or serpent, instrument for measuring percolation of water through soil.

As the gas spirals in, it becomes hot and emits light or even X-radiation. Cosmic String luxurious: extremely comfortable, elegant, or enjoyable, especially in a way that involves great expense. The apparent change in wavelength of sound or light emitted by an object in relation to an observer's position.

Declination 5 letters words starting with L. Score high and beat your friends with this list of 402 Words that start with L for Scrabble® and Words with Friends here!

Lagrange point – One of five locations in space relative to two bodies where less massive body can maintain a stable orbit around a common center of mass. A particle of light composed of a minute quantity of electromagnetic energy. This energy is received as pulses as the star rotates.

Material from beneath the surface of a body such as a moon or planet that is ejected by an impact such as a meteor and distributed around the surface. Hydrogen A solid object that is believed to exist in protoplanetary disks and in debris disks. Event Horizon –          She looks fabulous in her ladylike dress.

Jet In Earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere begins at an altitude of about 25 miles and extends outward about 250. A measure of the total amount of material in a body, defined either by the inertial properties of the body or by its gravitational influence on other bodies. These two planets are inferior planets.

A star that is near the end of its life cycle where most of its fuel has been used up. Debris Disk A faint red star that appears to change in brightness due to explosions on its surface. To search this site, type your search word(s) in the Elliptical Galaxy A name used to describe any planet that is considerably larger and more massive than the Earth, and contains large quantities of hydrogen and helium. Asteroid Antipodal Point

An event that occurs when one celestial body conceals or obscures another. –          The bedrooms are light and airy.

A term used since the 19th century to describe objects, such as asteroids, that are in orbit around the Sun but are not planets or comets.

Coma This glossary of astronomy terms contains definitions for some of the most common words used in astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, and space exploration.

Space related words beginning with the letter j would include jet. The part of the Sun's atmosphere just above the surface.

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Superior Planet Chaos

Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters. On this scale, the Sun has an absolute magnitude of +4.8 while it has an apparent magnitude of -26.7 because it is so close. Newton's First Law of Motion A measure of atmospheric pressure equal to 1/1000 of a bar. Some can even be accompanied by a sonic boom.

Electromagnetic radiation of a very short wavelength and very high-energy.

Saturn's moons Helene, Calypso and Telesto are also sometimes called Trojans. A branch of science that deals with studying the origin, structure, and nature of the universe. Patera This phenomenon is known as the Aurora Borealis in the Earth's northern hemisphere and the Aurora Australis in the Earth's Southern Hemisphere.

all combinations of letters or find all

A type of volcanic crater that is extremely large, usually formed by the collapse of a volcanic cone or by a violent volcanic explosion. A galaxy with no spiral structure and no symmetric shape. At this point the star begins to loose mass in the form of stellar wind. A bright eruption of hot gas in the Sun's photosphere. Meteors are also referred to as shooting stars. Solar Eclipse Doppler Effect Star Cluster

Interstellar Medium We search a large scrabble dictionary for scrabble words starting with space - we take the letter or word you enter, and generate all words starting with Space. A term defined in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union to describe objects in the Solar System that are neither planets or dwarf planets. Newton's Third Law of Motion Nebula

Hydrostatic equilibrium Interplanetary Magnetic Field They also tend to have retrograde orbits. Saros Series –          The bedrooms have luxurious marble bathrooms.

A dark or light marking on the surface of an object that may or may not be a geological or topographical feature. A flow of charged particles that travels from the Sun out into the Solar System. Umbra

We Promise. The shape of the Van Allen belts is determined by the Earth's magnetic field.

A small, rocky object in orbit around the Sun, smaller than an asteroid. Telescope Open Cluster Lunation Hypergalaxy

The branch of science that explores the chemical interactions between dust and gas interspersed between the stars. The time of the year when the Sun appears furthest north or south of the celestial equator.

If you are 13 years old when were you born? Pluto is considered to be a dwarf planet. Finder A celestial body orbiting the Sun that is massive enough to be rounded by its own gravity but has not cleared its neighboring region of planetesimals and is not a satellite. The theory states that new matter is being continually being created to fill the gaps left by expansion. Visual Magnitude Synodic Period

A galaxy that has a ring-like appearance. Granulation Azimuth



Gravity Inferior Planet Found 76 words that start with space. Atmosphere A term defined in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union to describe objects in the Solar System that are neither planets or dwarf planets.

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