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In fact, when the review was ordered, companies were not sure what exactly it entailed because it had not been done before at NASA, according to one person in the space industry. However, in negotiating with Russian rocket companies, he found that the prices quoted for propelling this life pod to Mars were impractical. SpaceX’s most recent achievement was the recent landing of the Falcon 9 rocket (pictured above) following two failures earlier in 2015. You can unsubscribe at any time and you can contact us here. Paying a contractor extra to do such a review does not appear to have any precedent, according to several space industry veterans. You may recognise its founder, Elon Musk, as the eccentric entrepreneur behind PayPal and Tesla. Learn More. NASA, for its part, said it is “standard practice” for a company to receive additional money for work not included in the original contract, but did not directly respond to questions about why it didn’t offer the additional funds to Boeing. The Falcon 9 unmanned rocket made the news recently when it successfully landed in an upright position following a mission to space. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly review everything we recommend, using industry standard tests to evaluate products. The Falcon 9 delivered 11 satellites into Earth orbit before its successful re-entry. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s infamous pot-smoking incident last year prompted NASA to order a mandatory review of the federal contractor’s workplace culture … Boeing and SpaceX are competing to build a new space capsule for NASA's Commercial Crew Program. Thus SpaceX was formed, with Musk enlisting the help of a handful of established space engineers to build affordable rockets for his mission to Mars. Moving forward to February of this year, SpaceX launched the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR for short), a deep space weather satellite that marked the company’s first operation outside of Earth’s orbit. But if the aerospace giant wanted NASA to cover the costs of the review, he added, it may have faced uncomfortable questions about why its costs for the Commercial Crew Program are so much higher than SpaceX’s. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s infamous pot-smoking incident last year prompted NASA to order a mandatory review of the federal contractor’s workplace culture — but taxpayers, not the company, are bearing the cost, according to contracting records reviewed by POLITICO. The culture at SpaceX is progressive, very fast-paced with a predominately younger workforce. The episode raises a number of questions, said Pete Garrettson, a recently retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and space strategist. Tell us what you think – email the Editor, Elon Musk’s 5 craziest tech ideas for the future, What is SpaceX? Everything you need to know. Back in June 2013, Musk claimed that he would hold off from an IPO until SpaceX’s Mars colony flights were well under way. SpaceX is an American private aerospace company founded in 2002. For example, in September of this year SpaceX announced that it had signed a contract to launch a communications satellite for HISPASAT and a Saudi Arabian Arabsat 6A communications satellite using its Falcon rockets. This sign-up form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The decision, which has not previously been reported, struck some space industry insiders as a highly unusual expenditure given that Musk, who holds a security clearance, prompted the concerns about whether SpaceX is following the rules. We need to show the American public that when we put an astronaut on a rocket, they’ll be safe," Bridenstine added.

In 2008, SpaceX sent the first privately funded liquid-fuelled rocket, the Falcon 1, into Earth orbit.

The space agency agreed to pay SpaceX $5 million in May to cover the cost of the review, which includes educating its employees and ensuring they are following strict guidelines for federal contractors barring illegal drug use. The company also accepts private contracts for its spaceflight services.

Boeing confirmed that it did not receive any extra money for its review, which officials say also includes reviewing documents and interviewing employees to ensure it is also maintaining a drug-free workplace under its Starliner contract. POLITICO’s weekly must-read briefing on the second space age. SpaceX said that it is using the money to cover the cost of the review, which will include interviews with staff at all levels across the company and was not part of the original contract for the Crew Dragon capsule back in 2014. . Yet the implication that SpaceX is getting special treatment struck others as ironic given that Boeing has been paid nearly $1.7 billion more on NASA’s Commercial Crew Program than SpaceX -- $4.82 billion compared with $3.14 billion.

In 2006, with NASA announcing the closure of its Space Shuttle program, SpaceX won a contract to design and demonstrate a resupply system for the International Space Station. That includes the additional costs of conducting interviews with employees ranging from senior managers to engineers. NASA ordered the review of the safety measures at SpaceX and Boeing in November after Musk smoked marijuana and sipped whiskey on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Even discussing $5 million in this context is silly.”. “As a taxpayer why would I pay when I don’t have to?” he asked.

SpaceX is an American private aerospace company founded in 2002. But NASA has not ordered such a review previouskly. “It would be odd for NASA to pay a contractor millions to tell its employees not to do drugs,” said one industry official, pointing out that other companies did not receive any extra money for “meeting basic contractual requirements.”. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Boeing said it is carrying out the culture review under its current contract. You can unsubscribe from job alert emails any time. For example, back in January it emerged that Google and Fidelity had injected $1 billion into SpaceX, granting them ownership of just under 10 percent of the company. NASA spokesman Joshua Finch told POLITICO in a statement only that “after discussions with Boeing…we decided we wouldn’t pursue a contract modification to carry out the assessment that’s underway.”. “I just don’t want [SpaceX] to be controlled by some private equity firm that would milk it for near-term revenue,” he told Aeon.

“What we have here is an important cultural divide between what is considered appropriate behavior in the old guard in the space community and what is considered OK among Silicon Valley tech people and a growing sector of Americans,” Garrettson said. Both programs are behind schedule.

So what’s the story behind the company that launched it, SpaceX? Average of All Companies in this Industry (19,970), Product Manager Intern - Applications Development. SpaceX has accepted funding from various sources. Back at the turn of the millennium, space-enthusiast Musk wanted to place a greenhouse filled with seeds and nutrient gel on Mars, essentially establishing life there (albeit briefly and on a small scale). SpaceX is building the Crew Dragon capsule and Boeing is manufacturing the Starliner. "As an agency we’re not just leading ourselves but our contractors, as well. "SpaceX is an aerospace company with a strong mission to make humans interplanetary. The company places a high value on rapidly prototyping and believes that whoever has the best idea wins. It’s not clear how much the review will cost Boeing. This wasn’t the first launch and landing of a reusable unmanned rockets – that honour goes to Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin – but it did fly further into space, and it was an actual practical space mission rather than a simple test flight. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine explained at the time that "if I see something that’s inappropriate, the key concern to me is what is the culture that led to that inappropriateness and is NASA involved in that. “At every step of the way Boeing got more [money] in the [Commercial Crew development] program. While marijuana is legal in multiple states – including California, where Musk’s stunt took place – it remains illegal under federal law. Related: Elon Musk’s 5 craziest tech ideas for the future. By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or updates from POLITICO and you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service. The challenge was in making the production method as efficient as possible. “The idea of NASA ever giving SpaceX preferential treatment over Boeing is simply giggle-inducing to industry insiders,” said Greg Autry, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California who served on the Trump administration's NASA transition team. In 2012, SpaceX used the Dragon capsule to dock with the International Space Station on its first resupply mission. And illegal drug use is also considered a violation of the terms of a government security clearance. The chief way of doing this is by making spacecraft reusable, rather than merely discarding them during the take-off process. SpaceX’s mission is to push past mankind’s current difficulties with space travel by lowering the costs and commercialising the process. Two years later, it became the first company to successfully launch, orbit, and recover a partially reusable spacecraft, called the Dragon. 1,307 SpaceX reviews.

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