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Muurgh met Han Solo while searching for his lost love among spice traders of Ylesia.

Polis Massans are typically short, thin beings with flat, pale faces and grey hands, each with four long, dexterous fingers. Each Tunroth community was ruled by the greatest hunter present. These traits caused some to view them as frightening. Conflicting ideologies led to factionalism, intrigue and murder in the Senate. [49] In the meantime, the Republic developed a stealth ship capable of cloaking itself, as well as upgrading its standard Phase I clone trooper armor to the more sophisticated Phase II clone trooper armor prior to the Battle of Mon Cala.

The Utai did not mind, however, and collectively much preferred labour to positions of leadership. Later on in the war, the Sith were driven off the planet by the Jedi during the Liberation of Coruscant. Therefore, the Jedi were compelled to lead the clone army[8] with the aim of bringing a swift and decisive end to the conflict between the Republic and the Separatists. [citation needed], Twi'leks adhere to a familial clan government organized around a series of head clans with their own city on Ryloth, each consisting of five members who are born into the position. Most Pau'ans served as leaders early in their lives, often managing teams of Utai labourers. A variant of the Republic crest was used during the Clone Wars. Due to the fact that, at some point in its past, the Old Republic declared slavery illegal and expected other civilizations of the galaxy to comply, it took an aggressive stance against the Zygerrians. Founded approximately twenty-five thousand years before the Battle of Yavin, the Republic governed the galaxy from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim Territories, uniting various sentient species, human and alien alike, under one banner. [77] New fighters were added to the Navy in the final months of the war. They wear clothes with many belts, pouches and pockets for the things they have managed to steal. The Senate did not intervene in the Open-Closed War on Carnelion IV because the planet was not part of the Galactic Republic. A Togorian male spends most of his time hunting, in pursuit of prey, they are known to use reptilian mosgoths as mounts. The training that they experienced molded the clone troopers into a highly efficient army,[74] and because they retained the ability to think creatively despite their stunted independence,[8] they were considered far superior to their droid counterparts.

Colloquially nicknamed "wolfmen", the Shistavanen are a lupine race native to Uvena Prime, one of many habitable planets in the Uvena system. The Talz are a furry race with two distinct sets of eyes: one for day vision, and one for night vision. When you gain level 50 with any race you unlock it and it then can be playable on either faction and can now be any class within the the Old Republic . They were bald and their head was striped with furrowed gray skin. Though most of the Mandalorians were thought to be driven out, some were rumored to have stayed behind and live amongst them. Historians regarded the people of that time as a generation of apathy and indolence, in which galactic senators cared more about power and luxury than representing their constituents or addressing the perceived inefficiencies of the government.

The Cathar and Togruta are only available through the Cartel Market, and makes it available across an entire account on purchase. They begin life as individuals, however, at the age of choosing, they become bonded to their other half, and grow together as a single, complete being, sharing their brains, vision, hearing, and speech. These are the eight playable classes currently available in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The inhabitants of the Core Worlds became fixated on notions of fame and fashion, and had little interest in Jedi principles like faith and tradition. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

In his story, he and a Chadra-Fan named Kabe pillage Jabba's townhouse in Mos Eisley, but get caught and Muftak sacrifices himself for Kabe to escape and make a living with the money and jewels that they stole from Jabba's house, but Kabe goes back to save him, and in the process the sack of money and jewels gets stolen. Unlike these other feline species, however, Trianii have prehensile tails and their more agile figures are perfect for leaping, jumping, and acrobatics. They have extremely flexible bodies, with five knobby notochords arranged along their tubular length. After first contact with outsiders, the species spread to other habitable planets in their system.

Subscribing players have all initial species unlocked, but different species have different limitations as to which ones can be used for different classes. As the Old Republic fell apart as a result of its continuous wars, the Jedi Order finally believed itself victorious from its conflict with the Sith, who they believed to have been destroyed completely. The Tunroth are bipedal sentients indigenous to the Jiroch system of the Mid Rim. Consequently, many useful star systems were left waiting—some for centuries—for the body politic to admit their world as a member of the Congress, even though it came at the cost of the body's overall power.[40]. None of the hunts were successful, however. Clone troopers served under the command of Jedi Generals. Although they have little contact with humans, Polis Massans are known for their extraordinary medical skills, and are regarded as compassionate beings who understand the value of life. Their skin is so thick that it can withstand blaster shots with only minor burns to show for it. As in many other examples of racism and speciesism, the Empire polluted the oceans of Manaan and wrecked the environment. They take particular pleasure in skinning Wookiees for their pelts. Despite the best efforts of the well-meaning Chancellor Valorum,[41] the Trade Federation blockaded Naboo over disputes about plasma exports. Gnawing stimulated glands in the Ranat's jaw to produce growth hormones. This was done so that the group could strengthen itself from the dark influence prevalent in the lairs of the terentatek, and as it had to rely on its weaponry skills alone due to the almost complete Force immunity of the terentatek. Notable Togorians include Frrash, Muuurgh and Mrrov. As a result, the Republic lost access to the resources and tax revenue of the Separatist worlds. Twi'leks speak Twi'leki, a language that combines verbal components with subtle head-tail movements. Date established the two later parted ways only to be reunited later aboard the Queen of Empire. The Jedi Order served the Galactic Republic as guardians of peace and justice. The High Republic Era saw the Galactic Republic reach the pinnacle of its power, its influence spreading to even the farthest and less settled regions of the galaxy by 232 BBY.

Fallen Earth • It had been a ceremonial beast used in an old Wookiee ritual.

[39], For centuries, the Galactic Republic expanded not through force but by quietly exerting a strong magnetic pull towards neighboring systems. [22] Little did the Jedi know, the Sith had regrouped on the planet Moraband. Perhaps the most recognizable alien species in, George Lucas drew inspiration from Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the… Destructive wars were fought between the Sith and the Jedi in the age of the Old Republic. Galactic Constitution[2] During the Clone Wars, the Quarren Isolation League attempted to isolate Mon Calamari from the rest of the galaxy. Teeks are rodentlike, simian creatures that live in the forest moon of Endor. The Togorians are known to have once been the barbaric pirates of the galaxy. He served on one of the last Jedi High Councils and was present when Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn presented Anakin Skywalker to the Jedi Council for training. Only one Sith Lord survived; Darth Bane reinvented the Sith by creating the Rule of Two. Ryn are a humanoid race. One group overran crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure's Palace after his death, and the Vriichon brothers once owned the Mos Eisley Cantina. His competitors were Senator Bail Antilles of Alderaan and Senator Ainlee Teem of Malastare, but Palpatine assured Amidala that he would win the election through widespread sympathy for Naboo's plight. [15] The Republic Military occupied the Geonosian homeworld after the First Battle of Geonosis, and subsequently returned to reconquer the planet after it fell back under Separatist control.

They are featured in the movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.

The Separatist Crisis had a significant impact on the Republic economy, with major worlds like Serenno, Raxus, and Onderon seceding from the pan-galactic union.

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