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(If only Merritt Wever and Toni Collette were on every case.)

It’s there that Joe meets and flirts with a woman named… Love (The Haunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti). So he has escaped off to his literal hell – Los Angeles – for a fresh start, under a new name, where hopefully Candace (Ambyr Childers) can’t find him (again) and he won’t be tempted to “love” again, “detoxing” from love while he gets cash and comes up with a plan for whatever’s next. So after Love runs out of the unit crying, Joe decides to accept responsibility for what he’s done and pushes his secret key through one of the air holes. Unlike Beck, she seemed so intent on being in a relationship with Joe. Joe is stunned and disgusted by this revelation because it shatters what he thought he knew about Love. Love seems to believe him, but still breaks things off. An examination of the research by forensic psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis who investigated the psychology of murderers. Turns out she saw him in a viral video of Forty making a drunk fool of himself at Henderson’s party. It's like Teen Wolf on this week's episode of the Walking Dead spin-off. He certainly hasn’t given up on her yet, even if he has been good about taking it slow. That brings us back to the present. Jasper cuts off Joe’s finger, keeping the tip hostage until Joe gives him the $50,000 that Will owes him. Candace tells Love who Joe really is and what he did to her and Beck, and that she only came here to protect Love, who doesn’t seem to be totally buying it so Candace slips her photo proof. “I thought I was doing it for the best reasons, for love,” he says. Joe manages to keep his cool, even though Love’s pals sound very much like anti-vaxxers, but when Forty walks in on the fun, he flips. Joe breaks down in tears. In this case, tie her up, take her to the woods, and knock her unconscious when she tries to escape.

Delilah and Joe agree it was fun but they should just be friends. Eventually, he makes his way to Forty’s home in order to find out exactly what happened when they left the hotel room to get moon juice last night. Love reveals to Joe that when the twins were 13, Forty was in a sexual relationship with their 19-year-old au pair, which he didn’t realize was abuse.

Candace is now calling Forty “bunny,” her old pet name for Joe, which is causing her ex to alternate between thoughts of wanting to off her (again) and wanting to be a new man (who doesn’t kill everyone). But if Joe leaves, they will shoot him, and to make matters worse, they have his passport and his other getaway stuff. The meat grinder moment alone deserves an Emmy. I'm going to bring 8 new episodes in Season 2. He can’t believe he could kill Delilah because he planned on letting her go (for Ellie) and, more importantly to Joe, if he did do this, then it means he’s not worthy of Love. (I wonder if this is why he globed onto Joe early on and made jokes about him hooking up with anyone else). 1) and sees Love talking to that same cop. Because that will totally go well. Joe can’t preoccupy himself with Ellie’s phone activity either after he learns that she’s onto him. From there, Candace uses Joe’s phone and lures Love to the storage unit so she can finally see the man she loves for who he really is. “I agree she’s the worst. Come one, come all to THE CIRCUS. Later, Love tells Joe she has some suspicions about Candace.

We get a flashback to the previous week when Joe arrived in LA on the same flight as a famous comedian Hendy (played by famous comedian Chris D’Elia), who Delilah hates because of an encounter they had when she was underage (which apparently happens a lot with him and underage girls). The cop, whom Delilah refers to as “Finch,” calls her and it’s clear he’s on to Joe. With that, YOU pulls off quite the last-minute twist and confirms my suspicions about Love. Joe decides to stalk Hemsworth Lite while on a hike, and encounters Gabe in the process, who convinces Joe to try acupuncture and questions him in the process. “I will figure out a way to get to you. Turns out Forty had the smallest taste of success with a short film in 2012, but now just wanders around his parents’ grocery store in a kimono, telling himself it’ll help his creativity.

And he has to cancel a date with Love where he was supposed to meet her friends Gabe, Lucy, and Sunshine, because he has to go to a party hosted by someone who owes Will the money Joe needs to give to Jasper to get his finger back instead. Joe can’t kill him fast enough. Oops. Joe is in a rush to save Ellie, so he can’t fully commit to hanging out with Forty like he told Love he would. As he heads out into the backyard to read, he catches a glimpse at their next-door neighbor. The real Will certainly wants them to do so.

He promises her that he’ll find out what she can do with Hendy’s lewd photos. Only one episode after Delilah revealed her history with Hendy and already the show has eerily paired him with Ellie, her teenage sister. Now she has to go retrieve him. Oh, and the police now think Henderson was murdered.

Riding a lucky break, Joe takes a chance and lets his name-counterpart out of the storage prison, but is soon to feel the heat again when the episode ends showing Love and Forty back from SXSW with Candace, who’s posing as a girl named Amy. Even though things are certainly going smoother between Joe and Love than Joe and Beck, it’s a little hard to not wish Love would just heed her friends’ advice and give up on him. Anyway, he’s prepping for her to give birth and to be the father he never had. I legit almost barfed. She’s saying all the right things to counter his resistance, which of course is absolutely wrong for her safety and future.

In the same way that season 1 deconstructed the idea of the “nice guy romantic lead,” season 2 has done the same for the perfect girl. In other words, she was basically Joe-ing Joe. He stops by Delilah’s apartment, where he finds her freaking out after burning her hand on a curling iron, and they share a moment as he helps her run cold water over the burn.

But she’s got another problem when Joe mentions that Forty ordered Taco Bell, which turns out to be his relapse food (yo quiero crack), and she flies off the handle when Joe calls her overly obsessed (pot, meet kettle!). Apparently, while Joe was doing that, Forty FaceTimed Candace and met up with her for sex. He asks her, “Can you trust me?” Cut to black. After assuming Joe is in recovery (Murderers Anonymous maybe? The thing is, he didn’t actually know that much about her. Then things get… trippy. ), Forty gives Joe the idea to be the one that bakes for the baker. Love tells Joe this totem No.

The next day, everyone gathers for some kind of wish manifestation circle that involves standing in the center, stating your goal, and getting a hug. She shrugs it off at first but then plays detective, sneaking into his apartment and finding the keys to the storage unit, where she discovers his creepy cage and takes pictures of it. From the start of the episode, it’s clear that Joe grew up in a very violent household that affected him and his mother, but he is dealing with a much tamer domestic issue in the present. He tells her he needs to “make some arrangements” but he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or Ellie.

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