tarantula slings

Unlike Spidey, my tarantula sling actually has a very active appetite and can accept food every few days, while Spidey only eats a few times per year (or less). For example, one might give their sling a moist spot of substrate AND a water dish. As the water in the bowl evaporates, it will keep the humidity inside this “incubator” up. Water dishes, hides, and decorations must also be scaled down.

​This is another very popular enclosure choice among enthusiasts due to their opacity, availability, value, and their ability to be ventilated and stacked.

How Do I Know if My Tarantula Is in Premolt? To begin with, these creatures appear much smaller and more fragile than their mature counterparts. While Blinky certainly has these “pet rock” moments, too, he/she tends to be more active throughout the day.

Baby tarantulas come with their own unique set of challenges, and the tiniest ones can be more challenging still. After all, in this tiny stage, they are more vulnerable to weather and predation from other animals, so it behooves them to put on size as quickly as possible. Open the top, spray a few squirts on the side of the enclosure, the plastic foliage, and the corner of the substrate — done.

That said, they look gorgeous on a shelf. It's recommended that you always start small, but then build up to larger prey. I am giving Blinky pinhead crickets right now and it is working out fine.
On occasion, the temps may dip to 68 for a night or two in the winter, or rise to the mid 80s in the summer. Without any further information, I can confidently tell you that your sling is fine. ​Once you come into ownership of a new tarantula sling, you need to be aware of the different containers that you can hold them in. Because they are so small, maintenance for slings is usually quite simple. Three sling enclosures from Jamie’s tarantulas. Also note that higher temperatures may promote better metabolisms, but it also contributes to faster dehydration in slings.

For slings the 2 5/16″ x 2 5/16″ x 4 3/16 size is perfect. Tip: Spiders are escape artist and can slip through holes and crevices that seem impossibly small.

Then you can just place the sling enclosures inside this larger heated one. They are also readily available online from places like Amazon. One would think they might need some time to calm down and adjust.

Part of the problem is that much of what you read about sling care can conflict with what you read about their adult counterparts. Also, if you’re feeding your specimen prey on the larger side, you might want to consider feeding less often.

Not only can they take several months between molts, but the growth between molts, especially early on, can be negligible at best. If the items are overly large, you can use a knife to cut them up into smaller pieces.
This can be adjusted as the slings mature, though, as some species adapt to heat much more quickly than others.

First of all, they're simply hard to see.

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