temtem guide

The Belsoto Clan strikes again and it's up to you to stop their invasion on the airship. Breeding is an important part of your Temtem journey. But matching your starter to your style of play will make the first couple hours a little easier. There's just two types of items that should worry you in a battle. This section of the guide — Customization — will not only break down how Customization works in Temtem, but every piece of Customization content available in the game. Technique will be used as if Temtem had 1.75x it’s Speed value. Temtem will regain 1/16th of its total HP each turn. Tateru 12. The short version of our thoughts are this: You’ll be adding to your TemDeck and squad throughout the game, so you’re always going to be able to swap out your starters. Temtem scientists achieved the creation of the first Digital Temtem while studying new breeding techniques, and this has spurred the development of various commodities to help tamers on their adventures. Swali 4. When you finally make it out of the Corrupted Badlands, you'll find yourself in the Xolot Reservoir. Get back to the Arissola Dojo and challenge Sophia! Exploring a new island or area in Temtem means fighting a string of opponents. Platox 3. If a new status were to be inflicted on a Temtem already afflicted by two status conditions, the oldest one will be removed in favor of the new one. We'll also show you where every tamer is and tell you where every chest is located.

The Umbrella gear item, for example, diminishes damage dealt by water attacks towards its wearer by 30%.

This can go from shielding them from certain status conditions, temporarily boosting certain stats if certain conditions are met, etcetera. All Bosses - List & Guides.
Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokémon. More Temtem Guides: How to Make Money.Comprehensive Breeding Guide.How to Rename or Delete Character.Chart of the Types (Defend / Attack).Guide to Single, Training Values and Base Stats.How to Get Pendant (First Side Quest on the Beach).Combat Guide (Tips and Tricks).Starters Overview With the following knowledge, you should be able to master Temtem quite easily.

This guide has information about the lore of Temtem, the make up of the Airborne Archipelagos, the way the world functions and so much more. Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure. Before jumping into Temtem, check out this section of our guide to get up-to-date on everything you need to know before playing the game. The Temtem Species section of this guide is a living chart of all Temtem in the game and it will continue to be updated as we discover additional species in the Airborne Archipelago. the Temtem guide written and maintained by the players. As Temtem combat is turn-based, the Temtem with the highest Speed value will generally be posed to attack first, while the one with the lowest value will attack last.

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