the brady bunch season 1 episode 6 dailymotion

Just as Carol tries teaching baseball to her sons, only to give new meaning to the word incompetence, Mike tries to help Marcia with her cooking project in order to earn a Girl Scouts cooking badge, only to be the victim of several accidents in the kitchen. The subplot has the Bradys cleaning junk from the attic and Mike attempting to restore an old record player. Mike is besieged by fussy and eccentric client Beebe Gallini (Abbe Lane), the head of a cosmetics company, who monopolizes his time, which disrupts family activities. Carol, Alice and the kids, all frightened, aren't too sure about Mike's assessment as some of the noises sound otherworldly. Marcia nominates Mike as "Father of the Year" in a newspaper contest, but her attempts to keep this secret results in several misunderstandings. However, this is overheard by Davy himself. There, they ride mules down into the canyon, and Cindy and Bobby notice a Native American boy. Bobby reasons that what he just saw on TV was correct: All stepmothers and stepsisters are evil. After it goes missing too, the clues then lead to the real culprit: Tiger. Thinking that the family no longer needs her, she invents a story about a "sick aunt in.

Browse more videos. However, Peter's chronic slacking and incompetence prompts Marcia to fire him and she in turn hires Jan as a replacement.

The family free themselves but Zachariah has taken their car. Jan Brady, Eve Plumb Tells Her Favorite Brady Bunch Show. Partisanship overtakes the household, prompting Mike to step in and lecture the kids about unity. Skip is appalled and fires the Bradys, remarking that the acting methods remind him of a "terrible" actress they worked with: Myrna Carter. When Jan finds the tubes with the blueprints, the entire family scrambles to hand the blueprints to each other in a relay race to get the park's entrance to catch Mike and the park's board of directors, who planned to leave by 1 P.M. to catch a plane. However, when Greg demands Marcia not see him again, she invites him home to spite Greg. 4:01. When it seems that Jan is allergic to Tiger, the family fear they might have to lose their pet dog, until they discover that she's only allergic to his new flea powder. His classmates avoid him, and when he writes up Cindy for running in the hallway and gets her a detention, she gets mad at him. Looking for something to watch? Sandra and Linda's revenge almost jeopardizes Mike's deal. The family heads to the Grand Canyon. Marcia overhears this and realizes Greg has integrity and a sense of fair play, and decides to concede to Greg. Depressed from a lack of attention, Jan's spirits are lifted when she receives a locket from a secret admirer. Use the HTML below. Check box if your review contains spoilers, In the series opener, Mike Brady, a widower with three boys, weds Carol Martin, a widow with three girls. Marcia's new boyfriend Harvey Klinger is a, When her crush on classmate Clark Tyson is, Peter fears he will be grounded and miss an upcoming camping trip after breaking Carol's vase while playing ball in the house. They make Greg fulfill all his commitments to the letter, to teach him a lesson.

He comes to believe he's too old for family activities, including an overnight camping trip. S1, Ep14 2 Jan. 1970 First time Greg Brady met 'Brady Bunch' mom. Note: This is the first appearance of Allan Melvin as the recurring role of Sam Franklin. Later, when Peter's wildly-thrown football hits Marcia's nose, causing it to swell and bruise ("Oh, my nose!

5:10. Global News.

No one at school believes them so they seek proof by camping in the yard with a camera. Just after the minister marries them, the boys' dog, Tiger gets loose and chases the girls' cat through the wedding party.

Jimmy then leads Cindy and Bobby back to the Bradys' campsite. Unfortunately, the senior girl he wanted to ask out for a date to a weekend movie tells him he'll be cute when he grows up.

Greg is indeed injured in a scrimmage so he turns to photography. Carol just hopes that the noises subside when Mr. Grossman, their realtor, brings by Mrs. Hunsaker, the first prospective buyer of their house. The Brady boys laugh at the curse and blow it off as superstition, but then start to think differently when Greg has a surfing accident. At Cindy's behest the family and Sam (Allan Melvin) put on a backyard theater production of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" to raise funds for a retirement gift for Cindy's popular teacher Mrs. Whitfield (Frances Whitfield). When Mike's boss Ed Phillips (Jack Collins) confronts him, he saves the day when his design moves the courthouse to a new site. Tommy tries to switch the jackets. He wants his own room, and gets Mike's den. Jan says she was not wearing her glasses at the time of her accident and that she sold her bicycle to pay for the replacement portrait.

Greg alienates his siblings in pursuing this, and upsets his parents when he announces plans to postpone college. They allow Marcia to have her planned slumber party, but she still has to serve a week's detention at school.

Emma starts the Brady kids on a rigid schedule of exercise and work. The series ran for five seasons, with all 117 episodes originally airing on Fridays. Although Kay is very nice, she has no intentions of bonding with the family; instead she does her job. '"), "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? While Grandma is a real "swinger", Grandpa is a real "stick in the mud".

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