the getaway pcsx2 fog

gsdx-hw: Purge impact screen crc hack for Burnout Revenge. (#2951) Issue ##2943. gsdx-sw: Add an option to toggle auto flush on sw renderer. Allows to compile gsdx with tc disabled properly again. GameDB: Added XGKick hack to Zombie Hunters 2 Fixes blank textures, GameDB: Ported US patches to European versions of Mafia. More sophisticated validation could be done with something like `xmllint` but seems overkill. GSdx-hw: Add secret ini option to disable TS half bottom detection.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Getaway, The (Australia) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (Sony Playstation 2). common: Fix build error with clang 9. gsdx-gui: Properly grey out opencl device text when opencl is enabled, also some minor cleanup. pcsx2: Remove leftover array entry from SuperVU removal It was causing GameDB fixes to be applied wrongly. - Always enable sw colclip for BLEND_NO_BAR. (Still doesn't seem reliable enough, but honestly when do we Also modified blank space indentation at a part to tab space to satisfy lightning boi. Clamp and round mode patches by @MrCK1. gsdx-d3d11: Add rgba channel selection/support to StretchRect.

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Found by EspeonScottie. Counters: Tighten tolerances on framelimiter (#3785) Smooths out frame pace and keeps average framerate closer to target. gsdx-hw: Improve detection of Texture Shuffle effect. Force Disabled, fully disables the half bottom detection. Separate and group hack types in to Rendering and Upscaling hacks. gsdx-hw: Adjust PABE logs and expand the mentioned games list for it. recording: Don't reload cheats/settings on every frame-advance I believe the intention of the cheats/settings reloading is for the conventional pause/resume from the MainFrame's menu. GameDB: Better patch for ONI games, less invasive On real hardware the PCR write will be completed after the BC0F instruction causing it to pass, so we simulate this now. nsis: Remove plugins that were merged in to core.

Don't enable hack on native res if crc is below aggressive. Replaced by Github Actions. 2. Myslel sis, Marku, že už se na šikmou plochu nevrátíš?

Fixes DT Racer GameDB: Added VU0 Kickstart hack for DT Racer. Improves godrays. Capped slowmotion adjust at 5% (it doesn't accept lower than 5 anyway). gsdx-hw: Add ICO to automatic mipmapping. Tested by atomic83github. Credits to @wgarvin0 for the patch. Test case: Superman Shadows of Apokolips, fixes shadows when blending is enabled. gsdx-hw: Adjust GSC_Bully crc hack. Gamedb: port CART Fury Championship Racing gamefix patch to PAL version. [skip ci] gsdumpgui: Properly disable/grey out some debug options based on Debug Mode check. Again, same with the Japanese equivalents. (#3030) Fixes the noise generator outputting a 4.8 kHz tone instead of white noise. We can avoid adding extra conditions this way. This include the Mediatek wireless adapter. (#3216). gsdx: Forgot to move the crc state for mgs3 and ace combat 4. crc hacks are aggressive only. gsdx-hw: Fix border issue on ComputeFixedTEX0. Simplify/clean up the code. Also add a crc id BF1739E2 for a prototype Sly2. lilypad-gui: Fix text being cut off on some options when using dpi scaling. gsdx-gui: Fix Align Sprite checkbox not working properly. - Unification of parenthesis symbols. If the Ps2MemSize::MainRam value is not changed from the default 32 MB, there should be no change: 32 MB / 0x10000 = 0x200, the value that was there previously. (#3240). Play Slow Die Ignorant. Also update some options that didn't have hotkey nametag. New code based on DBZBT2, DBZBT3, MetalGearSolid3. Add/update patches/entries for WWE SmackDown! Same with the Japanese equivalents. (#2939) Stops car from falling through track. Locales: Update Russian Translations (ru_RU). Fixes Fightbox * Remove Fightbox patch. Now they all use the same one (POINTER_SIGN_BIT) Note: recVTLB.cpp was updated to keep it compiling but the rest of the x86-64 compatibility changes were left out Also, Cache.cpp seems to assume VTLB entries are both sides of the union at the same time, which is impossible. Leave it as an ini option only. (#2787), [skip ci] nsis: Update banner/logo. GSDumpGUI: Add bits information to window title. PS: I'm ninjaing 3000 builds on the buildbot :smile: gsdx-gui: Adjust advanced settings and hacks gui. GSdx: Use rt for dRect size, update crc level label. Log should paste if either DSA or texture barrier aren't supported.

Vyse*u se na toho ha*zla!“ „Jestli nezavřeš hu*u, k*téne, nakopu ti p*del!“ Tested by atomic83github. Add all games in the list that have some sort of aggressive state. Spolčete se a sdílejte to se všemi na světe: Je čas si zatančit s Just Dance 2021! Also update the comments since a lot of them refer to past revisions of the code. * Have the Pcsx2App::ResetRecordingCounter() method mirror the similar method of the savestate class. - Remove unpacked installer files upon successful installation. TODO: Check if any other plugins got merged in the future.

Remove mentions of ps1 emulators, adjust the image slightly and change the colors to match api logo colors. -- Endless driving gsdx-hw: Forgot to remove a crc region check for dbzbt2-3, no longer needed. Update VS and cmake project files, remove GSDeviceDX files. Add GIFFIFOHack to NFL Street 2. Depth effects (shadows) rendered correctly. Fixes game hanging on boot, fixes sound. Sends similar logs to OSD if desired. Found with the help of the dev-9 plugin and the PS4 emu. Use value of 8 instead.

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