the wife of bath character

Giving in to the man's desire goes against feministic beliefs. Being a frequent traveler, Chaucer was able to observe groups of people and develop his own opinions and ideas based on these observations subsequently creating these characters. The Wife of Bath. Even though the Wife of Bath says she is a believer in experience rather than authority, she often quotes and uses the Bible to support her, Lincoln and His Generals by T. Harry Williams Essay, Behavior Project to Help Me Focus Essay example.
(55-58) Her use of this can be interpreted as her stating that it was still seen as holy for men in the bible to have multiple wives over their lifetimes, yet she doesn’t receive the treatment when people her of her past. She expresses her views with infinite zest and conviction, with such determined assurance in the correctness that no pilgrim can argue with her logic; they can be shocked by it, but they cannot refute it. Her prologue presents a view of marriage that no pilgrim had ever conceived of and is followed by a tale that proves her to be correct. She is described in "The General Prologue" as being a worthy woman who has only had five husbands. During the 14th century the gender roles were vastly different from what is seen today, but nonetheless a woman’s role in society was extremely limited outside of royal families.

Chaucer exploits all the traditional things that men wrote about women and creates a woman who is bigger than all of them.

Wife of Bath is a forceful personality that suits her generous physical attributes.

CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. She wears scarlet red stockings and supple new shoes. The Religious Life in The Canterbury Tales, Humor, Irony & Satire in The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer's Portrayal of Women and Marriage, About Us In order to conclude which side of the argument has more substantial evidence to support their claims, one must first examine the treatment of women during the 14th century, and then further analyze her prologue and tale with a feminist perspective in mind.

A holy man was Abraham yet each were with more than two wives came to dwell, Like many other holy men as well. Some scholars believe that the old crone in the tale was really an embodiment of the Wife of Bath, and the ending of the tale would be her idea of an ideal marriage that she could be happy being in. She wears a skirt with red stockings and tight-laced supple shoes. Keep on browsing if you are OK with that, or find out how to manage cookies. All rights reserved. She does not see anything wrong with the fact that she has had five husbands, because she says that even God wants man to increase and multiply: "God bad is for to wexe and multiplye: that gentil text can I wel understonde" (Chaucer 117). One can sense the only joy that Chaucer must have felt in creating her.

Through his description, the reader is able to paint a picture of each of the characters. The Wife of Bath is certainly is a troublemaker and does make her husbands suffer.

The handkerchiefs, which Wife of Bath kept, were the best as they were made from the finest texture.

In The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses "a fictitious pilgrimage [to Canterbury] as a framing device for a number of stories" (Norton 79). So she definitely has a lot of experience in the area of sex and marriage.

The Wife of Bath's Tale (Middle English: the Tale of the Wyf of Bathe) is among the best-known of Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. This is used to point out the hypocrisy in the double standard that had been placed on women.
She is, undeniably, the only non-religious female character in The Canterbury Tales and therefore is the only character who is approached from a point of view that was generally uncommon. This major shift in power dynamics, is used by both sides of the argument surrounding the Wife of Bath Character. Satire is defined as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues” (Oxford). She already had made so many pilgrimages to most famous shrines like so many shrines at Rome (Italy), the miraculous image of The Virgin Mary at Boulogne-Sur-Mer lying on the French Atlantic coast; the shrine of St. James, Compostela, Galicia, NW Spain, and the shrines of the three Magi Kings, St. Ursula and the eleven thousand Virgins all lying at Cologne, Germany. Another term that people would be more familiar with to describe this would be sarcasm. She is using sex to manipulate men just as men do to women because she openly is saying that she will give herself to the man.

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