types of social interaction accommodation

Accommodation or resolution of conflicts may be brought about in many different ways and accordingly may assume various forms, the most important of them being the following: Coercion means the use of force or the threat of force to terminate a conflict. This reward reflects that an exchange has occurred. Domestication is a specific type of adaptation. The transition from a state of war to a condition of peace may come in numerous ways.

Accommodation 3. As a condition, it refers to the biological state of a species. They are accepted without question by the persons born and reared in the society. It continues to exist as a kind of potential opposition.

Recently, the American government has justified its attack on Iraq on the ground that Iraq has nuclear weapons. Arbitration differs from mediation in that a definite decision is handed down by the arbitrators and the decision is regarded as binding.

An abandoned child, for example, who has no contact with other human beings, is an isolate experiencing zero social interaction. The whole web of relationships between two persons is commonly complex series of subordinations in which one or the other is subordinated according to the character of the situation in which they are jointly involved.

Family differences are often settled through compromise. In this process of adjustment, persons are required to take a sequence of steps by which they are reconciled to changed conditions of life through the formation of habits and attitudes made necessary by the changed conditions themselves. These people may have been familiar with each other in the past, or may have become familiar in the first moment of their focused interaction. Difference should, however, be noted between Mediation and Arbitration. Baldwin notes: “Accommodation denotes acquired changes in the behaviour of individuals which enable them to adjust to their environment.”, Park and Burgess (1921) observe: “Accommodation is a natural issue of conflicts. The social interaction is the process by which one acts and reacts to those around him. Social interactionis the process by which we act and react to those around us. The example of Indian bride is most appropriate to cite here.

Even if conflict disappears as an overt action, it remains latent as a potential. This process thus consists of the repudiation of one’s beliefs or allegiance and the adoption of others. The term ‘accommodation’ is reserved for functional changes in the habits and customs of persons and group changes which are transmitted socially rather than biologically. Toleration is best exemplified particularly in the field of religion where the different religious groups exist side by side, each according some rights to the others which it claims for itself. That is, all individuals, except those who decided to be monks or live truly as hermits, obligatorily interact with others daily, virtual or physically. The first involves coming to terms with a new climate, type of soil etc. Exchange 2. Copyright. In reality, this state represents the fact of equilibrium between individuals and groups. (iv) Accommodation is a continuous process.

3. This happens only when the parties are so unequal in power that resistance seems useless or impossible. Exchange theorists argue that rewarded behavior tends to be repeated. Conflict 4.

It can also lead to social change, putting problems at the forefront and forcing opposing sides to seek solutions. Thus in acclimatization, the person has Lo change more or less physiologically, a process which we have termed above as adaptation; and in naturalisation, he has to undergo changes in attitude and behaviour which fundamentally involve psychological modification.

The second condition under which subordi­nation as a form of accommodation may be successful is that relationships of subordination should be socially sanctioned as a part of the social structure and heritage of society. TOS When the conflict between the two groups is resolved by the conquest of the one and subjugation of the other, the two groups become accommodated so that the subjugated persons accept their inferior state and as the time passes, the latter begins to accept their position as quite natural and just. It simply means adjusting oneself to the new environment.

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