tyrant unleashed card list

Sphere Sentry Ace Eradicator (6) Dracorex Hivegod Zorbo the Master Blackrock Cleaver (6) //=====================================================, Halcyon The player is then presented with three cards from their deck to choose from for the first turn. Truesteel Vigor (3) Sculpted Aegis (6)

Complete Initialization for 10 kreds Please don’t think too much about it.

Hale the Death Defier Plague Belcher (3) [](http://cdn.tyrantonline.com/warhawk/images/carrier_lv6.jpg) Since the Ancient Box, all new non-Progenitor Event cards have been released with Level 2 Fusions. > > *Originally posted by **[Shadowhopeful](/forums/338/topics/353722?page=2#posts-7373937):*** A commander card has a health stat that determines how much damage needs to be done to them before the player loses.

Please don’t think too much about it. Pulverizer (3) Deck cards should be basically quad fusion and max level. Nexor’s Vault However, it is just a personal opinion of mine. Ambush Neutralizer Sir Alaric the Swift Igniting Cargo Vrost's Alcazar (6) Astral Strutter The guild leader of NewHope in Tyrant Unleashed. Dune Runner (6) Clockwork Lunatic (6), Deathsteel Falcion (6) in given xml file they list corresponding image name . Shockstorm, Nexusis Atomic Wardriver (3) Needler Vektarok (2), Heroic Knight Bridge of Destiny (6) Oluth's Volition Aasi Revealed (3) Riktox Liquefier (6) I’m lazy. https://tyrantunleashed.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Card_Set?oldid=61219. Cleave Invader Maybe we are not allowed to use them Nettle Miscreant (6) Stonewall Garrison It is derived from the classification in internal data of the game, and inherited from the original of this game, War Metal Tyrant. Also thanks for this info great work on the page. Divinity Supreme Bullet Virtuoso Cimex Parasite (3) why is this not a sticky yet? Diesel Dreadcar, Mongarus

Razogoth's Gunhound, Inquisitor's Domain Japaneseman’s auto sim system (Guild simulator), How to compile the source code of TUO (Windows).

Kentauros Rebel In other words, basically, old cards are salvageable to make the new fusions. Tabitha Liberated I can recommend all the S class cards. Tabernacle of Andor (6) Sacred Sanctuary (6) If you cannot, or the health of your commander falls to 0 or below, you lose. Rancorous Eupnoi However, as an exception, I need to say that “The best way to fuse Nimbus (Vindicator Reactor) is making Inquisitor’s Domain” even now. I will probably change it a little bit in the future. Sacred Twin-Engines (6)

Updated to properly show Enhance (skill name) (enhance amount). Please don’t think too much about it. The Salvation (3) Revenant (6) The Council's Keeper How do you get posideion? > > Make sure to play them at the same time or you will waste a special skill. Phantom If you cannot, or the health of your commander falls to 0 or below, you lose. An open platform for all web games! Yurich the Observant (LightningPinion is my alt). Ontos Anti-Artillery Councilor Constantine All fusion cards have a level, equal to the level of the cards used to make it plus one. Cassius the Centurion Quest and earn an exclusive shiny kongpanion + 10 kreds All the useless cards should be removed from the deck. Blightheart Archon [](http://cdn.tyrantonline.com/warhawk/images/carrier_lv3.jpg) ! Rumbler Rickshaw Sif’s Evangel (You may put this next to Therion Aetherstorm or Exicon Vanisher) Dracorex It is usually determined according to where the card is obtained, such as Basic Packs, Fusions, or reward of event missions.Cards which players cannot acquire also compose one "Set". I will probably change it a little bit in the future. [](http://cdn.tyrantonline.com/warhawk/images/carrier_lv6.jpg) War Metal: Tyrant is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) based on the War Metal game and is set dozens of years in the future. You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. These Cheats for Tyrant Unleashed works on all iOS and Android devices. > I could only access these 2 for some reason (they are poseidon’s L3 & L6 pics if that is not obvious) Deserted Baughe Gigantos Machine

You’ve completed your Kongregate account! And, usually, I don’t add vindicator cards on my tier list. g Minotaur of Labyrinth Nentrok Hexotype, Deranged Fanatic Toxin Blaster Synthesis Fusions create new cards out of two or three component cards. Rogalthian Wurm //=====================================================, //===================================================== In other words, basically, old cards are salvageable to make the new fusions. Daedalus Klaxon Drone Radar Sentry Grail Guardian

Just no. Disdain of Tartarus (With Typhon’s Pupil / Required Dracorex Hivegod, Alpha Replicant, and 6+ spam) Some cards can boost the stats of other cards, but only if they are of a specific race or class. Gaia's Sanction, Vrost the Speaker At the moment, only cards in the Standard set can be materials for Synthesis Fusion. Massively multiplayer online game play is provided through a Web browser using the Flash platform and the battles within the game may be set to automatic or manual.

Disdain of Tartarus (With Typhon’s Pupil / Required Dracorex Hivegod, Alpha Replicant, and 6+ spam) Vizier Shurixin (3) Trench Hurler Note3: Red = Recommended for only mono faction decks. Sinister Rogspawn Sinuous Dam (2)

Hale the Death Defier (6) Miracle Finder Radar Sentry (6) Living Tomb (6) Cassius Typhon the Insane Complete the Malort Blightmind Invasive Covert Miracle Finder, Octane's Bulwark Broodmother's Heart (3) Beat Miasma lv1, Tyr Cannon lv1 and Razogoth lv1 & lv10 (in order to get Dreamhaunter) => Tyrant Unleashed Optimizer is recommend. Each level of fusion significantly increases the power of a card. Tremor Wyvern (3) Haven (6) Steadfast Assailant (3) Saint Mard's Casket Level 1 Fusions, also known as double fusions, are marked by a single green stripe in the upper right corner. Therion Aetherstorm, The guild leader of NewHope in Tyrant Unleashed. Nexor’s Vault Guardian Gamut //=====================================================, Sinew Shredder (6) Apex Dynamo (3) Please be careful of the p2w power creep too. Entrails Bog (6) what is the root url to go to these images?

Chronocrush (LightningPinion is my alt) Mangle Loader (6) http://tyrantunleashed.wikia.com/wiki/Barracus_Redeemed, https://tyrantunleashed.fandom.com/wiki/Fusion?oldid=63526. Level 2 Fusions, also known as quad fusions, are marked by a second, brighter green stripe on top of the first one, as well as a green bar below the upgrade pips. Mist Skulker Horrifying Visage (3), Immense Ospry (3) Register or sign in to start receiving activity updates from around Kongregate! Basically, the newer fusions, the better. Airspace Regulators (3), Soulsteel Bronco (3) > > ! Conqueror Krellus Brain Assimilator, Tazerious Inferno Demon (6) Guardian Gamut Barracus Redeemed Enclave Mothership (6) Dracorex Hivelord Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tyrant Unleashed Hack will allow you to get all In-App purchases for free. Sir Alaric Ruin Crawler What does this mean for me? Nighthawk Squadron Get your games in front of thousands of users while monetizing through ads and virtual goods. Precursor Idealist (6) Nexor the Farseer Sentinel's Gift (6) > *Originally posted by **[Shadowhopeful](/forums/338/topics/353722?page=2#posts-7373937):*** Commanders lead their armies to victory. Vyander

Bunker Breacher, Cyberpod Delta Moonsilver Amalgam, Abhorrent Recluse Pioneer Titus AD4M-E

However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. Check the delay and HP (Power Creep) before making the card. Vigilante Steel Maiden (6) Grotesquill Dune Runner

Inquisitor’s Domain //===================================================== They have released Crimson Box (Erebus City Sector) after releasing the third Burst Box and Shock Disruptor. All the C class cards are salvageable even for f2p imo. Learn more », The Oracle commander has a Xeno avatar, is decribed as Bloodthirsty, and its abilities heal Righteous :P, now, this is odd… Rebuke Quake // You can copy and paste this card list into your ownedcards.txt. Absorption Forcefield (6) Moonsilver Amalgam, Abhorrent Recluse Tumblox (6) Terrorform (6) Demi Constrictor Put the counter card or combo card manually. The Tenacious (6) Irvos Mistwalker // Dominion Atomic Silo (6) Incendiary Stormer

Hovel Emerger Massacre Chariot (6) Patriarch's Bidding (3)

// PvE reward Your use of Kongregate’s Services is subject to our revised Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Thrilling Howler Barracus the Traitor Seize //=====================================================, Dreamhaunter Gaia the Purifier, //===================================================== Ambush Neutralizer (3) Here is my Tyrant Unleashed tier list and deck tips. For example: Deck with 5 strong card + 1 weak card = 55% win rate. Zashikinoz Jotun’s Bastion Aggeroth Chaos Herald of the Cult You should not dump on auto especially during PvP events.

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