uss lexington history

The USS Lexington off the coast of San Diego, 1941. This Essex class carrier, known as the “Blue Ghost”, was originally named the USS Cabot. From this USS Lexington History page, you can return to our home page here.

Her training became highly significant as she prepared men vital to the operations in Vietnam. When this conversion was over both the Lexington and Saratoga were the largest aircraft carriers in the world and they remained so until the outbreak of World War Two. Service History. CV-16 was commissioned on February 17, 1943 under the command of Captain Felix Budwell Stump. In that year, the Lexington was assigned a planetary exploration mission in Sector 028. It was also used to help power a city and deliver medical supplies. The destroyer ‘Phelps’ was ordered to finish off the ‘Lexington’, which it duly did with five torpedoes. You can return from this USS Lexington History page to the Lexington Museum page here. Citation: C N Trueman "USS Lexington" 216 men had lost their lives from the ‘Lexington’s’ crew. Damage control crews welded the damaged compartments shut, using heavy steel plates. The USS Lexington was launched on the 3rd of October 1925. She was reported sunk a second time in April of 1944, and a third time in June of 1944. She was recommissioned on August 15, 1955 and was assigned San Diego as her home port. The simulation began with the Lexington and the Excalibur engaging the Enterprise near the planet Alpha Carinae II in an unscheduled battle to test the M-5's reaction to a surprise attack. Managed by Caboodle UX design studio in London. Yet, the Blue Ghost remained afloat after fighting off a fierce attack by fighter planes based on Guam.
She sailed to raid Kwajalein on December 4, 1943, destroying a cargo ship, 30 enemy aircraft, and damaging two cruisers. However, at the Battle of Coral Sea, the Lexington was to become the first of the US Navy’s aircraft carrier casualties.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'historylearningsite_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',129,'0','0'])); The ‘Lexington’ was hit by Japanese torpedoes and bombs on May 8th 1942. The spot where the kamikaze hit is designated by the Japanese flag in the photo below. The Lexington operated out of her new home port, Pensacola, as well as Corpus Christi, and New Orleans well into the 1960s, qualifying student aviators and maintaining the high level of training for active duty and reserve officers. The photo below of the new Lex is circa 1958 and is courtesy of the US Navy.

Please visit this great living museum and discover more of the USS Lexington history. It was the lead ship for the Lexington class, however her sister ship, the USS Saratoga, was commissioned a month earlier. See photo of CV-2 above, circa 1941 (courtesy of US Navy). You can return from this USS Lexington History page to the Lexington Museum page here. As the war drew to a close, she continued to launch precautionary patrols over Japan, and dropped supplies to prisoner of war camps on Honshu. It was renamed the Lexington after the loss of the first USS Lexington (CV-2) in the Battle of the Coral Sea. Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II. Yet, the Blue Ghost remained afloat after fighting off a fierce attack by fighter planes based on Guam. The USS Lexington in battle formation. After-action analysis, based on the quantity and quality of hits on the Lexington, indicated that the Enterprise, directed by the M-5, had been victorious. Within 20 minutes, the fire was under control and normal flight actions continued. On June 15, 1992, the ship was donated as a museum. The Lex, as she was affectionately called, played a significant role in World War II. Tiger Books.

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