vidin district

It comprises of 141 towns and villages, allocated in 11 munici­palities. 1106. km. The province has mainly urban population which is 63.38 % of the total population. The spacious riverside plains – Vidin and Archaro-Orsoyska are some of the most fertile lands turned into cultivated areas.
In 1444, Vidin was besieged by Vladislav Varnenchik and in 17 and 18 century, it was conquered by Austians, attacked by Hungarians and Romanians.

an administrative-territorial unit in northwestern Bulgaria. The territory of Vidin province includes 140 locations united in 11 municipalities – Belogradshik, Boynitsa, Bregovo, Vidin, Gramada, Dimovo, Kula, Makresh, Novo Selo, Ruzhintsi and Chuprene.


District Pleven » District Vidin . The chief crops are wheat, corn, sunflowers, and sugar beets.

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The eastern part of the district is a very hilly lowland, and the western part is occupied by the foothills of the Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains), with elevations of 1,200-1,400 m. The climate is temperate continental; annual precipitation is about 600 mm. Vidin province is situated in the north-west part of Bulgaria and covers an area of 3 032.9 sq. Виж най-новите обяви ☛ от Видин ☛ и сравни цените!

The District of Vidin is the northwestern-most of Bulgaria's 28 administrative districts. Required fields are marked *, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:

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The province involves vast areas of various relief.

The highway network is with internal and external regional significance and the road Vidin – Montana – Vratza – Botevgrad – Sofia is a part of the international road E-79, Tags: Bulgarian Republic, Europe, Montana, north­western part of Bulgaria, Re­public of Serbia and Montenegro, The district of Vidin, towns and villages, Vidin, Vratza, Your email address will not be published. In the time of Roman Empire, it was among the major cities of the Upper Moesia Province encompassing lands from nowadays North-west Bulgaria and Eastern Serbia. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.

The main branches of agriculture are grain farming and livestock raising.

During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, Tsar Ivan Aleksandar assigned the control of Vidin Despot Unit to his son from his first wife – the Wallachian Teodora Basarab, Ivan Sratsimir and crowned him tsar who separated from Tarnovo Tsardom and established Bdin (Vidin) Tsardom that was later on conquered by the Osman Turks. As part of the Ottoman Empire, Vidin was an important administrative and economic center (pashalik).

The construction of a second bridge over the Danube, between Vidin and Kalafat, around 2 kilometres in length with combined road and railway transport is planned. The town of Vidin was established in ancient times.
Municipality Belogradchik » Municipality Boynitsa » Municipality Bregovo » Municipality Chuprene » Municipality Dimovo » Municipality Gramada » Municipality Kula » Municipality Makresh » Municipality Novo selo » Municipality Rujintsi » Municipality Vidin » District Vratsa » Region North-Central » Region North-Eastern » Region South-Eastern » R The siege of Vidin during the Serbian-Bulgarian War of 1885 ended with success for Bulgarian who defeated all attacks of the Serbian army.


There are also no lessons in kindergarten "Detelina" in the village of Cherno pole, Ruzhintsi municipality, "We staged a protest of fruit and vegetable growers from the, A call has been placed at 9 pm Tuesday on the emergency 112 hotline, alarming of a fire in a trailer in the "New Way".

Area, 3,100 sq km; population, 176,000 (1968). To the north, it borders with the Republic of Romania, to the west, its neighbor is the Republic of Serbia, to the south, it is enclosed by the Balkan mountain, and to the east – it borders Montana province.

828. km. The district of Vidin is the entrance-exit gate of the Bulgarian Republic to Europe and the world.

The rivers Danube and Timok are Bulgaria’s natural bor­ders with those countries.

B.C., the city was inhabited by Celts and was called Dunonia. A train ferry across the Danube connects the city and port of Vidin with the city of Calafat in Rumania. Centuries on end, the geographical position had been favourable to its develop­ment as a transport, trade and cultural cen­tre. The geographic location of province has facilitated its development as a transport, commercial, cultural and political center for centuries.

Centuries on end, the geographical position had been favourable to its develop­ment as a transport, trade and cultural cen­tre. The Belogradchik Cliffs and the Magura Cave are tourist attractions. To the north the Vidin district borders with the Danube River which provides wonderful conditions for direct connections with Roma­nia and the other countries from the Danube basin.

Area, 3,100 sq km; population, 176,000 (1968).

The district of Vidin is situated in the north­western part of Bulgaria and spreads on an area of 3022 square kilometres (2.7% of the territory of the country).

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