what category was hurricane charley

After hitting the Central Florida region, Charley exits the state near New Smyrna Beach as a category 1 hurricane. [8] Rainfall spread across much of Maryland,[14] peaking at 4.24 in (105 mm) in Hollywood. Several 24-hour rainfall records were set during the storm, and new six-hour and twelve-hour record totals at Casement Aerodrome were set with 1.63 in (41.5 mm) and 2.61 in (66.2 mm), respectively. After moving briskly through the Caribbean Sea, Charley crossed Cuba as a Category 3 hurricane, causing heavy … Additional spillways were later added in the event of another similar flood. Charley was a Category 4 major hurricane — the first to strike the state since Opal in 1995. [26] The storm struck the area during the Late Summer Bank Holiday, creating unfavorable conditions for driving and resulting in several accidents.

Lastly, Hurricane Jeanne also made landfall around Hutchinson Island, Florida on September 26. [24] The passage of the storm left heavy crop damage, part of a larger period of poor agriculture in the country. Instruments at the Orlando International Airport recorded wind gusts over 100 mph. Around the same time, Hurricane Ivan entered the Gulf of Mexico on September 14 as a category 5 storm. [25], The storm also affected the United Kingdom as it moved across the southern portion of the country. [21] Throughout the country, the storm caused at least thirteen deaths, four of which were drownings in flooded rivers; one death was caused by a heart attack while being evacuated from flooding. More: WeatherTiger: Hurricane season likely to be a bit less stormy than average. [20] Two months after the storm struck, the government of Ireland allocated IR£6,449,000 (1986 IEP, $8,650,000 1986 USD) to repair roads and bridges damaged by the weather system. Hurricane Charley was a small but powerful hurricane. Some locations received hundred-year rainfall. [13] Light rainfall and gusty winds extended into the New York metropolitan area.

[13], Hurricane Charley affected at least ten U.S. states,[8][10][14] resulting in five total deaths and $15 million in damage (1986 USD). … A last-minute track deviation of only about 20 miles put the storm in Charlotte Harbor instead and left Tampa Bay untouched by the worst of the wind and storm surge. Rainfall spread across the entire country, peaking at 11.0 in (280 mm) in Kippure mountain. Before Charley, Disney had only closed its parks once before, ahead of Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

[23] In the Wicklow Mountains, the rainfall resulted in significant runoff, which caused erosion along the Cloghoge River. [9] Two small rivers, the Dodder and the Dargle, overflowed their banks due to the rainfall. In its first advisory on Charley, the NHC issued a 22% probability of Charley passing within 65 mi (105 km) of land; specifically, it was predicted to be closest to the South Carolina coastline. [14] The system also produced light to moderate rainfall across Georgia and South Carolina,[14] which proved beneficial as the region was in a major drought.

Hurricane Charley was the first hurricane to threaten the East Coast of the United States since Hurricane Gloria the previous year. [15] The cyclone dropped rainfall along the coastline, amounting to over 7 in (175 mm) near Manteo. The NLF portfolio is now positive on year, S&P still down 9%. Hurricane Charley became a hurricane on August 11, 2004. When Charley hit Orlando later, the storm had weakened and had winds of roughly 85 mph, however wind gusts of up to 105 mph were reported at the Orlando International Airport.
[12][18] As Charley passed south of Massachusetts, it produced precipitation in the southeastern portion of the state. Charley was a category 4 hurricane with winds up to 145 mph when it hit the state of Florida near the Punta Gorda / Port Charlotte area of Southwest Florida. [21] Heavy rainfall flooded rivers, which swept away several people. The third tropical storm and second hurricane of the season, Charley formed as a subtropical lowon August 13 along the Florida panhandle. Charley passed directly over Orlando as a hurricane, forcing theme parks to close. The following image from NASA shows Hurricane Charley just south of Cuba on August 11, 2004: The following image shows Hurricane Charley as it approaches Florida on August 13, 2004 just before reaching category 4 status. The storm weakened as it approached the Florida panhandle and eventually made landfall at Gulf Shores, Alabama with winds of 120 mph.

[13] The winds downed many trees,[10] and in Norfolk, a motorist died after crashing into a downed tree. It reached peak intensity, with sustained winds of 150 mph, just before making landfall on Cayo Costa, just west of Fort Myers. Altamonte Springs recorded a gust of 101 mph. As the storm moved inland, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte areas received significant damage from the ferocious storm. Orlando’s theme parks, Including Walt Disney World and SeaWorld, were forced to close early.

[6] While in the North Sea, the cyclone weakened as it executed a counter-clockwise loop, and on August 30 the remnants of Charley dissipated near Denmark as a new circulation developed to its southwest. As the storm passes Grand Cayman, Hurricane Charley is upgraded to a Category 2 storm, then a Category 3 storm as it approaches Cuba. The flood, which originated about one mile north of the town, damaged over 500 houses and brought down several trees. When the storm's intensification and track close to land became apparent, the gale warning was replaced by a hurricane warning, and additional gale warnings were issued westward to Topsail Beach and northward to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Damage on the island $75,000 (1986 USD).

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