what happened to the original cast of sparkle

The film received generally negative reviews at the time of release and was a box office disappointment, making only $4 million against a $1 million budget. Soul music encourages everyone to be happy. Darlene Clark Hine's A Shining Thread of Hope brought up the fact that after women joined the Black Power movements, men felt lesser of themselves as they could not protect and support their families. It has since developed a cult following. Directed by Sam O'Steen. Thomas would be famous as Ricardo Tubbs on the TV show Miami Vice. NEWSLETTER. I’ve been blessin’ y’all with these “What Ever Happened to…” features for years now.And if you’ve been following the series from the beginning, at this point you know the road to stardom tends to follow a predictable path: Church-honed vocals catch the ear of an industry insider, hit singles follow, sudden tragedy strikes and then cold, lonely obscurity. She became the film's breakout star and went on to act in films such as Fame. [4] It is unfortunate that Sister decides to brush it off but this goes with how she did not want to “light the fuse” of oppression by black men on black women. While analyzing gender and sexuality, the Black female protagonists in this film can easily be compared to the women in Cleopatra Jones and Coffy. Compared to Coffy and Cleo, these women are much more conservative in their looks and the way they convey themselves. [8] One very disturbing scene in the film was when Sister and her boyfriend Satin are lying together on a bed. Sparkle is a 2012 American musical film directed by Salim Akil and produced by Stage 6 Films, It was released on August 17, 2012, by TriStar Pictures.Inspired by The Supremes, Sparkle is a remake of the 1976 film of the same title, which centered on three singing teenage sisters from Harlem who form a girl group in the late 1950s. Of the people who appeared in the movie, Irene Cara became the film's breakout star: she went on to record many chart-topping singles. [9] The reading also addresses 1976 as a time when things started to change in regards to sexual harassment being a crime. Sparkle went on to become a cult classic among African-American audiences, and was remade in 2012 as a TriStar Pictures release starring Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston. This film not only "recreates the magic of a special period in American history, but it explores the impact of Harlem's musical and social culture on the rest of the world", as well as the linkages to black power. According to the Senior Vice President of Programming for IFC and Bravo, Frances Berwick, "Blaxploitation films were some of the most experimental and daring films to come out of both the independent film scene and the studio system, [and] is one of the most ignored and under-appreciated. She is strong and independent enough to pick everything up and leave town, striving for a decent future. In the end, after reconnecting after Sister's funeral, it is only Sparkle and Stix who climb the ladder to success. Sparkle was domestically released on April 7, 1976 with a running time of 98 minutes.

The original ensemble included notable names like Philip Michael Thomas, Irene Cara, Lonette McKee, Mary Alice and Dorian Harewood. It presents the story of a musical girl group that ends up breaking apart due to individual issues each member faces. Some of these artists include Earth Wind and Fire, Sly and the Family Stone, Parliament Funkadelic, Kool & The Gang, Labelle, and Chaka Khan. In regards to the music, R. Kelly wrote several new songs which were used alongside the songs composed in the original film by Curtis Mayfield. Stix, Sparkle's love interest and the group's manager, is able to help bring the group from "amateur nights to brief stardom before tragedy (dope, melancholia, the wrong man)" ensues and the group splits. It begins in Harlem, New York, in 1958, and follows the girl group, Sister and the Sisters, which is made up of three sisters: Sister, Sparkle, and Delores. [19] Sparks, Houston, and Mike Epps were all praised individually for their performances.

In other words, it is their only weapon.

We take a look the original cast to see what they have done since then. Bruce Surtees was the cinematographer.

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