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Actions As a noun, a ‘hole’ can mean a gap or opening.
Hole or Whole? Much/many The teacher wasn't wholly convinced by the explanation the student gave. We take a closer look. elementary But if you ignore these special meanings they are more or less interchangeable, except as pointed out by the other answerers. In mathematics you could have a whole number, but not an entire one.


Birthdays Interrogatives Shapes You might hear people say 'holy moly' which is and exclamation. Other Exercises, Date: 22 - Apr - 2011 Whole vs. Hole by mlevandoski. Classroom Summer I could see the lighthouse through the hole in the cave. Shopping

Quotation Marks. Travel Comments (1) - Gerunds and Infinitives : Underline? Valentine's Day Pronouns Articles No, not Courtney Love's band. 20 fill in the blank sentences to practice on what spelling to use (whole vs. hole). Modals Present  The community as a whole is healing after the accident.

'As a whole' can be used when talking about something that's considered as a group and not in parts.

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Countries We explain more in this lesson. “Whole” means things like entire, complete, and healthy and is used in expressions like “the whole thing,” “whole milk,” “whole wheat,” and “with a whole …

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In this case, it's an adjective. Movies Hours It can be used as an adjective or a noun.Easy enough, right? Prepositions Date: 22 - Apr - 2011 Level: elementary Age: +6. Frequency


I could see the lighthouse through the hole in the cave. St.Patrick's day

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Listenings It's another way of saying 'oh dear'. United Kingdom Whole is a noun which means the entire thing or is an adjective which means full or entire. Numbers

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Now let's talk about hole.No, not Courtney Love's band.

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