why did angelo bronte betray dutch

Aside from his thick italian accent and language, he is not unlike Dutch himself.

Not just because Bronte betrayed him, but because Bronte has taken everything Dutch loves about being an outlaw and replaced it with everything Dutch has always wanted to get away from.

© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Dutch and Arthur were incredibly well portrayed. However, during Chapter 4, Dutch claims Abigail is a bad influence on John and believes she put thoughts into John's head about turning against him. Red Dead Redemption 2 seemed like it starts a few months, maybe even a year or two into the downfall of the gang. First, we need to consider the context that has been given to us. It is hard to go through most of the game without seeing him as a liability and a possible threat.

The moment towards the end of the chapter when he feeds mob boss Angelo Bronte to an alligator when Bronte is powerless to defend himself, begins the decline of Dutch's relationship with Arthur. Question about buying this game digitally. Escort the drunk Ferdinand away from the mayor.


I thought that was all made up for the game. I don't think Dutch was a villain, but a flawed human. Dutch took John under his wing at a young age, teaching him how to read and shoot (along with various other things). As their confrontation with John commenced, Dutch ends up shooting Micah and mortally wounding him, thereby implying that he regretted not acting on Arthur's request to kill Micah beforehand. He reprimanded Bill for starting a fight at Valentine saloon, for example.

They find Micah's corpse and even track the Marstons to Beecher's Hope. Depending on the player's actions, John or Mexican revolutionary Abraham Reyes kills Bill, and John can kill Javier or hand him over to Ross prior to the hunt for Dutch. Dutch and Tilly have minimal interactions throughout the game, though it can be broadly assumed by most players that they had a good relationship prior to Chapter 6. He also lets Strauss' last debtors go. Faux leadership disguising his narcissism. Dutch followed Micah’s idea to undertake the Blackwater boat heist, against the wishes of Arthur and Hosea, Dutch’s two most trusted lieutenants, possibly showing how much sway Micah had in Dutch’s decision making. Instead of one leader and only a few simple clear rules, Bronte maintains his hold through a complex hierarchy with many rules and restrictions. John's turn towards bounty hunting to pay off his loans is a grim reminder that the gunslinger inside him is who he truly is, despite his attempts to suppress it for a more wholesome way of life.

When this failed, Dutch was cornered by John, and then killed himself by falling off a cliff, which John preferred, as it meant he didn't have to kill Dutch himself. These are some of his last words: "We can't always fight nature, John. At worst, he is actively plotting the gang's downfall. A subreddit for Rockstar's critically acclaimed open-world Western game Red Dead Redemption, its prequel Red Dead Redemption 2, and its online multiplayer Red Dead Online. Due to the Pinkertons attacking the camp, the gang was forced to flee and John would not see Dutch until 1907, eight years later. It didn't matter how much money they made.

Susan was a past lover of Dutch before he moved on to Annabelle. While Arthur and Lenny sustain minor injuries, Dutch suffers a serious head wound and appears dazed for the remainder of the mission. Jenny Kirk's grave can be found at Spider Gorge. Keep Reading: Red Dead Redemption's Bigfoot Mission Is Gaming's Most Tragic Side-Quest. But it fell through due to things that they weren't expecting. I think the kidnapping reaction was a bit of both. He found out they were both killed for just $10, which made Arthur embrace his sinister and savage side even more. During the Blackwater bank robbery, Dutch mocked John for thinking he was better than him morally, before killing his hostage and escaping. Dutch quickly picked up on Arthur’s doubting and, in response, began to question Arthur’s loyalty. I believe that he had at least two goals, and he would have been satisfied with achieving either one. Could be a way to differentiate himself visually so the authorities would know not to shoot him. His supposed goal of heading west towards freedom with the gang, stated many times throughout the game, is frequently called into question by his actions.

In 1907, during a standoff between Dutch, Micah, and John, Dutch (even though he believed that John was disloyal in the last days of the gang and initially appeared to be on Micah’s side) shot Micah, revealing that he had fully come to terms with Micah’s betrayal and likely wanted revenge as much as John, Sadie, and Charles did, for bringing down the gang that Dutch had devoted his life to. Micah would then manipulate Dutch, using Dutch's charisma to keep the gang in line, but Micah himself would be pulling all the strings. Despite its colossal world, gorgeous visuals, twisted satire, gunslinging showdowns, and plethora of things to see and do, Red Dead Redemption 2 is ultimately a story about people. 1 Takes an Academic Approach to Monsters, Mortal Kombat 11: What Will (and WON'T) Transfer to Next-Gen Systems, Star Wars Episode I: Racer Is Now Available on Xbox One, Mass Effect: Why Shepard Braved Hostile Geth and the Sun Itself to Recruit Tali (Again), Ghost of Tsushima's Loadouts Are a Much-Needed, Long-Overdue Improvement, Dungeons & Dragons: Hags Are the BEST Halloween Villain, Magic: The Gathering - How to Play Against Modern Esper Control, The Simpsons Wrestling Is the WORST Modern Wrestling Game, Spider-Man: Insomniac Debuts Miles Morales' Two-Piece Crimson Cowl Costume.

He continuously moves the gang further east instead of west, often to Arthur's objection, perhaps to ensure that they still require his leadership.

Dutch was a leader known for his philosophy, charisma, and words, but he has multiple layers to him and the savage within him emerges several times, such as when he needlessly killed the innocent woman during the Blackwater robbery.

Red Dead vets know Bill and Javier's pasts catch up to them years later. The fact that Hosea died, and both Arthur and John began to question Dutch's leadership, only rubbed even more salt into the wound. GBM’s hilarious theory on Suning vs TES Game 1 draft & Why scrimming Damwon is dangerous (ft. SuperMassive, TSM, and FNC). Looking at it like this, there's a certain element of tragedy to Dutch's character. Hosea was the closest thing to a moral compass, not just for Dutch but for the camp. I have been seeing a bit of negativity about the new update and expansion. After the failed Blackwater boat heist, Dutch says to Arthur “You’re the only one I can rely on to stay strong right now”, indicating that he believed Arthur was the most loyal and trusted of all his gang members, maybe even surpassing Hosea. I think that is why Dutch comes to utterly loathe Bronte. Arthur’s declining relations with Dutch were exacerbated by the growing bond between Micah and Dutch.

He was even kidnapped by the Braithwaite family. http://i.imgur.com/Sv19SP4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/esZpDkI.jpg.

Dutch's now-infamous claims that he "has a plan" for reaching freedom are constantly undercut by his unpredictable behavior. This led to the start of a bitter rivalry between the O'Driscoll Boys and the Van der Linde Gang.

Thanks for writing this up! And Dutch's arc throughout, as well as the acting (mocap and voice) was as intriguing to me as Walter White and Tony Soprano. Dutch essentially raised Arthur, teaching him how to ride, shoot and read (amongst other things). Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Upon discovering Sean is captured by bounty hunters from Trelawny, Dutch agrees with Arthur that they "must" rescue him.

It all calls back to the tagline of both games that Dutch would also occasionally mention at camp: "Outlaws to the End. He trusts Pearson to be in charge of the gang's rations, but whether this is due to a lack of a more qualified professional, is unknown. John got a great prequel as well. Insisting! Sean's grave can be found near the old camp location outside of Rhodes.

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