why was badr 1 an appropriate name for the satellite

(3), Pakistans mission to pursue peaceful space technology began in the early 1960s.It was Dr. Abdus Salam’s advice to the president of Pakistan to establish a National Space Agency of Pakistan. (40). Arabsat is the name of the company that operates communications satellites like Badr located at 26ºE. • Arabsat, what happened to fox movies and fox sport, What do you mean ? Space craft should be ready to launch by 2014. I was wondering that the arabsat is positioned in 26°E. Hope for good results, @Maxx :badr manufactured locally in America and paksat manufactured locally in china. @naveed you also need to understand one thing no one shares their rocket science. You don't have to explain sir! @ram

We are not upset about your refusal C. V. Raman- Physics- 1979. Which was said 480 Km deep into the space. "Pakistan, which has its own space programme at an advanced level", still laughing. The first Lebanese public television network, owned by the Lebanese government. Purpose: Invite for lunch, they demand share of your house as a right. When both the armies faced each other at the place of Badr, the battle began with the normal Arab Tradition of a fight, with nominated warriors from each side coming into clash with each other. While India spends a bit more than Russia does on its space program. Encrypted since 15/06/2019. At which satellite is your dish pointed, Nilesat 7º West or Arabsat Badr 26º East ?

@Maxx There are Indians in many big multinational companies but owners are all Jewish. Weather you have your space program in progress or not is a different issue; when your neighbour is inviting for a treate who likes to back off!!!

In 2007 it was reported that NESCOM had exported products worth approximately $40 million annually to various countries in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. HDFormerly known as New TV, is a 24-hour pan-Arab station broadcasting from Lebanon offering general programs in Arabic. (23). SAARC is an organisation of smaller countries which have no impact on world politics except India and Pakistan. @Maxx I cube 1 missing..Also pakistan was first to launch rocket in south asia back in 1962, I think pak FO has mistaken....instead of sattelite they might have thought of missile. I wish Pakistan had made same resolve for CPEC... where they could have used Pakistani raw material, labor, planning & expertise, companies to execute. What can we get out of these comparisons love,respect,cooperation in any field? Why inspite of having a advanced space program and advanced missile program Pakistan is not able to launch a satellite into space in its own? @Maxx - Do you think $40 million in Exports is a big achievement?

This SAARC satellite is a spy and surveillance platform that why India did not want to share development activities. More over satellites are not used for your ordinary cell phones and land line phones. @Ahmed ali khan Please read the UN plebiscite terms first . Its like "I can't accept my birthday gift because I didn't payed for it". one sees the world as one sees oneself Pakistan should have accepted and enjoyed the gift and should look at iron brother China for help in developing it's space program. • Arabsat: satellite company. The post-tropical cyclone was moving toward the east near 15 mph. Back 26/06/2019. Indeed SUPARCO is older then ISRO and good to know you have launched five satellite. Low Signal – 11-39 and 1.5 - 3.9 ECB. Back in HD 1/07/2020. In what way can building or operating of the satellite be "shared" between two countries? Comparison of Pakistan and India space program: SUPARCO with the help of Amateur Radio Society started building the small Amateur radio satellite in late 1986. It is involved in conception, definition, planning, and implementation and socio economic evaluation of space application. It was the first SUPARCO engineered object to orbit the Earth.

In Pakistan such small half to 1 kilo weight satellites are developed by students also.

@Shanawaz Are you talking about Pakistan telecom.

Aren't we competing you in every field in fact much ahead in missile technology and nuclear ranks. Wow!! Educational television channel.

Besides this so many others got nobel price for peace. There might also be a satellite that can take pictures far beyond what we have today. Joining SAARC satellite is not in Pakistan's National Interest. He was one of the pioneering figures in the 1960s to lead Pakistan in the space power world. Augurs well. @Mirror mirror " Indian comments are full of boastfull, pompous bragging showing narcissistic attitude." Can Pakistan send a 500gm satellite in space?? @amir_indian pakistan will shoot it out of the space. @Mohajir LOL, China will become bankrupt if it gifts CPEC. Pakistani engineers have worked closely with their Chinese counterparts during all stages of development of the satellite in China. Pakistan should learn from Afganistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives to respect and appreciate. @BharathBh Just as you remain isolated in one belt one road (OBOR) project. How India can weaponise space to effect conventional and strategic forces: ISRO opposed military applications for duel use projects such as SLV3, (satellite launch vehicle- 3) .Ultimately the defense research and DRDO based missile program headed by Dr. Abdul Kalam who was the project in charge of SLV3 at ISRO, DRDO borrowed him with other scientists and other technology resources from ISRO directly for Indian missile program at DRDO where Dr. Abdul Kalam designed the Agni missile using the SLV 3 solid first stage and liquid fuel second stage (Prithvi Missile derived). Asked for update on the case of a retired colonel, who went missing in Nepal last month, the spokesman said that the matter was being pursued with the Nepalese government, but there had been “not much progress”. (29) By the 1980 the search yielded the satellite launch vehicle 3 and the more advanced augmented Satellite launched vehicle (ASLV) completed with operational supporting infrastructure. @Maxx - and what's the annual pay in USD for 36,000 NESCOM staff?

It was a gift from india which was already mentioned.

These guys are beyond comical.

@Desi dimag Everything in Pakistan is world famous but no result. [4] The Badr-B was slightly bigger than the Badr-I as compared to weight and mass. Herbert from qatar.

Launched on 6 May 2012. International English language news television channel owned by Government of France.

@MAXX, Thank you! we have more than 75 satellites with two reliable launchers even after creating ISRO 9 years after SUPERCO... for us in space, Bangladesh and pakistan has same status(just remove the iron brother and then compare) ... @Maxx wow tremendous achievement of 5 satellites. Transponder resumed. @amir_indian - with little knowledge of science I even think it can be used for spying? @Maxx HDThe first private television station in Lebanon. https://www.dawn.com/news/869164/badr-1-satellite-and-beyond @SHAGGY It is not about numbers, more about requirement. The military satellite projects being developed in cooperation with ISRO (38). Because there is no Google in China, there is local Weibo, no MS, all locally developed OS and what not. In HD since 10/01/2020. Space program at an advance level?

@Maxx most of the scientists in NASA are Indians.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/India-rising-in-US-Govt-falls-victim-to-net-hoax/articleshow/2856295.cms. In 1995, a computer system and the system software was designed and installed by Pakistan Software Export Systems (PSES) while COMSATS helped installing the large computer screen at the Islamabad mission control center. Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (BSKSA). The ability to see enemies in shadows reflects extreme level of insecurity. Sounds like an executive order!

@SAb Sy PEHLY PAKISTAN Problem with a section of leadership in Pakistan is that they have ego problem in taking any co-operation or support from India. Therein lies the difference in approach for cooperation in South Asia, hence Pakistan was snubbed out. New frequency since 30/12/2019. Good foreign policy decision by Pakistan. When a country rents a transponder on a satellite belonging to another country, what sharing takes place? Good luck with your program and we shall develop our own.

It is understandable, India has space program far more advanced than China and many other European countries so they might not want help from other countries. • Arabsat-5C at 20ºE HDState-owned satellite television channel.

Any programme can be at advance level, it is about to achieve the maturity level, at completion level, not necessarily an advance programme related to US or other countries. @Maxx . Pakistan is showing so much of indiscipline in SAARC because it feels it has Chinese support. In course of time it will present these countries with an excellent platform for mutual cooperation and shared development. Lets pause and understand it.

What was wrong if India wanted to give a gift ?

@ram Pakistan Space program has a long way to go. US/NASA has provided key telemetry data and equipment to ISRO and many (in hundreds) of its scientists and engineers according to "Economist" of UK a prestigious magazine were trained in US at NASA and Ford Aerospace in Palo-Alto California. But now ISRO is making profits through commercial satellite launches for other countries.

@ZULFIQAR Check and google. The program of rocket firings was entrusted to the chairman of PAEC.

As the comparison of India and Pakistan we can clearly see that India’s space and nuclear program is going by every means. Oh my goodness, 20-30 countries?

@Maxx ... none of them were launched by Pak... SUPERCO doesn't has its own launchers ... advanvced space programme !!!

(19), k) INSAT Master control facility (MCF): INSAT Master control facility is located at Hassan Karnatka.it is responsible for all post launch operations on INSAT satellites which includes orbit Manoeubres , station keeping and on orbit operation of the space craft. “Pakistan, which has its own space programme at an advanced level, was ready to share its expertise and technological know-how" ... really ???????? @amir_indian Indian space program will be dead in the water without NASA support !! In 2011 Pakistan launched an advance communication satellite Paksat-1R developed at the cost of 240 million USD. No worries, We can match Indians in every field if our leadership is honest.

Tropical cyclones/hurricanes are the most powerful weather events on Earth.

We already own most advanced satellites in south asia then there is no point to waste money on it. Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (BSKSA). India moves to advance internationalize space exploration and any cooperation with USA or Russia, will have a major impact on space exploration throughout the next decade and beyond. The Badr-B (Urdu: بدر-۲‎; also known as Badr-II, meaning Full Moon-2) is the second spacecraft and the first earth observation satellite launched into Earth orbit on 10 December 2001 at 09:15 by the SUPARCO — Pakistan's national space agency.

The Badr-B was taken to Baikonur Cosmodrome along with Russian satellites which were also stored for the final assembly. equipment, and contrary to the popular myth they lacks the software side tech, the high tech electronics, theoretical and research side of many things. I have been in central London today trying to install a 1.1M dish for use with Badr 4.

Good decision by Pakistan because it create doubts in our minds when india said they will build and operate. It was funded and launched by China. When you start accepting that having 5 satellites since 50s is enough to call yourself advanced then u r limiting your own potential.

and find out the truth, @YOURSTRULY

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