witcher 3 story boring

The whole Novigrad-part has been really, really bad in my opinion. You could make an argument that this might be on board with Dragon Age Inquisition and while it's not an ultimately terrible game, The Witcher 3 is FAR from "the best rpg ever made" like many review sites claim. I liked the characters and dialogue enough to not really mind though.

I think Dijkstra was one of the coolest characters in that game. The story is just more personal ,you are not saving the world or mankind, the good of humanity does not wait for you to decide.

As for the quality of the writing, maybe we just have different expectations. I love Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, but Tolkien is just TOO good at the thing he does, and that's describing the story.

How so? Kinda weird how you have me pegged after I mention Mass Effect 2 once.

Those were the days. Oh maaaaan. Fine ? Witcher 2 you spend most the game tracking down Triss and Letho. Ugh, drags the game down a whole lot. And the camera work during dialogue is stellar but I agree wide panoramic shots would have been great addition considering how spectacular the environments look.

Plus it makes sense. I'm at the point where I just met those underworld crime bosses in Novigrad.

Feels oddly like Dragon Age in this Novigrad-part. A lot better than The Witcher 3 so far, though that is not a criticism of The Witcher as much as it is praise for Mass Effect 2. There is no character creation which is the main 101 of role playing. Also I really fail to see how any of the Novigrad quest line dialogue is "cringe worthy" which again just makes it come across as you simply don't like and or appreciate this kind've content.

Honestly, the gameplay is meh. Other people have a lot of fun. Yes, Geralt goes off and does random crap because it's part of the story.

Most of the quests were about meeting people and hearing and seeing their experiences. Things like teaching the Nilfgaardian girl swordplay would be relegated to a 1min cutscene in most games but TW3 turns it into a quest which expands on the character throughout. I totally disagree, I loved everything about the Novigrad area because it reminded me a lot of the pace and activity I loved from TW1. I guess we just aren't going to agree. Especially reading your statement about Mass Effect 2.

The game at least gave a bit of a reference to how stupid the quest really is. Yeah he was pretty great in this game. I specifically meant that part. But it ended super abruptly, and unless she shows up later in the game, I don't really see the point of that quest. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. The story is fantastic.

I know I'm going to get destroyed for this like a derailed Amtrak but I need to say it anyway. Tough, smart, a huge dick, and his love stories are hilarious. Your love for Mass Effect 2 really hones this in because literally every single ME2 mission is this: ME2 just likes to pretend that every mission could potentially result in a galactic catastrophe.

But yeah, that game is pretty brilliant in my opinion. Yeah this is getting pretty absurd. This game is screaming for some wide shots and creative camera work. Man, it's a shame.

I can't really blame the game for putting so many other interesting things to do in my way. Honestly, the gameplay is meh. I mean, I just finished a damned play? Pillars of Eternity is the greatest RPG you can't change my mind. This game is ultra BORING.

Is having a different taste in gaming unpopular ? You just went from one boring game to another.

It just drags, and is no fun.

While the Bloody Baron section of the main quest was great, I just felt like it meandered and was never as interesting as some of the side content.

All games of this length drag in places but your main complaint is just design disagreement I think, as well as not enjoying the story. After a pretty great start, I have to say that The Witcher 3's main story is starting to drag like crazy.

I do not know, either power through the questline or just take a break? ". Deleted the game and my saves. Once you find him and do that questlines and you get into Yennefer stuff it gets MUCH more interesting.

Yeah, Dandelion's quest is not bad per se but it is weaker compared to the Bloody Baron quest line. Witcher 3 has that same problem. I read a ton of books, and prefer the old stuff, like Douglas, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Hemingway and Fitzgerald, and that probably has colored me in a certain way.

It picks up after a while, but yeah, it goes on for way too long.

Stępień (lead writer for 1 and 2) went over to write for Cyberpunk and it shows though it may just be the open world - the main quest goes heavily downhill after Velen. The core gameplay loop of conversation, exploration, investigating and fighting has been really fun, but now it's only conversations and cutscenes. I haven't played the game in weeks because that stuff isn't fun nor do I even understand why I'm doing a lot of these quests. I think a lot of the other stuff has been really good. That being said, I thought the story was pretty good. But if there’s always something keeping players on their toes, like a random stranger encounter in RDR2, or a variety in missions enticing players to continue the campaign, then the game won’t feel glacial or like it’s extending on too far. And yeah, the quest you mentioned was okay. And the wild hunt is a major disappointment for villains that have spanned almost a trilogy so its best to not get your hopes up, almost no development as characters they dont even talk, just generic villains the main guy is a discount Sauron. It is a massive game so I can easily see people getting burned out. I like the story, but I guess that is because I played the other witcher games. I recently did that quest where you put on a play. Novigrad was definitely the weakest part of the game for me, Skellige picks up again, but after that, by the end I thought it had just become boring again.

Very satisfying stuff goes down in Novigrad later. I like to play a game, finish it, and never pick it up again. It doesn't really help things that I've done so much side content that I'm pretty overpowered, and all fights are incredibly easy. The side quests + the main story = my game of the year so far. The Witcher 3 was largely criticized for being too long, and it's having an impact on future titles that CD Projekt Red plans to release. In the Witcher 2, your quest was mainly to find someone, like in 3, but there was a greater sense of mystery and more political machinations to deal with. And the end of Dandelion quest there is some really dark stuff.

Witcher 2 came out.

It's nothing new/interesting, the open world also feels as if you have seen it 1000 times before. Funny because I'm a little past the point you are talking about and feel the same way. A one-stop shop for all things video games. I do think dialogue decisions are input, and they can be fairly meaningful in this game.

you claiming to have been enthralled by it the whole time puts it on a pedestal that provides a pretty big frame of reference to your tastes. I agree with everything you said. Regardless, saying the main story is boring where you're at is very premature. The game does comedy super well which is one of the best parts of it and something most games really fail at. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, CD Projekt Red may be focusing on the wrong thing. @legion_: Well I praise camera work because I played and finished Dragon Age: Inquisition. Maybe I just expected too much from this game. It just feels...a bit dull in comparison to other games. In The Witcher 3, I've walked into the same tavern ten times over. I enjoyed getting my teeth into Novigrad, there was enough going on there that it didn't feel like a chore. I don't really know what you mean about "that kind of content", but no, this certainly isn't something I enjoy.

I actually realised i might have put a couple minor spoilers in there so sorry to anyone who may have read. I do have to admit that meeting Zoltan again was a nice touch though. The worst part was that even on the highest difficulty level, combat had become so mindlessly easy, that I had basically stopped finding satisfying encounters with the exception of a couple of boss fights.

I really loved the Witcher 2, but something about the Witcher 3's main story just felt boring. It’s true that The Witcher 3 is a very long game.According to Forbes, the average player will spend around 70 hours on the campaign and exploring the open world, though it’s possible to get through the main story in as little in 25 hours if players rush.

I’d like to add another unpopular opinion on top of this about the Witcher 3: The Bloody Baron is one of the worst questlines in the game.

The monsters, even the big ones and the bosses, never looked like real threats to me. I just thought; well I guess that happened. It's actually kind of disheartening to see that games with a story focus still lean so hard on conversations with barely any input from the gamer.

It all comes together later on. I made it to the first boss, then I quit due to being bored.

The Dandeloin part drags like crazy, but after you find him it picks up again, and his side quest once you've found him is pretty cool and quite disturbing. Please tell me that it starts to pick up the pace soon.

But i would say that what makes the witcher 3 special is not just how good the main story is, but how the main story and side quests are actually all interwoven. This is actually a common occurrence in every Witcher game.

Now that one dude has me investigating the robbery of his vault, and the other thread has me finding some dude named Whoreson. No game comes close when discussing characterization and world building through narrative as far as I see it. Still really great, with far better side stuff than Batman (which I really like, but I'm mainlining it just to get back to Witcher).

And Dandelion is still the worst character in this series. Realistically he'd just say "No, Im not going to go find your wife and daughter.

This is an example of "its not the destination, but the journey". It was a complete shift in the type of quests and activities you are used to doing. I almost turned off my system when Whoreson said "what in the sandwich fuck" or something along those lines... @legion_: "That kind've content" meaning, stuff that isn't grandiose, content that is just menial in comparison to the rest of the content.

Don't have fun ? At one point, I just went and did a whole bunch of side content while chipping away at the main quests in Novigrad here and there. At first I thought I could say I agree with OP.

Its obvious that this is a really exciting game for some folks I apparently am not one of those people. I feel like I need to finish all of the character quests before moving on with the main story.

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