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Duchess: (fixing Marie’s bowtie) Aristocrats do not practice biting and clawing and things like that -- it’s just horrible! Scat Cat laughs: Well, looky here! (yeah, yeah now make it shake, c'mon)Shake it shake it baby (uh)Shake it shake it, shake it baby (yeah)Shake it shake it mamaShake it Cali (shake it Cali)Shake it shake it baby (shake it Cali)Shake it shake it, shake it shake it mama (west-coast) shake it Cali[Dre & 2Pac]Uh, yeah, uh, long beach in the house, uh yeahOaktown, Oakland definitely in the houseFrisko, Frisko[Tupac] Hey, you know LA is up in thisPasadena, where you atYeah, Inglewood, Inglewood always up to no good(Tupac) Even Hollywood trying to get a piece babySacramento, Sacramento where ya at?

Duchess: And wham, when we needed you, you were right there. A little lower and faster there. Toulouse: Oh, yeah! They Will Be Mine...Oh Yes. Marie: Where is it? O’Malley: Well, humans don’t really worry too much about their pets. Good. Look at that bridge!

Roquefort: Did somebody say cheese? Very good. Roquefort: Oh, ooh, O’Brien. Marie: Toulouse! And I’m gonna miss you, baby. oh, oh, oh uncle Waldo, you’re just too much. Berlioz: Sissy stuff! You’re just her house pets. Abigail: Keep practicing. Georges: You haven’t got an extra foot, have you, Edgar? I-I mean, eat, eat well, of course. She will be so worried when she finds us gone.

I’ve just got to find them. We need a man around the house. I’ve got to get those things back tonight! Italian Cat: Buona sera, paesano! Yeah. Look at this! Mother’s going to work for mister O’Malley. Mmm. ... C'mon suger tits, can you at least try to be a little sneaky and not flaunt that shit? Toulouse: Hi, Roquefort. Georges: Adelaide, that, that music, it’s from Carmen, isn’t it? Marie: Oh! Marie: And are we really gonna ride on it? Amelia: Now, I am Amelia Gabble, and this is my sister-- Lafayette: Oh, shucks, Napoleon. Lafayette: Made a mess of it, huh? Play your horn, don’t spare the tone

Duchess: (laughs) Why, monsieur, your name seems to cover all of Europe. I’ll be gone. But so exiting.

That ain’t nothing byt a little old cricket bug. [At last, the truck starts moving, O’Malley stays] Aloha. Edgar: Announcing… Monsieur.. Georges… Hautecourt! [Scat cat returns to jazz] Duchess: Because of Madame. Toulouse: Look mama, there he is!

Leader John Phillips rehearsed the group for months in the Virgin Islands afore recording these carefully sculpted songs and the craftsmanship shows. All gang: Everybody, everybody, Duchess: Now, now, Toulouse, come along, dear. Those cats have got to go. Roquefort: --sack. Makes you wish you weren’t born,

Roger Troutman California love! Lafayette (asleep) That's alright. O’Malley: Okay, okay baby. O’Malley: Anyone for breakfast? Madame: Now, tut-tut, Edgar. O’Malley: Uh-huh. [She runs out the bedroom] Duchess? Everybody, everybody, Everybody wants to be a cat!

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