zant neck snap

Last time I checked the gametesters for Nintendo were pretty neurotic in checking through the games, and they would never let something like that slip through the cracks. I'd just like to point this out: Zant does have hands but they're only visible in one scene. I'm not sure about that one. Let's let the community rampage it. Zelda being the Sage of Time isn’t significant to the rest of the story, yet it’s still an interesting detail fans may have missed. Giants in the human species are roughly twice as high as normal humans at most. – And the Lord said, "Let there be idiocy." Don't be so close-minded. looks like a corrupted version of the Gerudo Symbol?

When Zant steals these away from Midna and returns her to the Light World, t… The timeline, on the other hand, would have a huge effect.

Yet Minda does. Yes. And so George W. Bush was created. You could have proven your commitment to your King. First of all, I was saying that Zant's ancestery was a minor detail that would have very little effect on the plot. There's no concrete answer, believe what you'd like. Let me remind you that I don't care about this going on the Zant article page, I just think your reasoning for determining why something may or may not be relevant, is wrong. That's how the world works; when two theories contradict each other, the one with more evidence/support/proof is the one that is accepted. Again, Flashpenny, you haven't regarded what I said. I won Twilight Princess just two days ago, and after seeing Zant helmetless I immediatly believed he was an Oocca: I felt the shiver of a twist-ending, the frightening evil lord was just a freak who made a pact with the devil! Because we know that he's already died at least one death (at the hands of Midna), it's my opinion that since he would normally be dead, the. That's just me, though... – Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? Not the other way around. Just my two cents. He made such a huge argument about Link being the same in OoT and TP! Ganon reaches out to Zant, maybe to resurrect him (so he could in turn revive Ganon somehow) or maybe to try and regain his power, but Zant, realizing Ganon is not the unstoppable god he believed him to be, breaks the bond between them, leaving Ganon to die. I deleted the Midna size comment because you would have to be macroptic not to see how small Midna is. We all are just speculating as to what really happened: did Ganondorf not opt to resurrect Zant and his spirit killed itself?

level 2 I don't remember Hylians having blue skin, orange-red eyes, or glowing tribal symbols either. It couldn't be possible for one thing. However, maybe the Zant-Ganon symbiotic relationship was upended at the moment Link defeated Ganondorf in combat, with Zant becoming the more powerful one, so Zant took the chance to destroy Ganondorf himself and take full control of the power Ganondorf had previously "housed" in Zant. Couldn't find a GIF so a still image will have to do. Unless he is reincarnated, but that seems unlikely.m He isn't a main villain to the series. One fight in Diababa's room, one fight in Ook's room, one fight in Dangoro's room, one fight in Morpheel's room, one fight in Blizzeta's room, and one fight in Hyrule Field. Damn, my water is boiling, better go finish my noodles! -Zachariah 4:6. Oh, and when I played, it sounded like another one of Zant's random screams/screeches/moans. The Twilight realm just mutated those Oocca until gradually they ended up like Zant, just the way it mutated the Hylian race into people like Midna. I think the snap means that Zant died too. Look at how long this has gone on! Not all Twili are all powerful, just the ones that get super-powered rock helmets. Zant is a member of the Twili race, and is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Twilight which engulfs much of Hyrule during Twilight Princess.

When I played, it sounded like he said "Speed Racer!". I just read about it here today.

XXXXX, are you really questioning the physical logistics of a world where living skeletons swing around swords? If your TV screen is bright enough and if you look closely enough you can see in the scene where Zant resurrects Stallord that he has hands. Time line right now matters mostly. He is portrayed as the main antagonist for the majority of the game and possesses powers beyond Link's comprehension. If that was true then we would see the Triforce symbol appear on Zant's hand or whatever appendage he possesses. Couldn't find a GIF so a still image will have to do. – Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries! He's great at speeches. Icarus203 23:50, 24 July 2008 (UTC).

But I guess Galileo could have saved himself a lot of trouble and persecution if he hadn’t said anything about the earth being round. Zant even says that he's from the same tribe as Midna (Twili). He look like a Oocca, for one thing but not close enough. maybe Zant was thinking about some philosophical view on life. Anything he says are random crazy screams. Zant's legs bend like twili and humans, and the chicken legs of ooca cannot bend. We will leave it at Twili. But in your arrogance, you resisted and created the Child to become the Bridge in your stead.”, Yes yes, I'm not stupid, I know you said why it was logical. I'm not saying I'm right, that's just how I understood it when I watched the ending. If you believe I have offended you. Shouldn't that go into the biography section? After stabbing the Master Sword into his chest, he stands up. (These might be out of order; I haven't played LoZ:TP in a while, but I remember what he does), agreed Oni Dark Link 23:30, November 14, 2009 (UTC), nah i think midna killed him because doesn't he say ganondorf will reserect him meaning he must be dead for that to happen Oni Dark Link 09:27, 16 April 2009 (UTC), maybe ganondorf is just going mad and sees zant in the next world Oni Dark Link 16:52, 17 April 2009 (UTC), what did the neck snap symbolise?, zant dident look that bothered when he done it, I thought that zant had finally lost his patience with ganondorf and basicly used the small amount of power that ganondorf had given to him to basicly pull it out of ganondorf, so ganondorf could die, so it either means that zant turned good, or he turned more evil?,Leekduck (talk), Is it possible that zant dident commit suicide and is not actualy dead?Leekduck (talk), I also posted a comment that said that Zant actualy stole Ganons triforce, so mabye zant still escaped? Remember, Zant saw Ganondorf as a god.

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