zelda: twilight princess lanayru tears of light wii

The shop owners name is Fyer and he will spot an enemy, causing him to curl up. Once you regain control of Link, there is a lot that we can now do here in Kakariko Village and elsewhere in the Eldin Province. Jump down and then use the iron boots in the center of the area. Like before, the spirit will give you the Vessel of Light and ask you to collect the tears. Once the bird is low enough, Z-target it and jump onto it. Enter the building here and you’ll see a treasure chest nearby that contains 50 rupees. Per usual, use Wolf Link’s charged attack to defeat the enemies. 8.2 Kakariko Gorge CavernProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 12/45Golden Bugs 6/24Poe Souls 0/60Stamps 3/50New in this section After enough hits the bulblin will drop to the floor and you can defeat it at the ground level. There is a pathway along the north portion of the Kakariko Gorge and there are boulders that are blocking the pathway. Run ahead to the frozen waterfall and talk to Midna. The tears work just like before and will be marked on your map. Just continue southward and you’ll see a treasure chest. The Shadow Bulblin will jump on its back and begin to fly around. Midna will use the bird to take Link to the source of the river. Follow to the green rupees and then jump down to a lower platform with another green rupee. Use the bombs to blow the rocks up and then climb the ramp. This is actually a rather lengthy and somewhat disturbing cut-scene giving some backstory about the Fused Shadow and the history of Hyrule. You’ll see a small waterfall from the wall.

With the boulders crumbled to pieces, a heart piece can be seen in the distance. Run to the north end of town and enter the last building on the right to enter Barnes Bombs. There are a number of torches that you can light to keep those areas lit. Walk forward and you’ll see a Shadow Insect crawl up the bridge on the right. Use the controller to aim the direction that the Kargarok is flying, and then press A to dash ahead. We’ll be back.). Defeat it and grab it for the 3rd tear of light. Run northward along this higher ledge and you’ll eventually see a young Goron in the distance. The Kargarok will fly up Zora’s River and you’ll control the massive bird. Lanayru appears and gives the usual, ‘Hero chosen by the Gods’ speech. Open it for a red rupee.

There is another heart piece to get in this area, and it is up along the Death Mountain Trail, so head in that direction. Defeat the Bokoblin just like a normal enemy and then Midna will jump on top of the Shadow Kargarok. Talk to the various Zora here and you’ll even notice a frozen cave that leads to Snowpeak.

Howl the pattern that appears on the screen and it will summon the Twilit Carrier Kargarok, once again grabbing Wolf Link and taking him up to Zora’s River. 8.1 Kakariko VillageProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 8/45Golden Bugs 6/24Poe Souls 0/60Stamps 3/50New in this section Break the crates and defeat the insect to collect Tear of Light #8. You’ll bump into some Leevers from underground. This time however, don’t progress up the main trail. It is a bit out of reach so wait until it dashes towards Link. Use your senses and you’ll see a disgustingly huge electric insect bug. Return to where you just blew up the boulders and back away a bit towards the center of town. Make your way back to Castle Town and then travel all the way to just outside of Telma’s Bar.

After criticizing Link’s ability to target with a bow, he tells Link to shoot at the nearby target. Take the right path and you’ll come to the Great Bridge of Hylia. Once collected, head back outside and climb up the ladder to get all the way to the top of the watchtower where Talo can be found. Walk around the border, watching out for falling icicles that will plunge into the ground. Swim on over and the shadow insect will burrow underground. Use the Wii remote to direct the bird. Continue eastward and a wall of twilight will be created and it blocks your path. Use some bombs to blow up the boulders. There is also the similar Tears of Twilight, which resets the Twilight clouds and are only available once all of the Twilight have been dispelled. You’ll see the golden wolf nearby but can’t do anything until you return to human Link. Follow it upwards and use your senses to defeat it and collect Tear of Light #1. With your new items at your disposal, there are a few more heart pieces to get in the village. Enemies:Shadow Bokoblin Archer, Shadow Bulblin Head in that direction to reach the next area, Zora’s Domain. He tells Link that he has to save Ilia.

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