zone of the enders: the 2nd runner walkthrough

One final note is be sure to make a save in Hub 1, that's the area after the second Neith fight. This is a storyline related trophy and cannot be missed. Once all of a cart's weapons are destroyed, it will explode and a fleet of enemies will attack. Rescue Mission for strategies and videos for each rescue mission. This trophy is storyline related and cannot be missed. When you are in Jehuty, you will be about ten times stronger than normal Jehuty and will have unlimited subweapon power. This attack keeps you mobile and they rarely block or dodge it. (Missable) This trophy is available only while you control the Raptor to infiltrate EPS 2. The two big trophies to miss will require you to earn an A rank on all 5 rescue missions and collect all sub-weapons.

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When you are listening to a conversation between the characters, use the Right Analog-stick to move Dingo's view inside his window to any direction. Javelin (Town 1) Introduction Nebulous Successfully complete the game, then use any version of Jehuty and play through story mode a second time using the same saved game file. It's a fight you cannot win so simply leave the area. Homecoming King Data, do not run up to him. Once you've taken out the EPS Relay, destroy a patrol for the passcode and access the server for this weapon. Any damage caused during the Tempest fight will carry over to the eventual Rescue Mission in Town 1, so keep that damage to a minimum. Benedict Arnold (Missable)

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Power Down #05. pass_geyser (City 1) You can't win when he ambushes you so fly away and follow the story until you have the Decoy sub-weapon, then you're ready to fight him. (Missable) This trophy is available upon completing any Rescue Mission with an A Rank. While there are numerous enemy patrols in the area with the vaccine server, they're of reasonable level and can be a little difficult to shoot down.

#07. pass_halberd (EPS 1) Comet (City 2) From the start of the area go straight (not the path to your right) and destroy the patrol at the end of the path (Two "S" type Cyclops). Guide and Walkthrough by Arcor v.1.12 | 2003 | 76KB Guide and Walkthrough by FAQsimile v.1.6 | 2004 | 245KB Guide and Walkthrough by Iluna v.1.4 | 2003 | 136KB Guide and Walkthrough (Incomplete) by Grand Admiral v.0.40 | 2003 | 38KB In-Depth Guides. Inspired by the anime TV series, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner gives you control over a lightning-fast mechanize... Konami brings the first online mech combat game to the PlayStation 2 with S.L.A.I. #10. pass_vaccine (Factory 2) Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2) Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Zoradius mini-game Select "Extra Missions", "Boss Battle mode", and fight Vic Viper. This is a storyline related trophy and cannot be missed. Is Amazon the Dark Horse to Watch in Next-Gen? #07. The "?" Neith's second fight is more difficult than your first encounter and happens automatically after all the cutscenes after defeating Nebula. You should also be sure you're ready when entering Mountain 1. She will be stunned for a few seconds. After going underground and being stopped by the field, exit the underground and a patrol will show up; destroy the patrol for the passcode.

Bomb Squad (Missable) Weapon Finder (Missable) It is reported that you can earn a B in one of the rescue missions, but you should aim for an A Rank in all 5 since you will also need Damage Control for the platinum. One Playthrough Guide for a step-by-step walkthrough to obtain the platinum. How well you do in this fight directly affects your possible ranking in a future Rescue Mission, so if you're going for Damage Control be careful when fighting him. Once Town 2 is accessible, destroy a patrol to earn the passcode.

When controlling the Raptor you'll pick up detector.fcmd; once obtaining this you'll be able to see invisible Porters. At the start of the game Neith will approach you once you destroy a few enemies, defeat it to earn this trophy.

We also accept maps and charts as well. The "New Game" screen will appear. Halberd (EPS 1) #01. pass_global (Factory 1) Once you reclaim detector.fcmd from the Raptor you comandeered you'll see invisible Porters in this area.

(Missable) Your Overall Grade is based on several factors; an average of your Rescue Mission grades, what difficulty you play on, and how many continues you use.

At City 1 - Once you destroy the generator at EPS 1. #06.

You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. See Boss Data for details.

Silent Assassin (Missable)

When using the Anubis or Aumaan Anubis in versus mode, rotate the Left Analog-stick counterclockwise to have Anubis hit its opponent eight or more times, depending on how fast you rotate it, instead of the usual four with its spear. This trophy is not missable as it merely requires you to complete the game twice on any difficulty, with any overall rank. If permission is granted, the only conditions this guide can be posted under are if I get full credit for my work and this FAQ is posted in its entirety with this disclaimer. Learn Gooder (Missable) Step 2 - Wrap Up

Do not do anything else except for that as he is weak in that state. If you want to use another sub-weapon, hold L1 and choose it. Destroy them, and you will be brought into an unfamiliar location, where you will have to fight Aumaan Anubis.

To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Valedictorian (Missable) To earn a B you'll need to play on Normal difficulty at least and earn top marks on the Rescue Missions while keeping your continues low. Once you've killed Tempest you can destroy a patrol for the passcode and access the server for this weapon. (Missable) This trophy is easily missable but has plenty of room for error and it's only missable once you commit yourself to clearing Mountain 1. #11. pass_decoy1 (City 2) There are only 5 enemies total in the mission and they're all level 1. You can get Ken to appear in a skimpy tank top for awhile. You'll earn this trophy after destroying the emergency generator in EPS 1 and using the Raptor to destroy the emergency generator in EPS2.

See Rescue Mission Data for additional information. If an enemy attacks you while disarming you will drop the bomb and risk it exploding.

As soon as she attacks, dash out of the way and she will hit the force field and become stunned. (Missable) This trophy is missable as only 2 sub-weapons are required to clear the game, however they are easy to obtain as long as you put a little effort in to collect passcodes and access servers.

Boss Guide by Unknown Lore v.1.0 | 2003 | 33KB EX Mission Item Locations by …

The Bigger They Are

See Hacker for additional details.

If you opponent is playing as Vic Viper uses the morph to fly around, use Anubis's 0 Shift attack to follow him. The Scalpers Are Coming!

The fifth cart is defenseless. See Boss Data for details.

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