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All the best . No Substitute of you Anudeep sir , thankxx a ton.You alwayz Inspired me by your words n calmness. Here are a few pointers on how to make effective notes from newspapers for UPSC: Many students who read the newspapers, fail to streamline their note-making process. Insights IAS Current Affairs September 2020 English added. This is by far the most effective way to prepare for current affairs. I read the papers every single day for the short time I had for my preparation. Current Affairs, Insights IAS “A wealth of information leads to a poverty of attention” — Herbert Simon, •  The Hindu (One English Daily)•  IE Explained section on website (for comprehensive understanding of an issue)•  One daily compilation (Choose any among Insights/ IAS Baba/ Forum/ Vision/ Civils Daily etc. In this article, you can learn how to make notes from newspapers for IAS exam. Its beneficial for us to follow ur guidance. We at, are working only with the aim of making Education Accessible and Affordable to everyone across nation. Because these things consume more time..

Thanks for everything If possible please write something on meditation(for how much you used to practice it,from where you learned,how much it benifitted you). I learned the hard way that running after too much material is counter-productive. But once I began the IAS preparation and went through the previous year’s question papers, I knew what exactly to look for in a piece of news. Luck doesn’t matter , but hard work does . Please Share Our Website With Your Friends And On Social Networking Sites . To be honest Sir i did never knew about your blog one of my friend suggested me to go through and it really did helped me a lot in selection of books as I’m a beginner persuing B.A. The question is how to make notes from a newspaper for UPSC and make it meaningful. Many a time, coaching material covers issues comprehensively. We Do not Like Putting Lots Of Watermarks On Pages . How to Study for the UPSC IAS Exam? Daily Current … Your writing skills……….you are a really great writer thank you so much……. )•  Current Status— What has the government done or not done so far? •  Newspaper reading (30-45 min, no note making)— everyday•  Online reading of the daily news compilation (choose any institute material for this)— everyday (45 min, highlighting and capturing the material on Evernote)•  A revision of last week’s issues, catching up on All India Radio (selectively), and internet research on selective issues —  weekends•  Referring to a monthly compilation (choose any institute material for this) — at the end of the month. I wouldn’t suggest it becasue: •  Reading newspaper gives a good summary of what’s happening, and it becomes that much easier to read the daily compilation later. International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav is news. Some read newspapers for almost 3-4 hours a day, leaving them with no time to read other subjects.

3-4 hours for everyday current affairs is an overkill. Previous 10 days of Current Affairs from the scheduled date of the test will be covered in every test. Though I tried my best to reply to those emails individually, the volume of mail on current affairs never abated. So recurring issues in newspapers will tell us how weighty an issue is and what we must focus on.•  Anecdotes and examples for essay, ethics and interview can be sourced only from reading the newspaper.•  Consistent reading of an English daily subconsciously improves your vocabulary and writing. Scholarships It is up to the individual to figure out which method works best for them. This blog is very useful for us thanking you sir. How my Evernote collection looked: Screenshot. Tags # current affairs # Insight IAS # Monthly Current Affairs. Required fields are marked *. Click Here to Like our Facebook page for latest updates and free ebooks.

Daily Current Affairs Notes. Also Read: The Constitution of India: A Guide Through the Parts, Schedules and Articles. What do you suggest for a upsc IAS aspirant studying degree first year? Click Here to download Insights IAS Monthly Current Affairs September 2020 PDF. I’d buy them out of excitement, keep them safely on my desk, never to reopen again for lack of time.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Do your research for a day, decide on your sources, and stick with it. It helps in gaining knowledge on months of current affairs. Thank you so much sir for the detailed write up on current affairs! To keep abreast with this changing trend and devote sufficient time to it. Thank you so much. Insights on India’s June 2020 Current Affairs PDF Download. Sir, current affairs material for hindi medium? The best way to retain the content is through constant revision and by executing them in the answers you write during daily practice or test series. Whole Materials are For Education Purpose Only .

But .. thank you so much sir. Like perfect notes, perfect answers are a myth. Hum jeso ko koi coaching m ni aane deta. Others have this perfectionist mindset that forces them to make copious notes and compilations from tons of material available in the market. Thank you sir. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Get All Exams Study Material Here On StudyDhaba . Most of the time it will be for subjects like polity and economics, so do keep an eye out for such news articles as they may be combined with a static concept and asked in the paper. 0. That was my UPSC current affairs preparation strategy. For example, the news of a bi-election or a recent countervailing duty imposed on a piece of import. But if you have the confidence, zeal,passion, determination to become IAS you will definitely become .

What sectors to focus on and what steps should the government take? Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share … Keeping a check on these, The note-making can be digital or on paper but they need to be. Hello sir, I am proud of you as you are our Telugu topper especially from our TELANGANA STATE. The only way to ace it is to follow the news, not have backlogs and take revision tests. I made notes initially but then realized that the magazine had already taken care of that task for me. Night Mode; Home; CURRENT AFFAIRS. Two methods are mentioned below: Both the techniques of note-making mentioned above have their pros and cons. Mainly because to study in a group one needs people of the same calibre and understanding, otherwise, there is a mismatch. Give current affairs its due importance as it now forms a major portion of the question paper. How to Become An IAS Officer After 12th? Sir I was preparing for civil service examination…I learned alot from your blog and it’s a wonderfull guidance for many aspirants and it’s so helpfull sir … I have one query regarding current affairs preparation note strategy..After reading hindu paper..while preparing notes using Evernote shall I rely completely on daily compilations or shall I prepare notes by my own; And Then how I should prepare shall I copy paste from articles or compilations directly or should I type ..(which is better for concept clarity and not to forget concepts? Current Affairs Strategy for UPSC: An Expert Guidance by 2017 UPSC Topper. September 5, 2020 What’s the difference?

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