lanayru mining facility entrance

When the Beamos is brought down to your height, stab its eye with a thrusting motion of the Wii Remote to finish it off. This will kick it into motion. Additionally, the Chuchus here stay on the safe regions so you can aim for them. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword introduces full motion control enabled by the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which synchronizes player movements with Link's actions while offering intuitive play control. Follow the light-colored regions to stay safe. In the Next room, send the Beetle to hit the Timeshift Stone in the overhanging ledge, and ride the mine cart to the end. Push the block onto the floor switch that appears and the door to the west will be open. An area with a chest is revealed on your map to the west of the first safe spot.
You can test it on the sand piles in the vicinity.

Soon one claw will be knocked out, then the other, and Moldarach will change tactics. You can also throw bombs in the statues that line the walls to access a few more Rupees.

Head back into the central hall and clear the sand on the ground. In his fury, Ghirahim vanishes, claiming to be too busy to deal with Link, and threatening to deafen Link with the sounds of his own screams the next time they meet.
You should notice in the northern corners of the room are two switches you can run up the wall and grab. Slipping under the sand, the Moldarach will try to attack you stealthily.

Take on one at a time with the Gust Bellows and sword jabs. Back in the main chamber, blow some sand off of the mine cart and whack the Timeshift Stone inside the pile of rocks on the cart itself. Note that an Amber Relic can be found on one of the platforms above, under a sand pile. While you back away you can switch your lock-on targets by tapping the Z button.

You can also bomb the Electro Spumes using the Beetle. The woman quickly expresses gratitude toward Link in a manner that seems apologetic for her harshness at the Earth Temple. Hit the stone and follow it past the locked door to a wind lock. Make your way over to this, blowing the Froaks aside.

The Sentrobe Bombs can, of course, be slashed in half along their seams. Up here is a Chest with a Small Key in it. Bomb the Yellow Chuchu from a distance and then hop across the small island to the ladder. Main Item This also opens the door back to the central hallway. Hit the stone with the Slingshot and the Armos below will come to life. When you reach the next belt, you'll need to cross the room to the north. Pull the switch to open a gate on the east side of the room with a Red Rupee Chest inside. 7.1 – Gust Bellows; 7.2 – Dungeon Map; 7.3 – Ancient Circuit; 7.4 – Thousand-Year Arachnid Moldarach; Chapter 8 – Isle of Songs; Chapter 9 – Lake Floria; Chapter 10 – Ancient Cistern; Chapter 11 – Lanayru … Make your way over to the ‘X’ on the map and you’ll find the entrance to the Lanayru Mining Facility. See also: Lanayru Mining Facility (Video Walkthrough)The entry area is filled with Arachas, small scorpion-like creatures you'll be seeing a lot of in the Mining Facility. These Keese are tough, but you can always block them with a Shield (so long as it isn't the Iron Shield). This air-spouting device will clear small piles of sand, revealing switches and treasures, blow many enemies away and also power propeller-driven devices! Cut them both in half and return to the Shield technique. Once you leave the switch the Timeshift Stone will be blocked again, albeit activated. Link initially proceeds to the location of the Temple of Time, only to discover that the entrance is blocked. When the cart arrives at its destination you can use the Gust Bellows to open a gate to the Bird Statue you previously saved at. In the next stretch of rail, hide behind the cart to avoid the Beamos' beams. To reach it, use the Gust Bellows to push the platform to the right, allowing you to hop on it. Using the Timeshift Stones, Link is able to actually meet with the Ancient Robots from the past, helping and allowing him to navigate the desert into the mines. Chapter 6 – Lanayru Desert; Chapter 7 – Lanayru Mining Facility. Expose a hole in the wall with your Gust Bellows and crawl in. Send your Beetle to retrieve the bomb and then drop it onto the pile of boxes to the east. To unearth it, Link must activate three ancient power nodes hidden throughout the Facility's surrounding area to actively power a certain generator. If you expose its body, it will resurface, allowing you to move in for a fast jab to the eye. Yank this switch to open the locked door you just passed. A Sentrobe will block your path. On the left side of the raised area in the north are crates you can push around to make a path up to the door. However, it has since fallen into disrepair and Link must enter and discover the mysteries within. Skyward Sword (2011) it will change modes and fire two probes at you. Return to the sand pit in the central chamber and continue north on the invisible walkways marked on the map. You can kill them in one blow, but when they team up they can be tricky.

There are two locked doors here, one which requires a Small Key. Boss(es) There are sand pits before each of these, and Electro Spumes in them. This will open a path. You can now only damage it by jabbing its eye. Ghirahim manages to break through the servant's shield, but Link disrupts Ghirahim's attacks and keeps him away from Zelda and the unidentified woman, giving them time to escape through the gate. A gate on the south side of the room can now be opened, as well. These foes should ALWAYS be approached while their eye faces away from you.

In the next room are many, many platforms and spikes lining much of the floor, preventing you from getting to the northern platform, with the Gust Bellows in it. Lame! Now, use the wind-powered platform to cross to the west side of the room. This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 17:59. The entry area is filled with Arachas, small scorpion-like creatures you'll be seeing a lot of in the Mining Facility. Fly the Beetle to the Bomb Plant and carry the Bomb to the basket in the statue. The western door is blocked by sand piles. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Kill the Armos to open the gate above with the Chest behind it AND the door leading east. Link navigates the facility, encounters and defeats Moldarach, and then uses an ancient mine cart in the past to enter the ruins of the Temple of Time from underground. From here you can run across the three conveyor belts. The room's exit is just ahead. Do so and you will be able to raise the gate. The massive central hall of the Lanayru Mining Facility is completely blocked off, aside from a path to the east. This opens the door to the north. Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow. These are the seams you can swipe to render them in twain. Drop down and face your first Beamos. The sand-filled region on the west side of the main hall seems uncrossable, but a glance at the Dungeon Map shows otherwise. This is what you will be searching for next. Enter the open gate in the north and two Armos will greet you. In pursuit of Zelda, Link journeys to Lanayru Desert and learns about the ruins of an old civilization known as the Ancient Robots. There is a pile of sand obscuring a Timeshift Stone here.

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