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The pair had been too careful, too wise. Jon Seidel delves into true crimes from the Haymarket Affair to cases that inspired ‘Chicago’ and ‘The Front Page’ to Richard Speck’s killings of 8 student nurses to Leopold and Loeb’s ‘crime of the century’ killing of 14-year-old Bobby Franks. On May 21, 1924, Leopold and Loeb picked up the 14-year-old Franks in their car. They were above suspicion. The Kidnapping Case of Charles Lindbergh Jr. Prima Paint Corp. v. Flood & Conklin Mfg. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Pleading guilty, Nathan F. Leopold, Jr. (in full Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr.; b. November 19, 1904, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—d. They poured acid on the boy’s face to obscure his identity and shoved the body into a drain pipe. “And after we got it in, I used my feet to push it further.”, Soon, the pair called the murdered boy’s mother, Flora. Bobby's father, Loeb knew, was a wealthy businessman who would be able to pay the ransom. Darrow argues the Leopold-Loeb case before Judge Caverly. At first, Leopold said he wasn’t sure the body would fit. They quickly confessed. Leopold …

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Their selection of Bobby Franks was completely random, a decision made after they wrote the “George Johnson” ransom note addressed to “Dear Sir.”. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). His summation, rambling and disorganized as it was at times, stands as one of the most eloquent attacks on the death penalty ever delivered in an American courtroom. He even had a victim in mind, a distant cousin named Bobby Franks.

Leopold and Loeb, two celebrated Chicago murderers of 1924, who confessed to the kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Robert Franks for an ‘intellectual’ thrill. Leopold and Loeb Trial (1924) A tragedy of three young lost lives, a dead fourteen-year-old victim and the imprisonment of two teenage killers, unfolded in Chicago in 1924. “The sturdy independence shown by the boys contrasted with their fiendish ingenuity, their bland and cocky assurance set against undoubted symptoms of sexual perversion, their bright shell of sophistication in opposition to the subtlety of their minds — the case is a paradox of paradoxes.”, More stunned than anyone, perhaps, were the parents of Leopold and Loeb. ‘Second City Sinners’ excerpt: Sun-Times reporter’s book details Chicago’s most notorious murders.

Loeb yearned to commit what he thought was the perfect crime, a murder that was so calculated and so perfectly devised that no one could ever determine who had done it.

While driving north on Ellis, they spotted Bobby Franks. The men covered the boy’s bloody body in a robe and let the car roll south. He wrote Life Plus 99 Years (1958).

That’s because not only had Leopold and Loeb planned the cold, calculated murder for months, they had left one key aspect to the last minute — their victim. Leopold said he held the boy’s feet while Loeb grabbed the head. In their confessions, both Leopold and Loeb would accuse the other of actually killing the boy. Leopold and Loeb: Murderers of a Failed Perfect Crime, Government involvement in the Terri Schiavo Case, Personal Jurisdiction in Internet Cases in the United States, 4 Salem Witch Trials Facts You Should Know, The 5 Primary Politicos of Marbury v. Madison, A Guide to Understanding a Trial for Murder, Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer and Sex Offender, Terrorism and the World Trade Center Bombing, The Arrests and Deportation in the Palmer Raids. Omissions? The Leopold and Loeb Murder: Leopold, Loeb, and the victim, Franks, lived on the south side of …

“The ‘fun’ motive — that these boys might have committed this crime through a spirit of adventure — is bewildering.”. Leopold and Loeb then covered the body and drove to a remote area to leave Franks’ body (after disrobing him) in a culvert near the Pennsylvania Railroad Tracks. …the murder of 14-year-old Robert Franks in Chicago. He wanted a partner for his illegal activities, and when Leopold attempted to engage him in a sexual relationship, Loeb agreed on one condition, that Leopold join him in committing various crimes, all of which Loeb was sure would never be traced back to them. That means on another day, in another moment, the body of any child belonging to any mother in Chicago could have wound up in that railroad culvert. A Kenwood couple is getting ready to restart a stalled condominium conversion of the mansion where the victim of the notorious Leopold and Loeb thrill-killing lived. When Leopold and Loeb returned to Chicago they notified Frank’s mother that her son had been kidnapped. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. January…. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Still, reporters predicted a bitter legal battle. They spent seven months planning everything from the method of abduction to disposal of the body. The plan was initiated when Leopold and Loeb, lured Franks into the passenger seat of the rented car; Leopold drove the car, while Loeb sat in the back with the murder weapon. In Leopold and Loeb …kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Robert (“Bobby”) Franks for an “intellectual” thrill. It was one of Chicago’s most heinous crimes, the kidnaping and murder of 14-year-old Bobby Franks in 1924 by two wealthy University of Chicago students, Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb — a thrill killing soon labeled “the crime of the century.”, That led to the “trial of the century,” featuring one of the most famous courtroom speeches ever, by renowned defense attorney Clarence Darrow, the novel “Compulsion” and movies including Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 “Rope.”. Loeb said it had only been “a month and a half or two months” since they’d begun discussing it. Killing time until it got dark, they partly undressed the boy by removing his shoes, belt, pants and stockings. In their confessions, the teens largely told the same story, though there were key differences. Updates? Eventually, they made their way to the drainpipe in the marshland. Pleading guilty, Nathan F. Leopold, Jr. (in full Nathan Freudenthal Leopold, Jr.; b. November 19, 1904, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—d. 118- 232, "Attorney Darrow's Plea for Mercy and Prosecutor Robert E. Crowes Demand for the Death Penalty in the Leob-Leopold Case, the Crime of the Century," and "Clarence Darrow's Plea in Defense of Loeb and Leopold." Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids!

August 29, 1971, San Juan, Puerto Rico), and Richard A. Loeb (b. June 11, 1905, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.—d.

During the 12-hour hearing on the final day of the Leopold and Loeb trail, Darrow successfully argued that the two men committed the murder as a result of their advanced teachings; in essence the men assumed the lives of “broken machines.” The speech, which is regarded as Darrow’s finest, ultimately saved the men’s life, for Leopold and Loeb were sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Robert Franks. In the Sweet case (1925–26), he won acquittal for a…, …kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Robert (“Bobby”) Franks for an “intellectual” thrill.

Co. The pair crammed the boy’s naked corpse into the railway culvert.

To obfuscate the precise nature of their crime and their motive, they decided to make a ransom demand and devised an intricate plan for collecting it, involving a long series of complex delivery instructions to be communicated, one set at a time, by phone. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. On May 21, 1924, Loeb and Leopold put their plan into action, collecting a rental car, obscuring its number plates and then driving to the neighborhood of Kenwood in search of a convenient victim. Leopold, 19 and Loeb 18, at the time of the murder, believed themselves to be intellectually-capable of committing the “perfect murder.” Leopold was a child prodigy, who reportedly had an IQ of 210 and Leopold, who already had graduated college, was attending law school at the University of Chicago. On May 21, 1924, Leopold and Loeb picked up the 14-year-old Franks in their car. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Still, the signed confessions of Leopold and Loeb confounded mental health experts. They have confessed.”. The police found a pair of glasses that had been dropped by Leopold near the body and were able to discover who their owner was. They estimated the combined 1924 fortunes of the two families at around $15 million. Fully confident of their innocence, their fathers had insisted they would “take no steps to hamper the police investigation by asserting their legal rights.”. Leopold, Loeb, and the victim, Franks, lived on the south side of Chicago in a wealthy Jewish neighborhood.

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