lost dutchman mine riddle

The book is done to this point and I am reaching and writing most everyday. You are permitted to pick up small quantities of loose pieces of quartz matrix that contains gold. An alternate view which better fits the lost mine legend is that he periodically appeared with large amounts of gold, The Sterling Legend by Estee Conatser reports that a Jacob Walzer sold $250,000 in gold to the U.S. Mint during the 1880s and had $1500 when he died in 1891.

If you produce the ore samples, we can examine the crystalline structure of the quartz. I thank you for helping keep my uncles’ spirit alive. Henry your post is giving me chills, thank you so much for sharing. This account is usually dated to about 1870.

In December, 1931, The Arizona Republic reported on the recent discovery of a human skull in the Superstition Mountains.

There are many who believe that after a 135+ years that if it exists, it would have been found by now and that the LDGM is nothing more than a fairy tale or that it already has been found and is near the old Goldfield mine. I have been reading up and watching everyone’s YouTube videos. A green horn just goes out there and finds the best mine. After five years of research and four expeditions, Arcana Exploration has not only found the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, but has been able to match the most accepted clues with the physical evidence on the ground. The short "Discovery Trail" is a clear route with several placards giving the natural history of the area.

There is a slow running spring that feeds into a hard rock pocket pool. I too an am explorer, member of prospecting clubs and am very connected to the community. Wouldn’t that be facing Southwest? Most people tell us we should mine and keep quite, and protect it from the tourist who are not worthy. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.

He further stated, after examining the two holes [in the skull], that it appeared that a shotgun or high-powered rifle had been fired through the head at almost point-blank range, making the small hole when the bullet entered and the large hole when it exited".[23]. The whole story was concocted to give cover to Jacob Waltz, Enjoyed your post-Gary. Some nuttier than others.

People have been seeking the Lost Dutchman's mine since at least 1892,[2] while according to one estimate, 9,000 people annually made some effort to locate the Lost Dutchman's mine.

After one hundred and twenty- five plus years incredibly, the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine has been found, proving that the legend is more than mere myth and as predicted by Jacob Waltz himself “No miner will ever find my mine”.

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After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. ,” I am a big believer in fate, and I feel good about this…….). While the mexican miners not after years of mining the area. In most variants of the story, the family of a man called Miguel Peralta discovered the mine and began mining the gold there, only to be attacked or massacred by Apaches in about 1850 in the supposed Peralta massacre.

According to the story, in about 1912 Erwin C. Ruth gave some legal aid to Gonzales, saving him from almost certain imprisonment. In his 1945 book about the Lost Dutchman's mine, The mine features in the 1948 RKO Western, The Lost Dutchman Mine ride was a popular attraction at, The Lost Dutchman's Mine ride was a popular attraction at, The Lost Dutchman's Mine story was featured in an episode of, The Lost Dutchman's Mine and Jacob Waltz are featured key aspects of the novel, The Lost Dutchman's Mine is the central key around which revolves the plot of the 2013 film. Though the remains had been scattered by scavengers, they were undoubtedly Ruth's. You don’t have to give away any locations, or show pictures that might give too much info.

Alot of people have been finding all these mines and no one has found any large high grade ore deposits so why would his mine be any different. 1. There was indeed a Jacob Waltz who emigrated to the U.S. from Germany. ggriffin@flprospects.com. One of the forms for this testing is Laser ablation with a mass Spectrometer. To determine if the skull was Ruth's, it was examined by Dr. Aleš Hrdlička, a well-respected anthropologist who was given several photos of Ruth, along with Ruth's dental records. Afterwards, Waltz fell ill (he was rumored to have contracted pneumonia during the flooding). Yes! I have been studying the LDM since I graduated from High School in 1982. Mike, you are exactly correct we need a sample of the Quartz matrix, that matches Waitz’s known examples.

This is true and makes sense when you see them.

Could I be wrong of course anything is possible . [16] A man called Jacob Walz was born in September 1810 in Württemberg.

The Lost Dutchman's Mine features prominently as the place Lara Croft tries to find in the three-part graphic series entitled "The Black Legion". The episode on the LDM which aired on November 15th and possibly other dates and times, adds a little color to other LDM asides. I need to be more careful because details are important, especially, when it comes to the LDM saga. Waltz said … Then I went to the spring and followed the old Indian Trail up to the mine.

Other than the Hank Dandrea map it is one of the only original surviving maps out there that can be tested. Everything else Yes! My first 35 years of researching I trashed in August 2017 because I was following everyone else in finding nothing. But the icing on the cake will be what we document on the fall trip and absolutely must be in the book. Even though you can’t have the gold it still would be great to be recognized as the one solving this. As far as the book, it is concerned, it will be different than, the others I have seen it will as much, about our journey, and how our story ends and it will truthful no matter how it ends.

Yes! We are going this Winter, so the ending has not yet been written.

However, the Peralta Mine eventually became unprofitable and after the money was gone Miguel Peralta turned to fraud. We will be on site much longer and with a much larger crew. Yes! Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with our display of ads. Today people want to travel vicariously, hence, Gold Rush and all these reality shows. “The Head of the Canyon”, said by Jacob Waltz, which in fact is a large rock carved exactly like a man’s head in front of the cave.

Thorne is said to be either unwilling or unable to relocate the mine. [25] Blair noted that the conclusion of the Arizona authorities was rejected by many, including Ruth's family, and "those who held onto the more romantic murdered-for-the-map story". In January 1932, human remains were discovered about three-quarters of a mile (1.21 km) from where the skull had been found. You cannot see the tank from the mine.

Blair suggested that this Waltz could be the same Waltz who later came to be regarded as the legendary Dutchman, and that he Americanized the spelling of his family name. Magill's adventures were chronicled in the book The Killer Mountains, by Curt Gentry.[28].

and with one day to go (Sunday’s single’s matches). Yes! 12.

In fact, none of clues match the Goldfield location. There are certain things to look for in the mineralization and the matrix.


I will also inform you about what Jacob Waltz stated “No Miner will ever find my Mine”. Here is the thing Mike I have seen everything found and presented before, compared to what we have( and we are not done) and it not close. Regards Matthew. He is blindfolded and taken there by a circuitous route, and is allowed to take as much gold ore as he can carry before again being escorted blindfolded from the site by the Apaches.

He also said he hid his tools there when he left. In gratitude, Gonzales told Erwin about the Peralta mine in the Superstition Mountains, and gave him some antique maps of the site (Gonzales claimed to be descended from the Peralta family on his mother's side).

Testing today is much more accurate than the last time the Dutchman gold samples were lab tested. But to answer your question we have a major trip planned for this fall.

So we will see, how it ends. This makes sense, but there is also a time line here. You are exactly correct, about Julia being gone the moment he died, I guess I was thinking of new people to the Dutchman Story, and I was think figuratively, that she was him ( in spirit until the end).

He also said his shaft and the Mexican’s shaft were very close together, but when you stood at either shaft you cannot see the other shaft. I restarted my research in the latter part of August 2017 and kept to only what Jacob Waltz mentioned as clues. History is replete with other people that have looked but not found the LDM. Apparently this was not possible at the time. There are only a few known samples of Dutchman gold and as you would imagine, the owners who are in possession of these priceless pieces might have reasons for not wanting it tested. I am not sure of the original source, but it has been said that below the cave is a water tank. I have researched many aspects of the story in archives, others in the mountains, and some around campfires after a few shots of Tequila or Fireball (you know who you are)! This was totally unanticipated. He said the mine lies in a north trending canyon that is shaded most of the day. Yes! Tantalizingly, Ruth's checkbook was also recovered, and proved to contain a note written by Ruth wherein he claimed to have discovered the mine and gave detailed directions. [10] Trouble came after Willing learned that the deed was entirely bogus. Hopefully after our fifth trip we will be at liberty to share more of the connected clues that we have. Arcana Exploration has done this; keep in mind that we continue to find new things that match.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

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