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The way Zusak writes the book makes it even more special as the writing style and the choice of words lets you create vivid images so everything seems real! Poldek Pfefferberg, a survivor, wanted Schindler’s story to be heard. At first, the Jews were nothing but a mere business decision for him. It’s one of the most unique and moving holocaust books! One of the most popular holocaust books, this one will make you sob like a baby. As the story progresses we see Sophie and Stingo getting closer and Sophie telling him of her past which is filled with suffering and her efforts to survive and save her children. This was a book written by Christopher Browning who now teaches at the University of North Carolina. Schindler spent all his earnings in his rescue mission and earned massive respect and love from the Jews he saved. They save many Jews by hiding them underground at their villa or in the zoo structures. He negotiates with him, buying as many Jews as he could. It also shows how these kids were roped into propaganda and conditioned to believe that Jews were bad people. Until one day…. This book does not only speak of the horrors of the time, but also deals with the aftermath. One day in 1939, he was playing a recital of Chopin on the Polish radio (where he worked as a pianist) when the Germans bombed the power station that supplied power to the radio station. One of the … Again, this is a book that shows the young, innocent side of the holocaust! The diary  is written over different periods of the two years that she spent in hiding and has about three volumes – one in the diary she got for her birthday and the other two in school notebooks. A Jew shows up at their door one night – the son of a friend Hans made during the first world war. Bruno, a naïve 9-year old, lives in Berlin with his parents and his 12-year old sister Gretel. 9 Holocaust Books That Recall The Horrors Of The Time, 13 Histoical Fiction Books for the Time Traveler In You. With the help of his experiences in the concentration camps, he developed a therapy called logotherapy. The narration has the undertones of subtle humor and the book, as a whole, takes the reader on a beautiful journey. This book is presumably looking at the issue of how ordinary people came to carry out such atrocities?

This book, or memoir, takes you on a journey – it shows how the Nazis took over Warsaw, how the Jews were isolated in ghettos and how the life was inside a ghetto. Holocaust books are a reminder of humanity being destroyed and reborn, of pain and survival. This book is Frank’s personal diary in which she made her first entry dated 14th June, 1942.
This type of therapy focuses on helping people understand the ‘meaning of life’ as Frankl believes that not knowing what it means to exist leads to suffering and inability to solve problems. They become good friends and soon, Bruno ensures that he goes to the fence to meet Schmuel. Frankl, a survivor himself, went through four concentration camps. This book is a beautiful story of how Jan and Antonina managed to save innocent lives with so much courage and love. Have You Read These 11 Romantic Stories In Folklore? Discover the best Jewish Holocaust History in Best Sellers. Five Chimneys The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. The story progresses and the struggles of the Hubermanns to keep a Jew safe in a country where they’re being caught and killed and Liesel paving her way through life and trying to make sense of the series of events unfolding in front of her are narrated skillfully. After multiple rejections from film-makers and screenwriters, he found his story-teller when Thomas Keneally stepped into his shop in search of a new briefcase. It’s also a depiction on how Nazis forced people to make choices that would alter their lives forever. It talks about how it completely altered people and their idea of life even after surviving through concentration camps. From excluding them from the civil society to sending them to concentration camps and mass murdering them, the Nazis, radicals led by Adolf Hitler, killed about two-thirds of the Jewish population in Europe. He went through days of starvation, loss and pain and did everything he could to survive the horrors that the Nazis inflicted upon the Jews. This book shows the more innocent, ignorant side of the holocaust – the children and how they were affected by it. Their lives are happy and comfortable as they live in a villa close to the zoo with their son. Oskar Schindler.

This novel has the following characters – The mice are the Jews, cats are the Germans and pigs are the Poles. The best part about holocaust books is that once you’re done with them – they leave you with this heavy feeling that makes you want to go back in time and stop it from happening. Her brother dies on the way. The Boy on the Wooden Box Ackerman brings to the world a true story of Antonina Żabiński who has undeniable love and empathy for the animals in her zoo.

This book is a young girl’s diary in which she talks about her friends, her suitors, her relationships with her friends and family. Soon, Jan and Antonina become part of one of the biggest underground resistance movements – the Polish underground movement. Taking a huge risk, the Hubermanns take him – Max – in and he soon finds a home in their basement. Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt. The innocent youth and naiveté reflects through this novel as we see Bruno being curious about what lies beyond the barbed wire fence.

One day, he trails off to finally explore the fence and he meets a boy wearing striped pyjamas. Szpilman works as a pianist at cafes in the ghetto in order to earn money and as the situation worsens for the Jews – he tries his best to keep himself and his family safe. This book will make you smile, cry and so, so angry at all that happened in those days. Although the people helping the Jews were executed, Antonina manages to keep the Jews hidden. And on the snow-ridden ground he’s buried, she finds a book – The Gravedigger’s Handbook. Art’s father Vladek talks of his experiences during the holocaust.

Bruno’s father has been promoted to being a commandant and the family moves to Auschwitz. Chris found a collection of documents that were … There have been various Holocaust books that have been published over the years. His story, though imperfect, is incredibly powerful and shows how one man could make a difference in so many lives, how he lost everything in order to save as many Jews as he could from the horrors of the time. This book deals more with the after effects of the holocaust. Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open. He talks of his time in Auschwitz, how he was separated from his wife and all the perils that he had to face in order to avoid the selektionen – a process using which the prisoner were selected for execution or labor. 15 Amazing Books by Bengali Authors That You Must Read, 11 Reasons Why Hermione is the Real Hero of Harry Potter series. And from that day on, his life changed forever. A 1946 book, Man’s Search for Meaning is one of the most powerful holocaust books which reflects on how the series of events affected the mind of a prisoner. On to the next book on your list of Holocaust books which is Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland. The Holocaust, also known as The Shoah in Hebrew (meaning ‘destruction’), is one of the most horrifying, cruel and heart-wrenching accounts that history has to offer. Władysław studied music in the early 1930s. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. These books will stick with you for a lifetime. Anne calls her diary ‘Kitty’ so most of her letters are addressed to that name.
Liesel and Max become good friends and she begins to read to him from the books she’s stolen. Death tells us a story of a little girl – The Book Thief. Meanwhile, she befriends her neighbor Rudy and is involved in a series of mischievous incidents. Death doesn’t speak like a morbid reaper – but instead fondly. Winner of a Pulitzer Prize, this novel does not belong to a specific genre but is rather is an amalgamation of a few like biography, history, etc.

He talks about being separated from his wife, how he hoped that he would see her again and how it made him want to go on and survive. When Nazis took over the Netherlands, a young girl was cooped up with her family for over two years in an attic apartment. As the story moves forward, we see how their friendship takes an unexpected turn. This book is one of the most renowned accounts of the holocaust.

Pfefferberg inspired Keneally to write Schindler’s story and after extensive research – we got our ‘Schindler’s Ark’. Neither a survivor, nor an ideal man. During his time in the camps, he found that people who found some meaning in their suffering found their strength to go on while the others gave up. There are many holocaust books written by survivors and other authors that recollect the pain, suffering and loss of those terrible events. Schindler is far from perfect but he suddenly finds himself doing every possible thing to keep as many Jews safe as he can – even if it takes buttering the cruel commander – Amon Goeth. Death tells us a story of a little girl – The Book Thief. He was flawed and initially, a spectator to the miseries that were inflicted upon the Jews. Sophie made a choice that would haunt her for the rest of her life and force her to the very edge. About six years and a lifetime worth of suffering later – he finds himself in a new, free world. 9 Underrated Movies That You Need To Watch, 11 Famous Celebrities Who Died Of Drug Overdose. This book is a non-fiction – facts portrayed as a story. She got the diary for her thirteenth birthday on 12th June 1942. Although Vladek and his wife, Art’s mother, reunite after the war ends – it’s shown that he’d remarried another woman Mala after Anja, his wife & Art’s mother, had committed suicide. The Nightingale follows the story of two sisters in France during … Antonina takes care of the animals that are left. She talks of being in hiding and although she is young – her thoughts are way beyond her age.

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