speckles the tarbosaurus one eye

After 5 years, they meet again and attacks Blue-Eyes then Speckles bites him on the leg to get his attention and Speckles scans for anything to use against him which he finds the tar again and uses it against him. Images of the scarred and violent Tyrannosaurus and Speckles' archenemy One-Eye from Speckles the Tarbosaurus. When he battles the grown female, she scratches his eye and which he gets enraged and pushes the mom off the edge. Soon, three of their eggs hatch, with one of them looking just like Speckles.
Ten years pass, and Speckles is eating a kill, with his friend, on a cliff ledge. When he sees Speckles alone while his siblings were planning, One-Eye leads a stamped towards them which he'll indirectly kill all of the siblings and after the stamped he fights Speckles' Mom.
Speckles seeing One-Eye in his nest with a dead. When Speckles comes back, he will see One-Eye trying to mate with Blue-Eyes and would try to fight him but his roar shocks him and knocks out Blue-Eyes. After seeing him again, he'll chase away from his nest and after.

One-Eye about to push Speckles' mother off a cliff to her death.

One-Eye, however, quickly breaks free and furiously shoves her to the ground again. He is shown being ruthless and uncaring to anything he sees, he will also kill anything without hesitation nor showing any sign of mercy. Powers/Skills

One-Eye watching Speckles' mother fall to her death. When Speckles, her youngest child, tries to follow them, she growls at him, to stay where he is, and he obeys. Origin 10 Years later, he will be seen again traveling very far distances to find a mate for the mating season but he will sees Speckles fighting a Torosaurus and after winning, he follows him to his nest and knocks him out with a boulder while leaving Blue-Eyes by himself, when entering the nest he tries several attempts to mate with her but she fends him off long enough for Speckles to return to see One-Eye trying to mate with Blue-Eye.

One-Eye. The hatchling is named Speckles Jr., or Jr. for short.

He did manage to get him in it but shortly gets freed and they run away from him. Last Appearance: The Dino King. Before leaving the desert, he looks back at Blue-Eyes' corpse, and roars at the sky in mourning. Blue-Eyes was also a very protective and tentative mother and above all she seems to accept the laws of nature, whether that is resorting to less than proud methods of gathering food, acknowledging peace offerings from other potential rivals or accepting of her own death for the sake of her young, Blue-Eyes seems to be completely devoted to the laws of the wild. Nearby, a volcano erupts, causing the dinosaurs in the area to flee in terror. Eventually, however, One-Eye discovers their hunting grounds and again attempts to usurp their territory.

Blue-Eyes first appears after Speckles witnesses One-Eye successfully kill a Therizinosaurus. His official render has open and fresh wounds instead of the scars, his left eye is also opened. 1 Appearances 2 Skills and Abilities 3 Personality 4 Trivia In the beginning of the film, the twins are shown, with Quicks and their mother, choosing a herbivore to hunt. He is also shown being very dedicated to find a mate during the mating season, sooner, One-Eye gets determined to try to kill Speckles. One-Eye (middle) with 2 other dinosaur villains by. Do-Gooder Blue Eyes has the sort of massive stature, strength and endurance native to her species. Although she briefly overpowers him, One-Eye soon proves to be too strong and towers above her, ready to rape her.

Over the years, the two form a close bond, and travel together. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Blue-Eyes_(Speckles_the_Tarbosaurus)?oldid=1968216. One-Eye is also shown not willing to share food with an innocent hatchling that he hasn't met before & even willing to kill a very young hatchling that has any relation with his enemies.

Friends/Allies Images of the scarred and violent Tyrannosaurus and Speckles' archenemy One-Eye from Speckles the Tarbosaurus. One-Eye spots Speckles and his kids in the back.

After being motivated from the past, Speckles taunts One-Eye and he is prepared to fight another round, however, One-Eyes walks away in defeat and leaves the two alone.

Angerly, One-Eye chases her off, as Speckles manages to steal a piece of meat behind them, and escape into a cave. Speckles and Blue-Eyes escape with the hatchlings, through a cave, but one of their children is killed in a rockfall, and Blue-Eyes injures her leg while saving their second hatchling. 5 Years later, One-Eye encounters Blue-Eyes and is causes trouble for the 2 young Tarbosaurus.

Speckles and One-Eye battling on the cliff's edge. Full Name Even when he's gone, Junior still is traumatize and has flashbacks when One-Eye unintentionally pushed him off the water. His upper body are red and most of his body is white. As a horrified Speckles urges Blue-Eyes to get up, One-Eye takes advantage of the distraction to grab Speckles by the throat, trying to push him off the cliff again. Blue-Eyes Spotty is a curious and playful Tarbosaurus child, and along with his mother and siblings, he lives happily in the forest. One-Eye and Velociraptors

One-Eye roaring victoriously after having killed Speckles' family. He is first seen walking to a rocky environment and spots Speckles family from afar, he takes a nap for a while until he hears something which he finds an Ankylosaurus with a rock, One-Eye moves a boulder on which it disables the dinosaur's main weapon for defense and kills it quickly.

The two Tarbosaurs now know that they've reached their new home. Once they are finished planning their approach, they move out, as their youngest brother, Speckles, watches them. Speckles the Tarbosaurus One-Eye pushing a large boulder towards the. This gives him the strength to defeat One-Eye, who lumbers away, as Speckles roars in triumph at the top of the cliff, Blue-Eyes at his side. As One-Eye charges Speckles, Blue-Eyes intervenes, biting the evil Tyrannosaurus's tail in anger. However, Speckles' observations of events gives the view that while originally a desperate young dinosaur doing what she must to survive of the land as a scavenger, she becomes a reliable hunting partner. Blue-Eyes and her mate are living peacefully with their children... until one day, the ground begins to shake, and clouds darken the sky. Over the years, Speckles and Blue-Eyes attempt to maintain a hunting territory away from One-Eye. Not wanting the same fate, Speckles breaks free from One-Eyes' lock and gets enraged and grabs him by the back of the neck then launches his him meters away. Speckles prepare to fight One-Eye while also prevented One-Eye trying to mate with her but after he roars, he gets paralyzed from the sound of it and doesn't react for a moment until Blue-Eyes decides to attack One-Eye but gets knocked out right away. The two Tarbosaurus growl at each other over the meal, until Blue-Eyes takes it from Speckles, and proceeds to eat.

Blue-Eyes as Speckles's reflection in Dino King 3D Journey To Fire Mountain. They reach it, and the water soothes Blue-Eyes's wounds. This leaves only Blue-Eyes, and One-Eye.

One-Eye watching Speckles' family succeeding a hunt.

She is the only mother that made more hatchlings than any Tarbosaurus Mothers as she made in total of 6 hatchlings and 7 unhatched eggs. As One-Eye charges Speckles, Blue-Eyes intervenes, biting the evil Tyrannosaurus's tail in anger. Family

As he looks up from his food, he sees Blue-Eyes standing there, surprising him.

Speckles' mother (mother-in-law, deceased)Quicks (brother-in-law, deceased)Speckles' sisters (sisters-in-law, deceased)Speckles' hatchlings (children, deceased)Speckles Jr. (son). They eventually escape the area, and travel through the desert, with the other surviving dinosaurs. One-Eye headbutts Speckles Jr.'s sibling off the cliff. While she recovers, Speckles lures One-Eye into the tar, trapping him.... but not for long! Alias Goals He first saw him while he was trying to hunt with his siblings and was the only one the survived the stamped. Enemies Tarbosaurus.

A month and a half later, One-Eye will see only Speckles again and we'll try to get revenge, he first attacks his hatchlings and kills one of them but he comes at the right time, One-Eye will battle his arch-rival for the last time, during their fight, One-Eye unintentionally knock off Junior off, which Speckles gets enraged and knocks him off also. The scene where Blue-Eyes is nearly raped by One-Eye was criticized due to being inappropriate for a children's film. One-Eye notices Speckles' family on another hunt. One-Eye at a high ground during the final battle. On her own she is demonstrated to have adept hunting skills.

He is seen walking in an unknown location and when he looks back, he roars and goes to presumably find a mate more further away from the area he was. 1 Appearances 2 Skills 3 Personality 4 Trivia 5 Similar heroes Speckles' mother is first seen with her children, on a hunting trip. He first saw her and his hatchlings from afar and after waiting for the right moment, he sends a stamped towards them and after the stamped, he'll come, face Mom, Mom does put up a fight but when she scratches him on the eye he gets enraged and pushes her off the edge, killing her. A Tylosaurus is almost the same length of a T-Rex in actuality but in the movie, One-Eye gets killed by a Tylosaurus that's 3 times the length. Blue-Eyes is the deuteragonist of the 2012 animated Korean film Speckles the Tarbosaurus, and a posthumous character in its 2017 sequel Speckles the Tarbosaurus 2: The New Paradise. Later, he'll see Blue-Eyes, first, she tries to approach him when he was eating and was taken caution, he gave her a warning then chased her away. After she was gone, One-Eye takes her nest and in a month, he comes back with a carcass when he drinks water he sees Speckles taking a piece of the carcass and which he chases him away from the nest. Marry Speckles (succeeded), Raise her children, Make sure her family is safe Since he was at the water, he tries to kill Junior but gets surprised when Speckles attacks him from the sky, they will still fight under water but when they surface Speckles tries to drown him but Junior cries for his help which One-Eye will try to drown him but gets caught by a Tylosaurus. Occupation

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