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Soon after her resignation, Johnson began volunteering with the Coalition for Life, which regularly prayed outside her former clinic. Abby Johnson (born July 10, 1980)[1] is an American anti-abortion activist who previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director, but resigned in October 2009. Abby Johnson and her husband Doug are very, very busy people. "[3] [27] She and her husband converted to Catholicism in 2012. Johnson grew up in Rockdale, Texas, and graduated from Rockdale High School. She said she was disconcerted to see how similar the ultrasound image looked to her own daughter's, and said that she saw the fetus squirming and twisting to avoid the vacuum tube used for the abortion. HOMEABOUT ABBYISSUESDISCUSSIONSMY BOOKSPREGNANT?MEDIA & BOOKING, a. PO Box 2571    Round Rock, TX 78680e. Her father Edward C. "Ned" Johnson III remains chairman emeritus of FMR. We believe that motherhood is empowering. [9] Johnson continued working at the clinic for nine more days, but soon met with Shawn Carney, leader of the local anti-abortion group Coalition for Life, and told him she could no longer continue assisting women in getting abortions.

[28], Johnson at Spanish anti-abortion organization, "The Convert - Former Bryan Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson's abrupt change from pro-choice activist to pro-life spokesperson turned her into a talk show sensation. [8] Johnson described death threats from anti-abortion activists against her and her family, stating: "It's very scary, this group of people that claim to be these peaceful prayer warriors, or whatever they call themselves, it's kind of ironic that some of them would be sending death threats. "[8] The Planned Parenthood clinic named Johnson employee of the year in 2008. As of March 2013, the Johnson family owned a 49% stake in the company, with Johnson herself holding an estimated 24.5%. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Texas A&M University and Master of Arts in counseling from Sam Houston State University. The author concludes with: "Johnson can’t stop talking about the people who wronged her, about how hard she worked, about how little she was appreciated. [17] The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories, released in 2016, recounts stories of former abortion workers that have come through her ministry. Johnson runs an anti-abortion ministry, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), which lobbies abortion-clinic workers to leave the industry and which provides money and counseling for those who do. [6], Identifying as "extremely pro-choice," Johnson worked at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas for eight years, escorting women into the clinic from their cars and eventually working as director of the clinic. [3] Since 2014, Johnson has been president and chief executive officer of American investment firm Fidelity Investments (FMR),[4] and chairman of its international sister company Fidelity International (FIL). The more she talks, the more Abby Johnson’s issue with Planned Parenthood seems to be its treatment of Abby Johnson. McCorvey joined the anti-abortion movement in 1995, although it was later revealed that her conversion was a sham and that she had been paid secretly by anti-abortion activists to change her public position.[14][15]. Pro-life activist Abby Johnson poses in her office in Round Rock on February 22, 2016. [8][2][11], Upon graduating from Harvard Business School in 1988, Johnson joined Fidelity Investments - which her grandfather Edward Johnson II founded in 1946[12] - as an analyst and portfolio manager. So statistically, when a police officer sees a brown man like my (son) Jude walking down the road — as opposed to my white nerdy kids, my white nerdy men walking down the road — because of the statistics that he knows in his head, that these police officers know in their head, they're going to know that statistically my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons." Johnson also denies the accusations that she removed, copied, or distributed any confidential information and claimed in her book that her attorney disproved them at the time that the temporary order was lifted.

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