is the weight of ink based on a true story

“You have a good mind,” he’d said after a moment.”, “Do you wonder, ever,” said Ester quietly, “whether our own will alters anything? All Quotes She had, somewhere across the years, forgotten what she’d once understood.
An intellectual, suspenseful, and entertaining page-turner, The Weight of Ink tells the story of two remarkable women separated by three centuries, the ambition that connects them, and the power of the written word. Christine Collins, a manager at a telephone company, sent her nine-year-old son Walter to the movies. “Sentiment would undo her - each of its ties were a tether that would hold her from her purpose. Truth and passion were one, and each impossible without the other.”, “People go through life trying to please some audience.

Yet if this was so, then what exactly was meant by world? Historian, author and podcaster Scott Rank joins me on this episode to learn more about this little-known event in U.S. history. Truth and passion were one, and each impossible without the other.”, “A woman such as I is a rocky cliff against which a man tests himself before retreating to safe pastures. And if there was no auditor, then one must audit one's own soul, tenaciously and without mercy.”, “How wrong she'd been, to believe a mind could reign over anything. Was it then predetermined that one side of Ester’s nature must suffocate the other? It demands of the reader that, like Ester, you question, even when the wisdom of the ages in the form of a learned blind rabbi is ever present to teach you the meaning of God and suffering. Throughout the novel, across time, the question that torments our main characters has to do with how one lives one’s life and supports one’s beliefs: is it …

Freedom or life, but not both.”. How many had she burned already this month? She could read an hour before it guttered, longer if she took another candle from the drawer. Plainly, that was what she was going to do. As in Tattooist, the writing itself is workmanlike at best and often overwrought. Did you write one storyline and then the other? Share . But once you realize there’s no audience, life is simple. Welcome back. Helen Watt is an aging historian and professor of Hebraic History at a university in London at the first … with Scott Rank. Refresh and try again. We've all seen the movies that claim to be 'based on a true story', but have you ever wondered how historically accurate they are? She was going to take it to the grave. To slip the knot of the world.”, “She had devoted her life to remembering. It's a jigsaw puzzle of a novel, perfect for readers of A. S. Byatt's Possession and Geraldine Brooks's People of the Book.

Philosophy could be severed from life. The Weight of Ink is brimming with theology, philosophy, and matters of the heart. The Weight of Ink is a fascinating work of historical fiction set in London of the 17th century and 2000-2001. And the path is strewn with stumbling blocks and our bodies are grown tyrannous with weeping yet we lift our feet.

Her hours of night reading seemed to grow ever more necessary, for each day’s study compelled her to explore these volumes further, and with a fierce attention impossible when others were about.”, “The story that had once singed and flared in her had long since receded, as her habit of silence turned, over the decades, into law. And a woman like Ester must choose, always, between desires: between fealty to her own self, or to the lives she might bring forth and nurture.”, “That he had not the slightest idea who he was without praise, without steady advancement toward a degree and title, without organized competition for some elite goal?”. That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history.
Love must be, then, an act of truth-telling, a baring of mind and spirit just as ardent as the baring of the body. Start listening. She’d said, “That the spirit be clothed in reason, which is more warming than ignorance.” The rabbi had corrected, gently, “Yet the text we studied said knowledge, Ester, not reason.” And she’d countered, “But reason is more warming, for it seeds knowledge.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Perhaps—she trembled at her own heresy—the storm itself was God.”, “What is the purpose of study?” the rabbi had asked. Because I can see in these tortured characters the spirit of love that … So it is said, he who saves one life saves a world. But knowledge can grow nothing outside itself.” The rabbi had smiled then, though with a furrowed brow. That's what we'll aim to find out as we compare Hollywood with history. The novel is ostensibly based on a true story, but a central element in the book—Cilka’s sexual relationship with the SS officers—has been challenged by the Auschwitz Memorial Research Center and by the real Cilka’s stepson, who says it is false. The Weight of Ink. We lift our feet.”, “Love must be, then, an act of truth-telling, a baring of mind and spirit just as ardent as the baring of the body. Though aloud all may curse you as a very devil.”, “More than half the candle remained. Or perhaps, rather, the storm itself was God’s most prized creation—and only through it could the contest between wind and oak tree be resolved, and one proven hardier.

What was that process like? Or was the world of one soul as capacious as the world that contained all of creation—infinite, even? Amy Shearn: The Weight of Ink weaves together a couple different stories, jumping in time between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries. In 1691, an unknown narrator in Richmond admits to having lied, and wishes to begin anew. Ever heard of the U.S. Cavalry's attempts at replacing horses with camels? 123 quotes from The Weight of Ink: ‘Never underestimate the passion of a lonely mind.’ Did God determine before each storm that either the wind or the oak tree must prevail, one being more dear to Him? January 8th, 2018 • 51:12.

That desire was the only truth worth following.”, “For every loyalty, whether to self or community, does impose a blindness, and each love does threaten to blur vision, as few can bear to see truth if it harm that which is dear to us.”. Ester Velasquez fled Portugal to Amsterdam at the time of the Inquisition and then emigrated to London in the mid-1660's when she is given the opportunity to scribe for a Jewish rabbi. Hawmps! Self-immolation or slavery. The world did not prevent you from becoming what you were determined to become.”, “Nature gave a woman not only body but also intelligence, and a wish to employ it. Did you know from the start that you wanted to write the book this way?

Was Ester’s world, peopled by her parents and her brother, equal to all the others God had created?”, “You’re American,” she said simply. “Men, perhaps, might nourish both heart and mind, but for a woman there could be no such luxury... How readily the rules of female behavior--gentleness, acquiescence, ever-mindfulness--turn to shackles. Or whether we’re determined to be as we are by the very working of the world?”, “She had seen early in life that there was none in this world to audit one's soul. The bizarre true story behind the ‘Changeling’ May 23, 2017 | Scary True Stories. It was a simple thing, in the end, to hide in plain sight.

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